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    • sun is the beauty to blakes beast the yang to her yin

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      >http://snowembrace.tumblr.com/post/155360290685/light-and-dark <>

      I thought of something last light.
      Sun creates light
      Black is a dark color
      Is Sun Wukong a symbol of light that Blake, possibly being a symbol of dark is trying to cover?
      In Menagerie, Punishment, and A Much Needed Talk, Blake is either telling Sun to stop or talking to her parents about being disorderly before.
      It makes me think that Sun is trying to tell her something as the “light“, but Blake is covering it up or ignoring it as the “dark“.

      Okay, I’ve talk about this with some friends so hear me out:

      SUN IS ‘BEAUTY’ + ‘YANG’


      BLAKE IS ‘BEAST’ + ‘YIN’

      ‘Cause Y’know,






      *coughs* I am done.

      (sun is the masculine to blakes feminine


      Light + Dark:
      ###pMonty has stated that every character’s name means or refers to a colour.
      Blake has shadow clones. Sun has light clones. From what I can understand is that (because a Semblance is a physical representation of who you are) it may be easier to understand or connect with those of a similar Semblance to your own stronger than with someone who might have a completely different Semblance. Perhaps it’s one of the reasons why Blake and Sun felt so drawn to one another upon first meeting. Why Blake was so open to Sun about being a terrorist while Sun continued to stay by her side despite this horrific information. They had a natural gravitation towards the other.
      ‘Like Morning Follows Night’:
      This song pretty much confirms this theory that Blake and Sun (within their own relationship) are the Yin to the other’s Yang. Blake is stern, laid-back and realistic, while Sun is cheerful, positive but initiative. Blake runs away from her problems while Sun chases after her and encourages her to confront them- a very clear representation of how they use their Semblances. 4.5 shows how their opposing views on Menagerie clash but are both able to reach a compromise: Menagerie may have been founded on injustice and inequality, but people were still able to build lives and communities. Blake becomes a lot more open-minded and accepting of her homeland whereas Sun becomes more aware of the realism behind the foundation of Menagerie.

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    • jaune will end up decapitating raven killing her

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      team rwby in their initiation fought and defeated the nevermore with the nevermores head getting cut off by ruby as the finishing blow   which resembles a raven together (its name is a reference to edgar allen poes poem the raven >https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems-and-poets/poems/detail/48860  where the word nevermore shows up alot             T and the poem  alludes to the death of a loved one ) the animal raven branwen  is named after and she wears a mask  a fearsome, full-face mask that resembles the face of a  Grimm.  along with feathered hair give her an appearance markedly similar to a nevermore referencing her name.

       . while team jnpr faced off against the death stalker and cut of its tail  before defeating it and a death stalker is  a scorpion grimm and tyrian is a scorpion faunus  whose weapons are a reference to scorpion pincers

      RWBY: Team JNPR vs. Death Stalker and Team RWBY vs. Nevermore

      The first major battle with Nora in it had her defeating the Deathstalker with an overhead strike in midair, and she tries to use the same move on Tyrian. It looks like it works until Tyrian is revealed to have blocked it with his scorpion tail. and showed an interest in jaune when jaune was the one who found the deathstalker and agitated it  and the death stalker got its tail cut off by team jnpr  and  tyrian got his tail  cut off  by ruby

      • Ruby has a lot of self confidence (moreso early on), and has been training to be a fighter since she was young. However, she will often rush into battle without taking the time to think things through. Jaune, on the other hand, is more doubtful in himself (again, moreso early on), and is not as good of a fighter, to the point he thought he had to fake his transcripts to get into Beacon. He is, however, a very good strategist in battles. They also both are trying to live up to their family names.”
      • To Ruby. She’s a prodigy who quickly became a deadly warrior at a young age and is welcomed into Beacon two years early as a result while Jaune is a hard worker who progresses slowly and had to lie his way into Beacon because of his nonexistent combat background. Ruby is a strategist specialized on pre-defined team attacks and wields a self-made weapon capable of long range combat. Jaune is a tactician specialized in creating new team attacks according to his analysis on the battlefield and wields a family heirloom only capable of close range combat. Ruby has a rather broken family but they fully support her decision to become a huntress while Jaune’s family is large and united but they don’t support his choices nor have any faith on him. Ruby is a tomboy who dominates the battlefield but doesn’t enjoy dancing whereas Jaune tends to act girly and is initially terrible at fighting but also a great dancer. The more you look into them as a pair, the more contrasts that can be spotted in the details.

