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    • The teleporting banana

      1 week ago


      Please come in Mr. [reads clipboard] Anonymous

      I'm Dr. Smith and how can I be of service to you today

      Well Doctor, I've been referred to you by a friend who told me you specialize in the type of trouble I've been having.

      My superpower is teleportation, but I can only teleport myself, not my clothes nor anything else I might be holding. And I also can't teleport other people.

      I was wondering if you could help me out.

      I assume you want to use your powers for the good of mankind?

      Of course doctor and that is why teleporting around naked is not a good problem to have while trying to save people

      Have you tried teleporting with a banana in your mouth?

      A banana?? What? Why?

      Just try it right now, here's a banana

      *He teleports to the other side of the room* [his clothes falling down in the chair he sat in]

      I see, so only the part of the banana inside your mouth teleported with you

      And I've also noticed you still have all of your hair and skin on you

      Doctor, I don't understand anything you're saying, I think I should go see another doctor

      Calm down please sir, sit down if you will [sits back down on top of his pile of clothes on the chair and crosses his legs]

      I think we can easily solve your nudity problem [hands over a business card]

      These fine gentleman can make you a suit of your choosing out of your own body materials so that it is able to travel with you.

      And as an added bonus I can tell you that you can travel with small objects if you insert them into one of your orifices

      Thank you doctor, thank you for solving my nudity issue

      I'm not sure I will be using your orifices tip right away, maybe someday

      Well some orifices just need some time to get used to it

      Will there be anything else?

      No doctor, You have provided me with excellent help and I hope to be able to help you someday

      Before you go, there is only the small matter of the bill [slides over a piece of paper]

      *He teleports out of sight*

      [The doctor looks around the room]

      *He teleports back in to the room*

      [He grabs the business card, puts it in his mouth and teleports back out of the room]

    • Don't Gaslight Me Bro

      1 month ago





    • The many things I like about you and the one thing I do not

      2 months ago



      You're my cuddle bug

      You like to cuddle, just the two of us in a warm embrace

      You like to pull my arms around you and hold me as I hold you

      Even though you're smaller than me you sometimes try to be the big spoon and you do it without sneaking up on me

      The smooshing of your face and small breasts on my back feels nice

      And when you put my head on your lap or boobs and you pet me it's very soothing

      You don't hide behind a mask

      Lying to people is not something you do because it makes you feel uncomfortable

      You don't even like to wear lipstick or other forms of make-up and you wouldn't even dream of bleaching your hair

      Because you feel like that's showing a version of you that's fake

      I like that you never feel like you need to hide something from me

      You're a little shy, but not when you're with just me

      When we are out you're shy, it's not a crippling shyness

      You mainly have trouble opening up to new people, that's you being cautious, but you're sweet to anyone unless they deserve no such treatment

      While we are alone you're not shy at all, so I know you trust me

      You run around the house in your underwear and my t-shirt, doing silly dances simply because you can. It's really cute and it makes me smile

      Your curiosity and knowledge rival my own, so much that we sometimes even argue about it, but I know in the end we both become wiser people

      You push me to do more and be better, you simply bring out the best in me

      You prefer flats over heels, because you put function over form We talk about our days at work, the good and the bad, but never the office gossip, because you don't like the gossip and you know I don't like it either

      When I want to relax you curl up next to me and we start to communicate without words

      I know the ins and outs of your uhums and na-ahs

      And we just lay there in almost silence watching some shows or anime together being drawn into the story which we only talk about when there's some story breaking moment or when it's ended

      You know what "Netflix and chill" means, but you don't care, you just want to watch stuff and hang out

      Sometimes you fall asleep with your head on my lap, so I gently lift you up and carry you to bed in my arms, you don't weigh that much so it's pretty easy

      There is just one thing about you that's kind of a deal breaker
      I haven't met you and I'm starting to think that maybe you don't exist
      But I hope that you are out there somewhere and that one day we will be able to meet
      Best case scenario, before we're old and grey, so we can grow into that together



    • The AH Coin Flipping argument

      6 months ago


      When you flip a coin there is a 50% chance it will land Heads and a 50% chance it will land Tails

      (This is excluding the coin landing on it's side and excluding the coin being weighted to favor one side over the other, this is a theoretical coin with only 2 outcomes with equal chance: Heads and Tails)

      If you flip a coin multiple times the result has no relation to any previous time it has been flipped

      it's still 50% Heads and 50% Tails

      If you flip a coin 3 times there are 8 (=2*2*2) possible outcomes, each of them have an equal chance of occurring: HHH, HHT, HTH, HTT, THH, THT, TTH, TTT


      The probability of you flipping only heads is 12.5%

      Because there are 1 out of 8 outcomes where this happens: HHH

      The probability of you flipping heads 2 or more times is 50%

      Because there are 4 out of 8 outcomes where this happens: HHH, HHT, HTT, THH

      The probability of you flipping heads exactly 2 times is 37.5%

      Because there are 3 out of 8 outcomes where this happens: HHT, HTT, THH

      Coin flips are easy to calculate because there are only 2 outcomes for each flip

      If you call it, no matter how many times you flip the coin, you will always have a 50% chance of getting majority victory in what you called

      It doesn't matter if it's 1 out of 2, 2 out of 4, 4 out of 8, 8 out of 16,...

