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      13 years ago


      Hello, I havent writen a journal in a while so here goes...

      Not many of you know That Im taking a vacation to New York. I will see alot of family and swim in a lake. smiley0.gifsmiley0.gif

      I will not be on then (of course, theres no internet and not much TV)

      Dates: 27, july to 7 august. At Keuka Lake, one of the finger lakes in NY.

      and what does mean?

      In other news- i cant see any of the profile pics, they are red Xs. Anyone else experiencing this? and no, im not at skool where this is to be expected. smiley7.gif


      13 years ago


      has anyone ever had a terminal failure in the screen?

      this is worse than a bluescreen punnishment..... smiley7.gif

      Stupid microsoft. smiley5.gif

      Im getting a mac. smiley1.gif

    • this is my last journal

      13 years ago


      for the next 24 hours.

      heres the link to the only reason my name is spacemonkey4

    • heres a look into another world...

      13 years ago


      You know you watch too much Stargate When...

      When there's an ad on top of the screen that says "You always thought they'd come in saucers" And there's a pic of an alien and a round space ship and you think "No...they came in pyramids."

      (me) spacemonkey43:

      when you try to teach your English class WOrmhole PHysics Acording to Stargate and only succede in bugging the he# out of them.
      when you go to a boring party and decide, since no one would care anyway, to perform Kel-No-Reem... durring which you suddenly snap out of it to find a guy sitting on your lap as if your a chair. smiley5.gifsmiley5.gif


      You do your report for art class on a piece you believe was based on the history of the Goa'uld in the middle ages and justifyably write a great report and expect to get an A on it... I'm still crossing my fingers...


      You refer to your Garage Door Opener as the GDO!


      you know you are a gate head when you are arguing about who is the most addicted to SG-1.


      1) When you argue with your fellow SG-1 fans about who discovered SG-1 first. (Uh, mom...I discovered it first!)

      2) When you come up with board topics to write about during: episodes, sleep, lunch, work, school. And, then get REALLY angry when you can't remember them when you are finally infront of the computer screen.

      3) When you begin to talk like Teal'c. (For example: I said once, "This tape is unsatisfactory".)

      4) When you forget that not everyone likes SG-1, and ramble on and on about random episodes.


      ....When your health teachers makes the class take a quiz to see if you're addicted to anything, like drugs, but you take it thinking about Stargate and Motorcycles and you find out you're addicted to both.

      heres a link to the forum

      now you know that spacemonkey4 has no life...

    • I was tagged too...

      13 years ago


      List 10 things that you don't think people would normally know about you. They can be the most random things as long as someone learns something new about you. After you list these things you must tag at least 5 people so that they can list 10 things about themselves and tag others. So if I tag you copy these rules post your own list of 10 things you don't think people know about you in your journal and then tag at least 5 more people.

      1. im very talented in many fields-singing, acting, gymnastics, math, drawing, horseback-riding, and dance.

      2. I cant spell worth a crap, but i still pass eenglish with good grades.

      3. i cant txt msg or buy ringtones for my cell.

      4. my name(spacemonkey4) originated from a fanfic. (Daniel Jacksons Diary-Daniels screen name was spacemonkey43, and i think he's hot)

      5. no one ever e-mails, unless their the free shit.

      6. i could be a supermodel if i lost 45 pounds.

      7. I have a list called- The List of Very Expensive Things I Want To Buy.

      8. If i had money to buy black clothes, I could be a goth chick.

      9. i have never had beer, or much wine. but i did get drunk off of rum once...

      10. Myspace SUCKS BALLS!!!!!!

      I tag:


    • votes

      13 years ago


      vote here for team 3 and spacemonkey4

      any mods won from this contest will go to the T7K fund!

    • The Roman Journal

      13 years ago


      Today In Rome
      Aqueduct Collapses
      No one hurt

      South of the city an aqueduct collapsed sending water everywhere but to the city. Water from other systems will be diverted for those who lost water. The cause of the collapse is said to be erosion and disrepair. The city says they will rebuild the arch within the next fifteen to twenty cycles so please try to conserve your water.

      New Water Source
      Construction will begin on the transportation of the water as soon as the new road is finished.
      The road is almost finished but the city has no more workers. For those of you short on water the wait will not be more than two months.

      New Baths
      Near the Amphi-theatre
      The city project has ended, the new baths are complete. For the past few weeks construction teams have worked on the new baths and now they?re finished. They are located near the amphitheater for your convenience. Now you won?t have to walk to the baths near the courthouse.
      Amphitheatre?s Biggest Hit Tonight
      Tonight, and tonight only, see the biggest comedy sensations- Rebo and Zooty! Live tonight at the amphitheatre.
      Don?t miss out.