      ) ended up cutting off tyrians tail just like how team jnpr cut off the tail of the deathstalker  despite being far beneath him in strength due to surprise it would fit for the leader of team jnpr jaune  to end up cutting off ravens head  or just Since she is the head of her tribe, I could see him maybe defeating her causing her to no longer lead her people. Sort of metaphorically beheading her tribe.

      it would be ironic and fitting for the woman who has a social darwinist point of view to get killed by the character everyone considers to be the weakest

      “I do like the idea of the woman who lives by the code of “The strong live, the weak die” getting rekt by the character everyone considers the weakest.”


      France was a lawless war zone during Joan’s childhood and the peasants suffered greatly from mercenaries and bandits

      jaunes inspiration was joan of arc and during joan of arcs childhood the peasants suffered greatly from bandits and raven is a leader of a bandit tribe

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    • weiss schnees father is going to be named gilles schnee and based on gilles de rais and might interact with jaune

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      ‘The rules state that names of characters in RWBY must be at least one of the following:

      1. A color
      2. Sound like a color
      3. Mean a color
      4. Makes people think of a color

      Characters usually have a distinguishing feature (clothing or hair/eye color) that matches their namesake, but this is not always the case.

      Gilles - From the Late Latin name Aegidius, which is derived from Greek αιγιδιον (aigidion) meaning “young goat”

      goats come in a variety of colors (like how mushrooms or hawthorne flowers or roses come in variety of colors so you can pick one http://rwby.wikia.com/wiki/May_Zedong clic) comes in a variety of colors be they brown , red , or purple

      but most people think of white goats.

      so both of weiss schnees fathers names can make someone think of the color white, like winter schnees name (for when people think of winter they think of the color white.)


      he was a knight and lordfrom Brittany, Anjou and Poitou,[2] a leader in the French army, and a companion-in-arms of Joan of Arc. and a powerful man in france. ( and weiss’s father gilles schnee is a powerful man)

      gilles de rais was a wealthy man and a close friend of joan of arc ( some people said that joan was seen as a parental figure by gilles or that joan saw gilles as a parental figure ) who like joan of arc was tried and condemned to death as a witch

      In 1438, according to testimony at his trial from the priest Eustache Blanchet and the cleric François Prelati, de Rais sent out Blanchet to seek individuals who knew alchemy and demon summoning. Blanchet contacted Prelati in Florence and convinced him to take service with his Master. Having reviewed the magical books of Prelati and a traveling Breton, de Rais chose to initiate experiments, the first taking place in the lower hall of his castle at Tiffauges, attempting to summon a demon named Barron. De Rais provided a contract with the demon for riches that Prelati was to give to the demon at a later time.

      papa schnee had took the SDC to “darker direction”area and badly affected the company’s reputation , and gilles de rais had a really bad rep and been convicted for horrific crimes(I will not go into detail look it up alot of the victims were blonde haired with blue eyes

      ) though there are some ideas that gilles de rais was innocent. gilles de Rais had attempted to summon demons in his life and its said in rwby volume 3 episode 4 / lessons learned its said that every schnee has the ability to summon so it would be fitting for weiss father character inspiration to be gilles de rais since it would be a neat reference by having gilles schnee have the ability to summon beings like grimm which are like demons. which gilles de rais wanted to summon demons

      (and in lots of media joan of arc and gilles de rais were described as having been close friends like fate zero series wher) (there had been some that described it as paternal though I cant find the source so ignor this part)

      it was said that he fought bravely to defend her and stayed with her all day when she was wounded in paris

      He held already a high command in the relieving, force, and added the protection of Joan as a special part of his duties. Later on, even after he had reached the high position of Marshal of France, he still continued those duties

      (of course there was questions of his guilt


      “Although Gilles de Rais was convicted of murdering many children by his confessions and the detailed eyewitness accounts of his own confederates and victims’ parents,[46] doubts have persisted about the court’s verdict. Counterarguments are based on the theory de Rais was himself a victim of an ecclesiastic plot or act of revenge by the Catholic Church or French state. Doubts on Gilles de Rais’ guilt have long persisted because the Duke of Brittany, who was given the authority to prosecute, received all the titles to Gilles’ former lands after his conviction. The Duke then divided the land among his own nobles. Writers such as secret societiesspecialist Jean-Pierre Bayard, in his book Plaidoyer pour Gilles de Rais, contend he was a victim of the Inquisition…”

      its said that he only confessed to avoid excommunication.



