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      2 years ago


      I was told to post them here so they were easy to find. Here's their original location.

      In reply to Smugtisser

      Okay, here's my recently created OC team, team SBLE, starting with the hot-blooded team leader Saffron.

      Name: Saffron Trail
      Age: 18
      Gender: Female
      Spieces: Human
      Weaponry: Ardent Bastion, two punch-bucklers that are also burst/rapidfire guns. They spin on an angle so she can fire them either at your opponents or backward to add momentum to her punches.
      (3D model by Kalephrex)

      Semblance: Tunnelvision. A perception-altering ability that forces opponents to focus on her by blurring their vision to everything but herself. She can use it to affect a single target for a long period or burst it towards several oppontnes for a few seconds ensuring that she gets their attention but not that she holds it. More practical in team fights than one-on-one duels. Does not work against machines or blind opponents. An ability good at making inattentive teammates listen to orders as well.

      Personality: Saffron is a dedicated leader with a fiery personality. She constantly works to better herself and spurs her teammates to do the same. To the point where it might be a tad obnoxious. Yet while she forces the poor kids to run laps and do push ups in their free time (the monster...) her dedication to her friends also has its positive sides. When she assumes responsibility of someone she is fiercely loyal, willing to take punches and bullets to protect those whom she cares about. She's not a fan of wearing dresses or skirts. Don't think she has the legs for it.

      Background: Due to some family issues, Saffron and her brother left their parents at a young age. They were able to survive due to Saffron's hard work and her brothers less savory business. Saffron attended one of the lower class academies to forge herself a future and only through dedication did she manage to get into Beacon. She now supports her brother with money from her scholarship.

      Fairy tale inspiration: Hansel and Gretel

      In reply to Smugtisser

      Name: Blues Gruff
      Age: 18
      Gender: Male
      Spieces: Goat Faunus
      Weaponry: Jitterbug, a staff with a round spinny blade like a toothless buzzaw on each side capable of changing into "propellers" of a sort using wind Dust to summon cyclones. The blades can be fired for a ranged attack that will return at a wide angle like a boomerang. Also handy for moving around.
      (3D model by Kalephrex)

      Semblance: Twist. He can place glyphs on things to make them spin on an axle at high speeds. The bigger the object and the more glyphs he conjures the more it wears him out. The glyphs can be delayed for a short time but only lasts for a few seconds when activated. It doesn't sound like much but imagine Blues running up the arm of an Ursa placing a couple glyphs where he steps and then ordering them to twist in opposing directions ending in a very uncomfortable day for that Grimm.

      Personality: Blues is the intelligent and observant sort. The type to analyze any situation he find himself in before deciding to act. He will go for a tactical retreat rather than fight a obviously disadvangateous battle, or otherwise at least try to use his surroundings to give himself every advantage possible. Few situations ever bring up much of a reaction shown on his face which is usually stuck at something between cocky and relaxed. When someone finally peeves him enough to start a fight himself it is usually through passive aggression and witty remarks.

      Background: His entire life he has had others to fight his battles. Several elder brothers bigger and tougher than himself, big strong friends and the closest unrelated person one could blame. Blues got exceptionally good at scapegoating. That backfired on him one day though when an elder brother got seriously hurt due to one of Blues' shenanigans. That spured him into learning to fight his own fights through the academies of Vale and then Beacon. He is also an exceptional singer and musician.
      Fairy Tale Inspiration: The Three Billy Goats Gruff

      In reply to Smugtisser

      Name: Laurel Aerte
      Age: 17
      Gender: Female
      Spieces: Human
      Weaponry: Bidentis, the lovechild between a polearm and a Lewis Gun which takes two forms. First the close combat form which take the form of a spear with a rifle in the handle. The end of the rifle is at the butt of the handle and can be fired to add some extra 'oomph' to a thrust. The other is a long range support weapon. An automatic rifle with great range that is made to be fired stationary but can be carried at the cost of some accuracy.

      Semblance: Stat Banking. Laurel is capable of lowering her bodys physical attributes, saving her reserves for later as a limited pool which she can draw from at any rate she desires. This means that 90% of her time is spent half blind and deaf to bank her senses, walking as through water to save up speed, barely able to carry things to save strength, winded from mere walking for endurance and several other small things. When needed she can draw from any of her resources at any rate she pleases. This means that she can choose to have slightly superior strength from normal people to swing her large weapon for a long time or for a short burst to be able to lift a Mech. If her tank is empty she will usually stick with long range fighting. The downside to her semblance is pretty big but it also has its upsides. It's easier living with roommates when you can go blind and deaf on command.