      Fashion Alert
      Togas are officially out, the emperor announced today. Now citizens may wear the more practical tunic. In the summer these garments are made of light linen. When it gets colder these garments are made of warmer cotton. Drop by your bath house to pick yours up today.

      Dear Gus
      The advice column for everyone.
      Dear Gus, My wife passed away some time ago and I re-married to fill the empty space. Was remarriage okay and do you think I dishonored my first wife? UNCERTAIN HUSBAND
      Dear uncertain, your feelings are real and you didn?t dishonor anyone. You did the right thing to try to fill that empty space.

      Dear Gus, My friend is addicted and he won?t let me tell anyone. How can I help him? REALLY SCARED
      Dear scared, No matter what he threatens, you need to tell your parents or someone you trust. This is the best way to help him even if it ruins your friendship.
      This column is written by Augustus Octavo.

      Venus? Be With You. Love Editorials
      Young scholar looking for a good housewife and loves children. Contact Joe Shmo for more.

      Midget, I am. Midget, I seek. Intellectual individual please. Female scholar preferably. Contact Yogurt for more.

      Young, single, and ready to rule the world, I seek someone of similar status or quick learner. Contact: Scorpius

      Sexy chick seeks hot male. Young and wanting of children now. Contact: Chiana

      This is an ancient newspaper recreated for your enjoyment. pics in my image section.

    • independece

      13 years ago


      So, many are on vacation this weekend. Arinaexi is comming home from a trip to DC, though.

      I have to finish a report for my chemistry class this weekend so I cant go anywhere.

      what are you doing this weekend anyway?

      smiley11.gif Today in History
      1997 U.K. returns Hong Kong to China
      1963 U.S. postal service institutes zip code system, Zone Improvement Plan
      1917 257cm-mirror for Mount Wilson Observatory mounted
      1916 Coca-Cola brings current coke formula to the market
      1907 World's 1st air force established in the U.S. Army

    • how boyish are you?

      13 years ago


      Instructions: Erase my answers, (including my comments) and Check a box if it is a Yes. After you are done, count the number of boxes you checked 'Yes'. Multiply that number by 2, and that is the percent boyish you are.

      1.) [x] you own a jersey

      2.) [] you like being sweaty

      3.) [x] you love mud

      4.) [x] you play/played at least one sport on a team

      5.) [x] you play more than 1 sport for fun

      6.) [x] you hate pink

      7.) [x well sweats and tees], you live in sweatshirts and jeans

      8.) [x] pranks are fun

      9.) [] dogs are better than cats

      10. [x] it's funny when people get hurt when it isn't your friend

      11.) [x sometimes] shopping is torture

      12.) [x hehe, I prefer blowing them up with fireworks] pulling heads off dolls isn't creepy... it's funny

      13.) [] you don't cry

      14.) [x] sad movies suck

      15.) [ what ia gurl drama?] girl drama is stupid

      16.) [depends really] painting your nails is weird/stupid if ur'e a dude.

      17.) [] you own a ps2

      18.) [soon XboX 360] you own an xbox

      19.) [x] at some point in time you wanted to be a firefighter.

      20.) [] you own a psp

      21.) [x and now too] you used to be obsessed with power rangers

      22.) [] you watch sports center

      23.) [x some] sports on tv are awesome

      24.) [x] gory movies are the best!

      25.) [x] you aren't scared of anything

      26.) [what is male bonding?] you take part in "male bonding"

      27.) [] you only go to your dad for advice

      28.) [x not quite] you own like a trillion baseball caps

      29.) [] you aren't sensitive

      30.) [x my motto] no pain no gain

      31.) [] you like going to football games

      32.) [x] night games rock

      33.) [x] spiders and bugs are cool

      34.) [x] you like to freak out your sister or brother

      35.) [] you used to or do collect baseball cards

      36.) [x not too baggy] baggy pants are cool

      37.) [does Euro Sport count?] you get sports illustrated

      38.) [x, or near my house] unless it's on your house, fire is cool

      39.) [x] you don't babysit

      40.) [x you could say that] you're immature

      41.) [x] its kinda weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people

      42.) [XX] green black red or BLUE are your favorite color(s)

      43.) [x *snore*] romantic comedies are boring

      44.) [] you don't care about watching your weight

      45.) [sometimes x] you hate dressing up

      46.) [x] you don't care about your hair

      47.) [x] you love to go crazy and not care what people think

      48.) [x] climbing is fun

      49.) [x] You listen to rock/metal (sometimes)

      50.) [x they only have one good show now...] You hate disney channel

      im 74% guy

      what are your answers?

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