      when joan of arc though she was going to die after an injury in paris she specifically called for gilles

      by ookami413“

      Gilles was supposedly obsessed with Joan and sought revenge against the Church after her death. “

      alsoin rwby manga(the mangaka Shirow Miwa started to make a RWBY manga overseen by Rooster Teeth for rwby series writers Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross were consulted on the manga’s writing ) :


      so this is could be canon

      where the grimm were spliced artificially


      grimm could be compared to demons so the fact that the schnee company

      did or are doing experiments involving grimm could be compared to gilles

      de rais and his servants and magicians he hired “supposed” attempts

      to summon demons and to barter with them along with other supposed

      experiments. since in another anime/light novel the gilles de rais of

      that series had the ability to summon demonic creatures to fight for him

      in different ways. etd so it wouldnt be weird for a guy themed off of

      gilles de rais who runs a big company to have his company experiment on

      grimm .

      any way since cardin winchester is based off henry beuafort who was responsible for joan of arc being sent to the fire do and was a bully for jaune how do you think jaune and gilles will interact do you think they will develop a father son relationship a close relationship

      cardinal winchester is themed after Henry Beaufort. The Cardinal of Winchester who presided over the trial of Joan of Arc.“ who presided over Joan of Arc’s trial, where she was condemned to be burned at the stake. cardins mace has a fire crystal in it which fits the allusion

      how will jaune and weiss's dad interact with each other

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    • if yang turns evil jaune will be the one to kill her

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      people have made suggestions that yang will become evil because of her mothers effect on her for she would be going to her mother for help and/or something will happen to corrupt her or joining up with cinder(or a different bad guy) for help (because of the situation since she wont have people to rely on) she would fall into the darkness making the title fall even more appropriate since it would apply to cinder , the fall maiden powers , as well as mark the start of yangs fall into darkness be it from raven , cinders or salems influence what are your thoughts on the revised version


      • “The possibility of Raven or Salem manipulating Yang when she is at her lowest. Salem’s monologue about snuffing out hope as we pan over Yang would make so much sense then.”
      • I think raven/salems will succeed in manipulating yang and crushing yang and causing her to fall into the darkness and work for them

      miles luna went silent when they asked about which member of team rwby is going to turn evil so it mayhappen

      Fan: If one member of Team RWBY were to go bad, who would it be?

      Miles: I can’t answer that, because it might be a spoiler.

      I think its quite likely that yang will become evil out of team rwby

      and I just suggested ravven because it was a possibility and for cinder well she is also a possibility or yang could end up becoming evil on her own without being tied or following another person. in her desperation she would fall into darkness this would be a great way for the show to go bleak(its already heading there) since yang is rubys older sister who she adores.

      jaunes weapon is crocea mors which means yellow death and yang is the yellow in team rwby . jaune arc has a knight theme in that his inspiration was joan of arc aknight. in fairy tales knights slay dragons and yang xiao long means little sun dragon. so the guy with the knight theme will kill the one with the dragon theme

      about jaune has a knight theme and joan of arc disguised herself as a man sto be a knight so jaune ahas a knight motif. yangs name means little sun dragon and she bursts out on fire which relates to european/western dragons since they are the ones who breathe fire eastern dragons dont they arerelated to the water element and or weather manipulation so she has a european dragon motif than a eastern like some say.

      jaune also fights in a knightly style with sword, shield and armor. and falls under the tropehttp://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/KnightInShiningArmor except while his personality matches it his skills do not

      jaunes weapon is named crocea mors which means yellow death nd yang represents yellow thats her color theme and her first appearance was the yellow trailer which was about her


      crocea mors is the name of a legendary sword in real life which was said to kill anyone it struck (as well having been said to strike incurable and inevitably fatal wounds ) and fun fact the two battles where jaune actually struck his opponent he had won. I think jaunes crocea mors can bypass aurawhich is fitting since jaunes sword is called yellow death so it would be fitting for that to happen with every strike being a possible fatal blow (and there was never a point in the series where we saw jaune landa hit on a human with his sword



      Hey guys, according to Monty’s recent Facebook post, Jaune’s weapon is named Crocea Mors, reminiscent of the sword owned by Julius Caesar
      That’s pretty damn cool

      "(( “The British prince Nennius acquired it when, during single combat with Caesar, it got stuck in his shield.

      jaunes crocea mors can bypass aura to make real cuts. even if its not true I will still think that if yang turns evil jaune will kill her

      also fun fact joan of arc was killed by being set on fire and yang repeatedly lits herself on fire with her semblance so it would be poetic for jaune to kill her \

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    • cinder will be killed by jaune arc and jaunes power

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      cinder murdered pyrrha jaunes love interest and mentor and he probably blamed himself for her death especially since he once said to pyrrha