      If you flip it until you get it correct at least once you have a 7 out of 8 chance to get it win

      a 1 out of 2 chance you get it correct on the first coin, but if you guess it wrong which had a 1 out of 2 chance and then you have a 1 out of 2 chance to get it right and a 1 out of 2 chance to get it wrong in which case you have your third flip which gives you another 1 out of 2 chance

      So you get a 7 out of 8 chance (=1/2+1/2*1/2+1/2*1/2*1/2=7/8)

      Or to make it easier, you have a 1 out of 8 chance to get it wrong on each flip, thus you have a 7 out of 8 chance to win (=1-1/8=7/8)

      This is very different from let's say cards

      There are 52 cards in the deck, 26 are red and 26 are black

      If you pick up 1 card there is a 50% (=26/52) chance it will be red

      But now there are only 51 cards in the deck and depending on the previous pick it will either be 26 red and 25 black or 25 red and 26 black

      So the odds will be influenced by the previous pick

      Thank you and good night

    • Millie's Maths Homework

      7 months ago


      The patio is 10 by 23 and Gregory wants to reduce the area by 9/25ths, what are the new dimensions of the patio?

      If you reduce it by 9/25ths that means that there will be 16/25ths left of the patio { 1-9/25=16/25 }

      If you cut it from one side you get 6.4 by 23{ 16/25*10=6.4 }

      And if you cut it from the other side you get 10 by 14.72 { 16/25*23=14.72 }

      If you want the patio to become a square you make the sides 12.13 { sqrt(16/25*23*10) }

      But that would be impossible because then you would have to build extra patio on the side that was 10 long

      There are also other rectangles you can cut from the patio, as long as the area equals to 147.2 { 16/25*23*10=147.2 }

      For example:

      8 by 18.4

      7.36 by 20

      9.2 by 16

      There are a multitude of other shapes you can make it

      You could cut a multitude of shapes you want out of the patio as long as the piece you cut out has an area of 82.8 { 9/25*23*10=82.8 }

      It doesn't even have to be a single piece that you cut out, as long as the sum of the areas of the pieces you cut out equals 82.8 { 9/25*23*10=82.8 }

      Thank you and good night

    • The Shutterstock story

      1 year ago


      Once upon a time a guy met a girl and fell in love


      They fell so deep in love that they wanted to move in together, so they bought a house



      Happy and in love, they decided to create a new life



      She quit her job to take care of the baby, while he focused on his career


      They slowly grew apart


      His sex drive never went down and she was never in the mood, he started fantasizing


      It quickly moved to an online affair, but she found out immediately


      She confronted him with the evidence

      She was angry at first but then
      begged him to stop, giving him one last chance to remain a family


      But he couldn't stop, wouldn't stop



      It had gone too far, she demanded a divorce



      ALQPMH8.pngMeanwhile someone was documenting their life with a camera

    • starry1661 asked sonny88p a question

      You probably get this question a lot, but I've been wondering, how did you get into Internet Box and first discover them? Also, do you have hope that it will ever return with more episodes?

      Answered: Nov 17, 2017

      It was June of 2012, I was listening to all of the RT podcasts again. And during one of the newest ones the IB podcast was mentioned. I went to listen to their latest episode (#37 I believe) and I kind of liked it so I started listening to all of them.

      I don't think IB will have more episodes, at some point it needed to stop and they picked their time.

    • Great like the movie or bad like the sinking of the ship

      1 year ago










    • Follow your dreams!

      2 years ago


      If you want your dreams to come true you will have to work for it


      Maybe in a few years time they will come true


  • Questions answered by sonny88p

    It was June of 2012, I was listening to all of the RT podcasts again. And during one of the newest ones the IB podcast was mentioned. I went to listen to their latest episode (#37 I believe) and I kind of liked it so I started listening to all of them.

    I don't think IB will have more episodes, at some point it needed to stop and they picked their time.


    Well yes, I am real

    Which legends in particular? There are quite a few

    I assume you only know the Barbara private messaging legend and the too many questions legend

    (The other legends have nearly never been told in or around Rooster Teeth)

    Yes, it is me

    But I think she is her own worst enemy, not me, you would have to ask her about that