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    • Cheese Quesadillas

      10 years ago


      This will not end well at the rate I eat them.

    • Good News Everyone!

      10 years ago


      The Black Mesa dev team is located just a tad south of Sacramento. It's in Roseville! Better yet, I be having proof! I bring the code of good joy.


      Go ahead, google it yourself.

    • I Have Free Time

      10 years ago


      But I don't blog. Any irony?


    • Irony

      10 years ago


      Today, I wait for the servers of Live to come back on, so that I may romp and stomp and glomp any passing celebrity. In halo 3. But today, I cannot do this.
      So, I wait for the order I placed to come. It was my birthday, and I wanted to get an iPod touch. (Suck it Zune owners.) Not wanting to spend $250 on a brand new one, I got a $179 refurb, which is said to be just as good. Then there's tax, and next day shipping, because instant gratification is drilled into the minds of every american or child. Originally, it all came up to $212.06. So, I went to the apple store and got a $213 gift card. Then suddenly, the price DROPPED.

      *audible GASP*

      Somehow, it forgot of California tax or something, and now it adds up to:
      Item: $179.00
      Tax: $15.67
      Shipping: $16.00
      Total: $210.67
      Curses. Now I must find a use for my $2.33. Perhaps I'll invest in CitiBank. Or, I could get something that would last longer, 2 McDonalds McChickens.
      Out of obsession, I would check the order status every hour or two. Three was a little linky that took me to the FedEx site. Convience strikes again! :D The little bugger started out in Rancho Cordova, which is bout 10 minutes away from sacramento. Well, the irony is that they took a 4 HOUR DRIVE down to Oakland to get to the FedEx site there. Then another 4 HOUR DRIVE up to Sacramento up at 3 in the accursed morning to get here. But with this irony, the box containing my happiness, is coming on time, and shall arrive at 3. I now commence shoving my face at the window right when the DedEx guy arrives to hand my my gift in exchange for a signature.

      "When I grow up, I'm going to breed giraffes and electric eels together so I can fry coconuts right in the tree! That'll show 'em who's stupid."

    • It's a Fashion Statement

      10 years ago


      Recently went to a shoe store, Sketchers or whatever.

      The first part that pissed me off was that it was only one brand, and any other brand bought out by the gigantic company trying to hog all the money that was yet to be theirs then. There were three brands. Sketchers, Ecko Unltd, and Zoo York. (Don't forget I woulda voted McCain)

      I'm tiny. In fact, I wear a size 7 men's right now. Well, after the fact that they forced product onto the consumer in a desperate attempt to grab money, they also make it ridiculously hard to find a size 6,7,or 8. Yes, there were signs that showed you where you could find your stupid shoes, but all those ads advertizing the shoes, or other product non-shoes to grab more money. And then they were either size 13.5 children's, or size 10 mens. It took a while just to find a shoe that fit me.

      And finally, I came across an isle that was just right! Goldilocks finds her shoe-porridge. But the shoes plain sucked. I look for simple shoes. Something that fits just right, but the exterior is simple enough for someone to enjoy, but have A logo so you know who made it.

      Apparently, that's impossible nowadays.

      The only shoes that would fit were the Ecko Unltd,s or the Sketchers. Not so much choice. The Eckos had either A or B literally plastered all over the freaking shoe.

      A. Rhinos and incoherent scribbles AROUND the said rhinos, or
      B. The logo ECKO unltd plastered in a way... how do I put this... You remember the "Better Safe than Sorry" wall from Left 4 Dead, right after that insane guy locks himself in, and rings the churchbell to attract the zombies? Yeah. Exactly like that. And don't forget the ugly, gold crude drawing of a rhino!

      This is what posers would wear. The suburbanite white kid who wants to fit in with the gangsta-rap crowd, so he wears tank tops, fake gold necklaces (affectionately known as a "chain") and retarded looking hats to make himself look cool and "gangsta." Apparently, breaking the law, having sex with hookers (leading you to get some deadly STD), overdosing with illegal drugs like heroin, and landing yourself in jail, baked out of your mind mumbling incoherent babble to yourself, is now "cool." I have taught myself never to associate the ones who think that a lousy beat and someone's monologue about how his life is great and your's iisnt, or some other crap is actual music.

      This goes the same with the sketchers "SKK." This is another type of poser shoe. The wannabe who wants to look like some sort of rock god or skater freak, so they become wannabe anarchists, or attempt to use a skateboard (and the result is epic fail, and the video of the fail ends up on Fantastic.) But hey. Why get a decent pair (of shoes and balls), when you can become a wannabe who has an extremely high opinion of himself? WHY? Oh, right. In order to look cool, you have to find your clique and fall under peer pressure to go with unconformity as your lifestyle, which now everyone does nowadays. So unconformity is conformity itself! Can that fact get past through their thick skulls and get their stupid, brittle, tiny brains to understand this, or are they too pants on head retarded to understand this obvious fact?

      But this is my opinion. In the back, they had their clearance section where all the shoes that wouldn't sell (i.e. THE DECENT ONES) get thrown back their where some smart person looking for a nice, simple shoe finds one. So that's where I got mine. What fun. It's a size 7 athletic shoe that fits great, and makes me 1 inch taller. :D This is my fashion statement. I'm not a poser, I'm just looking for a shoe. I'm not some suburban white kid who, in order to look "cool" listens to crap and acts and dresses stupid. I want something simple, not sommething with logos and pictures plastered all around. I just want a shoe that looks and feels fine. What say you, idiot?

    • Cardiac Muscle

      10 years ago


      Anarchy in a microscope.

    • Left 4 Dead

      10 years ago


      I was playing with a friend and a couple of odd dudes. (The kind you'd meet in a custom Halo 3 match, and they'd say -"Two soccer balls? Happy Day!") I was trying to finish frikin Blood Harvest on expert. So during the finale, instead of camping in the farmhouse, zombies everywhere, and waiting for the tank to eat the meat off our bones, we decided to take a detour to- THE BARN!

      I'd never thought about it like that.

      There were some pain pills and 4 molotovs for when the tank came. Downside? When the tank came, you'd have to look for it, while 3 other people have to cover you. Now, when the tank comes, throw a molotov. That should do damage on him for the next few minutes. And for the love of god, SCATTER. Once the tank kills one of you, then out to the next. And who's gonna be the on backpedaling and shooting?

      Well, after about 3 tries, we finally made it past the damn tank. And then when we were all outside, every other Special infected attacked us. Boomers, hunters, smokers, and somehow, even a witch popped up! Regrouping was futile. We had tried so hard.

      Then it was my dinner time. OM NOM NOM NOM NOM


      10 years ago


      Just got my Spartan Officer and Lightswitch Vidmaster thing. Now I have to get my real lieutenant.


      Anyone good at team doubles?

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