from Munster, Indiana (close to Chicago)

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    • Noffsinger

      10 years ago

      Umm wow theres alot of crazy on here I love stargate also and halo but im glad theres some one my age thats in to RVSB also but like I said some crazys on here

    • GigasViking

      12 years ago

      Cool you're into stargate! Speaking of that I've got an ancient language translator (english to 5000 year old cuneiform script) you might want to checkout in my journal. Effing sweet I think...and took forever to put together :)

    • Brakus

      13 years ago

      vote for me in muellertimes contest here


    • RocketJones

      13 years ago

      smiley9.gif Happy Random New Year from Prague! smiley9.gif

    • Purdueohol

      13 years ago

      Oh, I bleed the Cubbie Blue. I have for years now.
      But the other hometown team is going to be in the Series

      and who are they going to face?
      a Division rival!
      Hell no is that title going to some po-dunk division rival.
      I'd cheer for the Sox before I Cheer for the Cards or Astros.

      Not forgeting to mention that the Sox are playing the wonderful kind of 1950's baseball that I have grown to love.

    • ARTaylor

      13 years ago

      Luke-"OK, I'm just going to insert this right here."

      Obi-Wan-"Use the Force Luke."

      Luke-"OK, but I was just going to. . ."

      Obi-Wan-"Luke, just use the force."

      Luke-"OK, whatever you say."


      Luke-"Are you happy now!?"

      Obi-Wan-"I'm never happy."

    • Impavide117

      13 years ago


      You have been awarded the Dark Lord of the Sith Award for Valor in support of the Empire versus the Rebel scum! Rise Lady Skywalker!



    • Blue_Tucker

      14 years ago

      Awesome profile and such,Star wars needs its own bible so all can worship the greatness that is chewbacca

    • Frazzer

      14 years ago

      Alright! Another George Bush hater.....YESSSSS

    • Patriculus

      14 years ago

      Hey hey hey did you hear about maybe continueing starwars on TV

    • DeVusDreamer

      14 years ago

      If it's raining men, I would stay inside, cuase if one of them landed on you, it could be lethal. And pray none land on your car either.

    • SPARTAN442

      14 years ago

      WHat's up PFC New Friend?

    • GreekSpartan

      14 years ago

      Bush Sux Balls!, I Have some hillarious pics of him just view my images

    • red_october1

      14 years ago

      President Bush is awsome. You people have no reason at all to hate him. Damn commies.

    • foehammer27

      14 years ago

      You have been awarded the Darth Vader Award because, well, why not?


    • Caboose130

      14 years ago

      Bush sucks major @$$!

    • LedZeppelin

      14 years ago

      nice music and youre right George Bush sucks

    • icoeph

      14 years ago

      TAG!! YOU'RE IT!!
      *rules for game in my journal

    • Initiate

      14 years ago

      Star wars kicks ass, and Ol` George W. sux real bad

    • Godfather2

      14 years ago

      starwars sucks

    • SithPunk869

      14 years ago

      yeah \m/ f*ck Bush --:oD

    • Turtleboy

      14 years ago

      my name is joe, am plainfeld, In

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