      “I’m tired of being the lovable idiot, stuck in the tree while his friends fight for their lives! Don’t you understand? If I can’t do this on my own… then what good am I?” jaune to pyrrha

      and he was too busy being that guy to help pyrrha and she died so he probably has a desire to get stronger (which he will possibly gaining some magic or power to use in the fight) and stop cinder. and cinders very name relates to fire Whenever she uses Dust, it’s always Fire Dust, and a cinder is the light among ashes that can be seen when a fire has died out, when ever she uses magic she mainly uses fire magic. so it would be fitting/ironic when jaune is the person who kills her since joan of arc died by fire after being condemned as a witch since it would be jaune overcoming/crushing the thing that killed his inspiration to represent him overcoming it. so while cinder killed pyrrha in a way that matched her inspiration by shooting her with a arrow first in the heel and then in the heart matching both variations of achilles death. she will not succeed in killing jaune (In a way that would match his inspiration) he will over come cinder (fire) where pyrrha couldnt overcome cinder(archer correlating with the way that achilles died) jaune whos inspiration is joan of arc who died via fire will defeat and kill cinder overcoming the way that joan of arc died etc. (also european dragons are associated with fire and jaune has a knight motif and jaune also fights in a knightly style with sword, shield and armor. and falls under the trope http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/KnightInShiningArmor except while his personality matches it his skills do not yet) and knights slay fire fire breathing dragons in various storys joan of arc disguised herself as a man to be a knight

      it would also be fitting since pyrrha was jaunes mentor and taught him how to fight so it will be fitting when jaune kills someone pyrrha was unable to defeat ( even after cinder fought ozpin got a some her aura taken out ) representing jaune doing what pyrrha couldnt do)

      jaune would crush the person who represents fire the thing joan of arc was killed by

      (plus the strength magic powers seemed to have lessened by her fight with pyrrha so its possible that she used so much of it in her fight with ozpin that it weakened (temporarily) or cinder had just underestimated pyrrha)


      Ruby’s eyes connection to her power with the silver warrior power makes a lot of sense when you take into account that supernatural monsters/demons are weak against silver. \particularly werewolves. Ruby has had wolf symbolism since the start . and Ruby is based off Little Red Riding Hood who was attacked by the big bad wolf and the fact that grimm(supernatural creatures) are “afraid” of her powers/weak against it

      jaune is based off of joan of arc who is a saint who is a person who is recognized as having an exceptional degree of holiness, or likeness to God. and or demons (the grimm) are weak to holy objects or thing imbued with holyness (holy water , crosses etc) so it would be fitting for jaune to have a power like ruby that is effective against the grimm and is said grimm are afraid of it. (jaune might activate his power while protecting someone he cares about or he might see it after seeing someone he is close to die) ( jaune might activate the power after seeing qrow die in front of him just like how ruby activated her power after she saw pyrrhas death ( pyrrha was jaunes mentor and before pyrrha trained jaune jaune was garbage, qrow was rubys mentor and before qrow trained ruby she was garbage . jaune and rwby were both awkward leaders who have a fondness for winging it

      and even if jaune doesnt have the magic power I was talking about I think jaune is going to be the one to defeat and kill cinder

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    • jaunes true color theme isnt yellow its white

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      monty said that jaunes color is different from the rest of his family and jaunes weapon is a family heirloom called crocea mors meaning yelow death so the rest of his familys color theme would be yellow while his real color theme is white I mean jaune became a huntsmen to live up to his family name so why wouldnt he try to mimic the color theme of a ancestor . heck there was a comic suggesting jaune might not be his real name ( and I agree)


      pyrrhas aura was red (whhich matches her color theme which is red) but jaunes aura is white so I think jaunes true color theme is white

      Ren (蓮) is Japanese for “lotus this is an example of a lotus (its purpleish/pink)


      lie rens aura is shown to be purplish/dark pink showing a color theme and rubys aura is red suns aura is shown to be yellow matching their color themes which is why I dont think jaunestrue color theme is yellow

      jaunes color theme is different from the rest of his familys and from what we can tell that his familys color theme is yellow. though given that their last name is arc (and the symbol on his family heirloom is 2 arcs ) (I have to point out that jaunes true symbol is beneath the armor )its possible that their colors are supposed to be that of the 7 colors of the rainbow and jaune has 7 sisters so their color themes could be that of the colors of rainbow individually(as in each color thats part of a rainbow would be one of their color themes so their if you put their color themes together you get the 7 colors of the rainbow) while jaunes color is white which in light mixture of the frequencies of all the colors of the visible spectrum.(White light is made of all the colors in the visible spectrum.) funny enough jaune had a crush on weiss whos color theme is white

      plus the color white fits the best with his inspiration joan of arc since she is saint and sainsts are people who are recognized to have a exceptional degree of holyness . and holy s associated with the color white in games white magic is holy magic

      There’s the color you think he is, the color he lives up to, it’s a lot of stuff. -Monty in Forever Fall commentaries

      montys statement basically states that the color yellow isnt his true color

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