      Personality: While not really suffering from a multiple personality disorder, meeting her while her game face is on is very different from when she's storing attributes with her Semblance. Normally you'll see her walking around with slouched back grumbling to herself seeming constantly frustrated while frail enough to be blown away with the wind. But when she pulls her hair back and starts pulling from her resources, the freedom of body and mind turns into a rush of euphoria and she is filled with joy and glee. Someone's gonna have to work hard to get that stupid grin of her face.

      Background: All the way through her childhood Laurel lived with her head in the clouds. Her father is a Huntsman of some renown but was rarely ever there, so she read stacks upon stacks of fiction and imagined first her father in the stories and later herself. This drove her towards the path of the Huntress and into the academies. As she discovered her abilities and spent more and more time in a weakened and irritable state she came to push people around her away. Some would approach her seeing a frail girl to be protected but then intimidated when witnessing her actual strength. Her team, though, seems to be able to deal with her apparent bipolarity likely because of their own extreme personalities.
      Fairy Tale Inspiration:
      The Princess and the Pea

      In reply to Smugtisser


      Name: Eminence
      Age: 16
      Gender: Female
      Spieces: Princess (not really)
      Weaponry: The Globus Cruciger is the name of Eminence's ridiculous weapon only feasible due to her Semblance. She could not use it in an effective fashion in its natural form even if she is stronger than she looks. The weapon us usually used by her shrinking the massive faux gold ball down to a size smaller than a christmas decoration of similar design and used as a weighted whip which she wields with surprising skill. The ball itself is only used by enlarging mid-swing as a stupidly oversized flail without losing the momentum of a whiplash resulting in devastating force. The scepter itself is used when someone comes within the reach of her whip by using red Dust to release gouts of flame to drive opponents back again.
      (3D model by Kalephrex)

      Semblance: Minimize. Eminence can shrink inanimate objects that she can touch or parts of said object but only as long as she is touching it. This means she can control the size of her weapon up to its original size or fill her hand with huge pieces of rubble to throw at opponents with the momentum of a flung pebble. This only works on inorganic objects and only solid things. She cannot throw mechs and cars as they are complex machinery. Boulders are cool though.

      Personality: Eminence lies at the height of hubris and is comfortable in her magnificence. She has lived a blessed existance and that is seen in just how tall her little crown is. Reality is, though, that she is not really royalty, just incredibly full of her self. It does not matter that the peasants around her doesn't take her very seriously because who expects much of them anyways. Emi is hilariously gullible and will likely believe anything that comes along with a compliment but woe is you if she discovers your bullshit and her wroth comes upon you. She is an expert prankster and any of her attempts at retaliation will definitely not be painfully obvious from miles ahead. She's also a bit of a goof.

      Background: Being left as an orphan with a wealthy family that could not have children themselves Eminence lived a blessed pampered childhood. Whatever she said was never questioned and no lie was ever given her (that she found out anyways) which resulted in an absolutely pesky little brat who would one day become an absolutely pesky young adult. Her adopted parents told her she could become anything so she decided on the obvious and went to study to become a Huntress/Princess/Superstar. One shouldn't aim low afterall.

      Fairy Tale Inspiration: The Emperor's New Clothes
    • Want your OC drawn? Look in. (Closed)

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      Hello all.


      I'm currently practicing to increase my drawing speed, and what's better than drawing colorful characters people have made for a show with an amazing aestethic such as RWBY. I could draw established characters or make a million OC's myself but i think i'd rather do something for the community and draw other peoples characters.

      Here's my rules:

      1. Only a single character per person. I know people in this fandom usually make characters in groups of four but there's only so much i can do.

      2. Write a physical description of your character and their weapon along with whatever reference pictures you have. Quality doesn't matter, anything to help my drawing get closer to your mental image of the character is welcome.

      3. After a physical description a quick writeup of the characters personality to help with deciding on expression and body language is a really nice help. Don't post half a novel though, keep it brief.

      4. I might do minor changes if you want it after i've posted a character and you find something that needs change but if busy i might also not. Please do not get angry if it isn't exactly like in your mind's eye.

      5. Have some patience. I am only human and very much inexperienced.


      Also, if there's any fellow drawsmiths, doodle-dapplers or other f'artsy types around who wants in on the fun, know you're very welcome. Just write if you take on a submission so we don't accidentially double-task.

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