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      8 years ago


      Hey guys i have just started writing scripts and i want some feedback, k thanks

      Episode 1
      Tom Jones

      Hey Matt do you no much about the new agency we're going to ?

      Matt Jones

      No not really , all I know is we need to protect something called the vortex

      Tom Jones

      Sounds sketchy

      Matt Jones

      Yea I know what you mean

      Tom Jones

      Where’s Nix and Simon ?

      Matt Jones

      Well Nix is still deciding what he speciality he wants to be

      Tom Jones

      And Simon

      Matt Jones

      I dont think you should see Simon any time soon after what you did #

      Tom Jones

      What all I did what sleep with his sister

      Matt Davey

      HAHA oh my god , no your did not just sleep with his sister u fucked her in the coat room of his wedding and then again in his honeymoon suit …

      Tom Jones

      Yea that was a good Friday

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      All recruits please report to the central command centre ASAP

    • 2019 years ago

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