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    • So......

      13 years ago


      Bands of the day:
      smiley9.gif Nickel Back
      smiley9.gif AC/DC
      smiley9.gif Metalica

      Picture if the day:

      Quote of the day:

      The Master Chief: Sir, request permission to leave the station.
      Lord Hood: For what purpose, Master Chief?
      The Master Chief: To give the Covenant back their bomb.
      Lord Hood: Permission granted.
      Cortana: Just one question. What if you miss?
      The Master Chief: I won't.

      The Master Chief: This is Spartan 117! Can anyone read me?
      Lord Hood: Isolate that signal! Master Chief, mind telling me what you're doing on that ship?
      The Master Chief: Sir. Finishing this fight.

    • ok here it is

      13 years ago


      So what's up everyone?

      Well for me its been kinda cool, schools ok. I so can't wait till next semester when I get all new classes. Right now I have Adv. Geomatry, or how ever you spell it, lol. I have Adv. Law, Adv. Physics, and JROTC.

      Next semester, which starts Feb. 06, I get four new classes, so far I know im getting English and Spanish. Don't know what the other two are. Maybe history or something, or I dont know lol.

      Feb. 06 I'm also going to the Aerosmith concert, so thats cool. I got all this memorabilia and shit in the mail.
      Feb. 07 is my B-DAY!, hell yes, lol. I got some early presents so far, like my i home for my ipod nano. I'm going to be 16. I'm getting my permet to start driving.

      I've been listening to some new music, here they are:

      John Mayer
      -Welcome to the Real World
      -Who Did You Think I Was
      Papa Roach
      -Take me

      Some new movies I've watched:

      Red Eye
      The Cave (Real good movie)
      The exorcism of emily rose

      Other then that, havn't done much, talk to you guys later!


      And Watch ME! lol

    • Hey

      13 years ago


      Bored going to write a entry soon, look in a while for it smiley11.gif

    • New Pics

      13 years ago


      Got some new pics, go leave comments..........AND WATCH ME, lol if you want

    • Ok new ipod nano!

      13 years ago


      I got a new ipod nano like a week ago, which is great. Yesturday I go an :

      iHome iH5 for iPod (Black)

      Apple iPod nano Lanyard

      Incase Sports Case with Armband

      Contour iSee

      I have pics of all that in my images

    • Cancun baby

      13 years ago


      Well as its says, im leaving out of the country on the 20th, at 2:00 in the morning to Cancun, Mexico, I cant wait till i go. Im going to be up their till the 28th or 29th. Im already packed, bringing my lap top, PSP, Camers, Dell DJ, and my phone, so im hooked up. Well see you when I get back!!!

    • Just trying to help a friend out

      13 years ago


      Hey everyone make an account, you guys dont have to play just sign up, Im helping out a friend beat this guy in trying to get as many Referrals as possible, so if you can, send this to your friends, on AIM, myspace, anything to help this guy out, ok?

    • LOL

      13 years ago


      When i got nocked down to a -1, it only took me a half hour to get to a 16, since then, I havnt leveled up at all, what happened guys?

    • Hey everyone

      13 years ago


      OMG I just got a PSP.

      Ok well a new one, I had one before, long story, and I didnt have it anymore.

      Now I bought a new one.

      I got the movie Stealth, kick ass movie.

      I also got the game Burnout, also kick ass.

      Got a 1.0 GB stick

      I got the browzer on it.

      First thing I saved to the bookmarks was baby!!!

      Ill have some screen shots on later!


      13 years ago


      OK I got back on and I had 23 alerts, not bad, only 4 hours too

      usethefork got the 5 mods

      Hey I'm bored, so I have something to see who resonds.

      I'm going to go off for like the rest of the day.

      While I'm off, I want to see how many Alerts I can get.

      Heres the cool part, the person who Alerts the most I will give 5 mods or something.


      SO DONT SPAM ME!!!!

      NO SPAM
      NO SPAM
      NO SPAM
      NO SPAM
      NO SPAM
      NO SPAM
      NO SPAM
      NO SPAM
      NO SPAM
      NO SPAM
      NO SPAM
      NO SPAM

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