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      Halo: The Cole Protocol

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      Halo: The Cole Protocol will be the sixth novel set in the Halo Universe. Tobias S. Buckell, author of Crystal Rain and Ragamuffin will pen the novel, which reveals the location of the Spartan Gray Team and "takes readers into an unexplored conflict of the Human-Covenant War where unlikely alliances are formed and shattered..."

      We finally get a novel about these guys. Fucking awesome. The book's slated for a Fall 2008 release.


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      So much for the 200 mods I was saving...

      7 years ago

      I have mixed feelings about the new site update. Mod spamming, both positive and negative, has been destroyed completely, which is good. Active participation is now heavily encouraged as well. On the other hand, mods have basically been rendered useless seeing that they are no longer tied to the Karma system. Why not just get rid of them altogether, then? The update may promote spamming, which were usually prevented by fear of neg mods. Now that the threat of negs is gone, people may very well just run rampant on the forums.

      We'll just need to give it time, and see how others react to it, just like the polls.

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      Bioshock 2

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      It's official. Not that we didn't see it coming, though. Some rumors indicate that it's actually a prequel, which would be interesting.

      It's planned to be released by late 2009. Thoughts?

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      Legendary: The Box

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      Despite it having a weird title, this game looks pretty cool. You play as a thief in modern day New York commissioned to steal Pandora's Box from an art museum. Of course, the box is accidentally opened, and all hell is set loose as griffins, werewolves, and minotaurs pour into the city. The game will most likely have standard FPS elements, but the battles with mythical creatures should really make this unique.




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      8 years ago

      ...IS MADE OF EPIC WIN. Seriously. Go buy it, because I want a fucking sequel.

      Oh, and ZOMG!

      This would've been cooler if I was a bigger metal fan though...


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      Silicon Knights Sues Epic Games

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      Something tells me this isn't going to turn out well...

      Full Details

      From Gamespot:

      Last August, rumors spread that Silicon Knights was ditching Unreal Engine 3 for its long-awaited Xbox 360 game Too Human, because the frequently licensed game engine supposedly ran poorly on Microsoft's console. Those rumors didn't last too long before Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack squashed them in a statement, saying rumors of the group "completely scrapping" the engine were false.

      Despite Dyack's statement, those rumors appear to have been partially true, as revealed by Silicon Knights this week in a 54-page lawsuit it filed against Epic Games over Unreal Engine 3. In its complaint, the Ontario-based developer claims that it licensed the engine based on "false and misleading statements" from Epic. Silicon Knights said the Gears of War creator's contractual breaches forced it to begin making its own game engine last May, just before an underwhelming public debut of the Unreal-powered Too Human at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

      According to the suit, Epic "has caused Silicon Knights to experience considerable losses and ultimately has forced Silicon Knights to spend its limited time and resources on building its own game engine rather than in developing its video game." It goes on to say that instead of supporting its licensing partners, Epic has used its fees to develop its own competing products "while simultaneously sabotaging efforts by Silicon Knights and others to develop their own video games."

      Quite a claim. Also, Silicon Knights is "asking that Epic be forced to surrender all profits garnered by Gears of War as a result of misconduct." Good luck with that...

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    • spartanman02


      8 years ago

      I want this.......NOW.


    • spartanman02

      Goodbye Free Time

      8 years ago

      .... you won't be missed


      So far, I'm quite happy with the game. It has met most of my expectations and surpassed a few of them. I'll post my full impressions in a little while.

      123 days until release. I am quite ecstatic.

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    • shwnrt


      7 years ago

      Hey, noticed you lived around here thought you might be interested in this. Let us know what you think.

    • Revan282


      7 years ago

      srry if it seemed like an insult. sarcasm detector? you should probably have someone fix that =P

    • Xorda


      7 years ago

      You are correct. I do not argue without strong, supporting evidence, and I thank you for respecting my opinion.

      be sure to check my latest jorunal.

    • Xorda


      7 years ago

      I'm sorry, $400 for a phone with only 8GB of memory for music, camera, videos(assuming iPhone can record or play, I'm pretty sure the iPhone can't record video.), and internet cookies.

    • Xorda


      7 years ago

      Ok, let's try iPhone.

      What is it? 1.A touch cell phone... mp3 decoder(which can be free, depending on weather you have hardware or not, which we already do.)...
      3.a flash player (which is free software, btw)..
      4.and a web browser (which is also free software).

      so, you're basically paying $600 for a touch cell phone with a medium sized flash memory drive.

    • Xorda


      7 years ago

      let's see... move in a circle to navigate up and down.


      move up and down to navigate up and down.

      and when it comes to switching from your list of albums to your list of songs, to your list of artists, to your list of playlists, simply sweeping your thumb to the left or right is ( in my opinion) easier than navigating back one menu, scrolling down, and then selecting which menu you would like to navigate into.

      Post edited 5/27/08 4:27PM

    • chris_west36


      7 years ago

      File does not exist.

    • Hammerhaed


      7 years ago

      Nice pics

    • Michael_JC


      8 years ago

      It's a rough comparison.

    • GermanHalo


      8 years ago

      Hey, how do you send links that say something else? Like in Saints Row thread?