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    • sk8rlicious


      10 years ago

      THAT GUY! left me 30 comments saying that im ugly. he's totally entitled to his own opinion. but give me a break! 30 comments?? does he have no life??? what a psycho. then i try and message him and ask what the fuck is up? and i find out he has me on block. wonder why eh?

      he's not nice.

      i dont like him

    • sk8rlicious

      love is such a funny feeling

      10 years ago

      it honestly scares me. i dont like feeling like i need someone to be stable. but at the same time, i love having someone that makes me feel not alone. he's the only one that i can see myself with for the rest of my life. and that's awesome, alot of people never find that... =/ and im totally done with going out with assholes. so over that. but like.. =( i dunno.. *sigh* i wish love was JUST happy and not sad too..

    • sk8rlicious

      mod points

      10 years ago

      i have gone from level 6 to level 4 in two weeks. fuckin a. i havent even been in the forums. this is ridiculous. its such a blow. it really is. i just wanna know where im getting all this negative karma from. maybe i should delete my profile.. *sigh*.. oh yeah.. IM LEGAL!

    • sk8rlicious

      negative mod points..

      10 years ago

      in the last week.. i have gone down from 36 Karma Points to 33. now, a while back i lost 3 karma points and i found out where THOSE came from. but, i havent really posted anything like, mean, or stupid, or anything like that. so.. WTF is the deal? am i at "too high" a Karma Level for you that take this waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too seriously? i want like, some sorta report card to see where all of it's coming from.. i know this is kinda overreacting, but its annoying.

      on another note, my halloween was good. how was your's?

      my birthday's in 7 days.. hehe.. im all giddy..

      i have an interview tomorrow!!!!!!!!

      join my myspace group!!!!

      hehehe.. i ALWAYS have to add that..

    • sk8rlicious

      i love jesse

      10 years ago

      yeah.. thats it

    • sk8rlicious

      skateboarding - what do you ride?

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      just got a new board! =) early bday gift. soooo i was wondering what everyone on here rides...

      here's my "ride"... 7.5 blank deck my buddy and i painted and drew all over [in pink =)], pink destructo trucks, black and pink spitfire 55.5 mm wheels, speed metal bearings, negative one pink griptape =) yeah.. i like pink alot..

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    • sk8rlicious

      okay =) too many journal entries..

      10 years ago

      im listening to Vitamin R =) deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious song!!!! listen to it..

      anyway, yesterday, i was.. being.. crazy as usual *shakes head*. and.. i just kinda.. cut my hair off.. NOT ALL OF IT! just like.. 2-3 inches off the bottom.. it was reallllly dumb. so today, im going to go get that fixed =)

      in other news

      two important days are coming up =)
      1. Halloween
      2. My birthday. (Nov. 8th.)
      im looking forward to both. im going to be an angel of................... DEATH! for halloween. The City fucking OWNS halloween =) so if youre in the area, COME ON OVER! it will be very delicious.
      my birthday! i want a "happy fucking birthday" from ALL OF YOU ON MY LIST! =P or i'll delete you... jk haha im not that mean. anyway.. i have class on my birthday =( how lame is that? but.. i might just not go =) im not sure. My old HS's JROTC's Fall Competition is on my birthday (i think it is) and there is always a KILLER party after it all. so.. maybe i can just go for the party? =) anyway... im going to go get my hair fixed hahaha.. i love it when i can tell God is smiling down on me. It was raining cats and dogs and now that i have to go out.. Here comes the sun! like the song!

      i will catch you all later...

      and of course..


      thanks for reading. muah!

    • sk8rlicious

      you fucking people..

      10 years ago

      i HATE it when people are just like..

      THAT would never happen.

      its like.. WHY THE FUCK NOT???

      who the hell are they to say that something CANT or WONT happen???

      like... Am i so fucking stupid that like.. i cant do something or im not good enough to have the oppertunity to do something.. ugh.. GET THE FUCK OFF MY BACK!!!

      this is pissing me off WAY more than it should. most likely because the ONE person i thought would understand, didnt. he made it about HIM when it had nothing to with with him. i mean i love him, he's my best friend and he knows me better than anyone but i just wish sometimes he would stop and think for one second that if its about me, its not always about him....

      on a lighter note...

      dont forget to join my myspace group!

      thanks for reading if you did.. comment and mod if ya want.


    • sk8rlicious

      hello hello!

      10 years ago

      well.. i guess i can write ONE more entry.. =). lets see.. well.. i bought Korn's greatest hits! its pretty good.. and its pretty! =) um.. i got my comics a while back.. Astonishing Xmen was deeeelicious. and so were all the others =) Cant wait for the last Wolverine The End to come out. um.. Im trying to figure out when ROTK extended comes out.. and.. still working on my Wake Forest Essay(s) haha.. um...???????? lets see.. I made chocolate cake today.. with chocolate icing.. its really yummy. Later.. i will make my delicious Easy Mac with my "I <3 Easy Mac" shirt! then... i will... i dunno. Instant message me sometime "homie-g-yo". "up on AIM!" =) mOrBiD gOOfBaLL.

      and of course..


      Cheerio. muah.

    • sk8rlicious

      this might be my ONLY journal entry..

      11 years ago

      thats my red vs blue group! i need more people that will actually POST THINGS! =) join if youre on myspace.. it'll be super fun! i promise

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    • ZeroShade


      9 years ago

      u are never on

    • WileyTorres


      9 years ago

      Happy Thanksgiving.

    • Zorse


      10 years ago

      gp, I tried too-- I'm convinced I'm hopeless. We should ride bikes sometime, and wish we were skating. Props to you, Reyna (btw, I love your name. Reyna, I mean.)

    • Nirvanastrat


      10 years ago

      Weezer nirvana your in

    • markemark


      10 years ago

      Skate humm i broke my finger, wrist & arm trying, But its all good I found surfing doesnt do so much damage when ya fall off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AceFace89


      10 years ago

      Happy early Birthday!

    • bigdaddy16


      10 years ago

      Hey Watsup?

    • Avalon


      10 years ago

      In Soviet Russia, Tetris plays you!

      Heh, always nice to see other people from SF.

    • Kschenke


      10 years ago

      ok, I'm the white girl on my icon. do i look like you, twin?

    • Foggy2688


      10 years ago

      oh em gee dubyou tee eff m8, why can i only get kyle to show up for "the goods"? (how long did it take you to read that first part lol)

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