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      Merry Christmas

      7 years ago

      As I sit here, thinking of all the people I know, and wishing for all the best for them this Christmas.
      I cannot help but think of those that will never be here with us for another Christmas,
      and I feel the great sense of loss deep in my heart all over again.

      Still, both leave me with a warm and happy feeling, as I remember all the laughs and good times,
      and that makes it all worthwhile.
      That's all the Christmas I need, it sustains me, and renews my soul.

      Merry Christmas everyone.


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      A Sad Day for the Spam Family

      8 years ago

      Our oldest Cat, Buckwheat (16), the Queen of all the houshold animals, had been acting lethargic for a couple of days, and suddenly took a turn for the worse, and fast.
      I spent most of Saturday at the Vet, and we did everything we could think of, but in the end there was no avoiding the inevitable.
      We brought her home so she could be warm and comfortable with her family in front of the fireplace.

      I think the kids are actually going to be okay.

      They got to to absorb the news in small doses today as she continued to get worse.
      They went to bed after they each got to say goodbye and give her pets and kisses, and they understood that we didn't expect her to make it through the night.

      Buckwheat (Buckey) passed away at about 9:45 Saturday Night after 16 wonderful years as a dearly beloved member of the Sailor Family.
      We will miss her very much.

      R.I.P Buckwheat (right) 1991-2007


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      You people make me smile

      8 years ago

      You know who you are, you're the folks on my friends list, and the ones I've given positive mods to frequently.

      Sure there are a few tards around that get my hackles up, but for the most part, I have to say I really appreciate all of you fine folks for just being who you are.

      You are some sick, twisted, funny people...don't ever change. smiley8.gif

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      Happy New Year Everyone!

      8 years ago


      Now go blow up some fireworks...go on...Shoo, SHOO! smiley8.gif

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      I'm consoling myself...

      8 years ago

      ...By thinking of what I'll eventually replace my lost beloved motorcycle with in the coming months.

      I've settled on a newer, faster, sexier version of Constance...

      the GTR1400 Concours

      Oh yes, it will be mine. I think I'll call it smoochie. smiley0.gif

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      Parting is such sweet sorrow...

      9 years ago

      Due to some really shitty circumstances, I have to sell my Motorcycles and my Truck soon. smiley5.gif
      So needless to say I am pretty bummed lately, and I was feeling the need to be with my bikes. smiley2.gif
      So cleared my calendar for Last Saturday (my one day off), and I flogged each of them down some twisty back roads, then gave them both a bath.
      Then I took some pics on Sunday Morning.

      This is my ZG1000, I call her Constance, enjoying the morning Sunshine


      ...and of course her other profile is just as sexy


      This is my EX250 Ninja, I call him Little Brave


      I swear he rides better since the 'Fender Elimination', and the addition of the flushmounts.

      I fitted Constances' Bags, and took a couple more shots just for fun,

      Wormseye view...


      ...and Birdseye,


      I'm sure gonna miss em, but once this crisis has passed, I'll just have to get a newer and better bike. smiley0.gif

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      9 years ago

      Push button to receive bacon?


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      Locks of Love

      9 years ago

      My oldest daughter (Hannah, will be 7 in July) came home from school last week and told us she'd heard of an organization that helped out children with medical problems that caused them to lose their hair.

      It's called Locks of Love'.

      She said she felt sad for the kids that had a hard time feeling good about themselves because they looked different, and since she had lots of hair, why couldn't she give them some of hers?
      So We looked them up on the internet, and found out what they were all about.

      Needless to say, my Wife and I were very touched by this display of selfless compassion, but we were also protective of our daughter so we suggested she think about it for a while, and so would we.
      We explained that this isn't a decision to be entered into lightly, but secretly we were brimming over with pride and joy that she had come to us with such a request all on her own.

      On Thursday (the first day of Summer Vacation for Hannah) she approached us again, and said she needed to talk to us. As closely as I can remember it, her words were "Mom, Dad, I've thought about this for a while now, and I keep coming to the same decision. I have something that someone needs, and it won't make much of a difference to me, but it could make another kid really happy about themself again. I would still like to cut some of my hair and give it to 'Locks of Love'."

      My heart nearly burst. My Wife simply got up from the table and got the phone, sat back down, and said "I'll call Tina (her hairdressser and Hannah's Godmother) to see if she has an appointment in the next day or so.
      Hannah started grinning from ear to ear, and ran over to hug us both, saying "Thanks Mom & Dad". I was near tears, my wife was already a fountain, we were so moved.

      So Friday morning at 11:30, we went to the Salon, and Hannah had Tina cut a Foot of her beautiful thick brown locks for some deserving child in need.



      I have a short video too, but it's waayy to big to post, maybe I'll try to compress it. smiley6.gif

      I can't put into words how full of Joy and Pride I am right now, for my child has acted with a purity of soul that I feel I have lost, but somehow managed to teach to my offspring anyway. smiley0.gif

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      nice profile pic

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      nice profile pic

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      Team Interbutts likes processed canned meats... you should join us.

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      Hey Spam. =) I came back a little while ago and I'm getting around to saying hey to people who used to hang out in the bar.

      I hope everything has been well with you!

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      Hey. You.
      coming back anytime soon?

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      I've been meaning to give you a shout, but I didn't want to bother you while at work.

      I seriously need to ride up your direction some weekend.

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      a forum moderator called spam? nice.


      This is what I've been talking about. Everyone likes Spam. =D

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      A thread called Halo 3 Screenshot Motivational Posters was locked yesterday and now it was deleted today. I don't know who deleted it or why. Even the threads that were replacing the deleted thread are being locked. Do you know why and who did. Here are the links to the replacement threads.

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