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    • speedogrl

      july 22 08

      7 years ago

      its been a while

    • speedogrl

      QUESTION~ totaly gonna poll the audience

      8 years ago

      kk, so i am totally applying for a job at this hospital near where i live during this time of transition bw highschool and OU right.....
      well i'm applying for the ER registration Job, i might get a diff position...but i want that one.
      anyways, my question is, What do ER register ppl wear? do they get to wear those spiffy scrubs? i personally have never been to the ER, so i totally wouldn't know... but i know theres alot of crazy boys on here that have :)

      alright , one more ? then im done..... i totally am Laptop shopping, so for any of you lappy owners~ what laptop should i get that would be best for colllage ?

      love you all!!!! have a marvolous day!
      alyssa michelle

    • speedogrl

      Music to my ears.....

      8 years ago

      kk, so one of my friends (keith) had a cool journal yesterday that he posted his fav songs with the lyrics below or a sentence explaining what that song meant to him..... i thought it was cool so I'm stealing the idea :) thnxs keith :)~

      No Scrubs~TLC

      "I don't want your number (no)
      I don't want to give you mine and (no)
      I don't want to meet you nowhere (no)
      I don't want none of your time and (no)"

      lol, a lil old school....ik, but its so true. back up dude, j back up :)-


      Whon needs air~The Classic Crime

      "I have come to the realization that life is more than what I have accomplished.
      And life is more then the realization that we have accomplished nothing at all.
      True success is so selfless so drown in the lyrics of your life and give up the air that you breathe.
      You don’t need anything."


      Boys and Girls~ Good Charlotte

      "Girls dont like boys, girls like cars and money"

      if you haven't learned that yet boys...what have you learned?


      Eminem ~No Apologies

      "This song isn't for you it's for me"

      the attitude in this song is what i like. i have bitter issues with my father right now,
      so you can see why a song entitled No apologies would fit my situation~


      My Happy Ending~Avril Lavigne

      "It's nice to know that you were there,
      Thanks for acting like you cared
      And making me feel like I was the only one
      It's nice to know we had it all
      Thanks for watching as I fall
      And letting me know we were done"

      raise your hand if your not still waiting for your happy ending....thats what i thought.


      My Savior, My God~Aaron Shust

      "I am not skilled to understand
      What God has willed, what God has planned ...
      That he would leave his place on high
      And come for sinful man to die
      You count it strange, so once did I
      Before I knew my savior "

      If you don't know the God of the universe... you should meet him. he's a pretty cool guy.


      well i could go on , but i'm pretty sure most of you have stopped reading thus far :) sorry this ones so long guys....
      I'm gonna go get my third cup of coffee and then maybe browse some of yalls journals. Comment if you have any ?'s
      Love you all!!! have a Great Saturday ;p


    • speedogrl

      Bixby Public Schools Tulsa 1/19/07Closed

      8 years ago

      I AM GOING TO GO INSANE! I haven't been to school since last friday. and we are getting
      like 4-8 more inches of snow saturday.... thats it, I'm gonna loose it. I have got to get out of this house!

      --------------------------THE PRISON BARS OF WINTER----------------------------------------

    • speedogrl

      Goodbye - GRADUATING PPL (not dying!!!)

      8 years ago

      "Listen To Your Heart"

      I know there's something in the wake of your smile.
      I get a notion from the look in your eyes, yea.
      You've built a love but that love falls apart.
      Your little piece of heaven turns too dark.

      Listen to your heart
      when he's calling for you.
      Listen to your heart
      there's nothing else you can do.
      I don't know where you're going
      and I don't know why,
      but listen to your heart
      before you tell him goodbye.


      Exactly one month today, that i have left with you guys......lets make 'em rock :)

      .......crap, I'm gonna miss you guys. shout out to andrew , zach, and shroom~ be good when im gone boys.

    • speedogrl

      Gods Gift

      8 years ago

      this morning is absoulutley beautiful.
      my house is so silent. I am the only one awake...
      i couldnt sleep this morning, it was like 3 am... so i went to see if mom was awake. she was
      so she came to my room and we talked till about an hour ago. then she fell asleep.
      so i got up and made some coffee.
      Outside is so beautiful. Everything is covered in snow.
      Its like God giving me a clean slate... a new beginning.

      I love you all, hope your day is a great as mine has been :)

    • speedogrl

      All the pieces of life Fall into place..

      8 years ago

      There are Chapters ineveryones lives that are more painful, and harder to read.
      those chapters are bitter, and the only sweetness is found long after ... in the lessons learned. through out these though, true friends are found. some friends pop out of the woodwork and show themselves for the caring ppl they truly are. some friends, the ones who are near and dear, stay true through the whole thing.they see you through the end. While the rest are oblivious and content, so we leave them that way. I am proud to say that i am closing the chapter of Ana tonight (last night). i have learned more about myself and life in these past ten days than i have in a long time.

      There is NO PRIZE at the end.

      thts right ppl, i said it. and thats not being pesismistic, Its being realistic. the journey IS the reward. i have learned that before 18, so i guess I'm in good shape.
      another thing i have learned is that my father loves me. In case none of you caught onto the whole physicological part of these past 2 weeks....It was all to get back at my father.

      i got that tonigt. i got out of the pool after starving myself for the past 10 days,
      and i had lost the race.
      i did not feel vindicated
      i did not feel rewarded
      i felt angry.
      My father said nothing for a while...
      then finally he said "8 minutes lys? Sam did 30 seconds faster than YOU!"
      i told him that sam hadnt been starving herself and lost 11lbs in the past 10 days.
      and so we got through the night.
      on the way home we stopped at sonic and talked for a long time .
      i ate a real meal for the first time in a long time.
      i learned something else.
      Anarexica is for the weak. they are not stong in any way shape or form....
      Mentally they are incapable of reasoning.

      i am hard headed, brick head, bull headed, and fearless... and i fell tonight.
      but it was a really good fall. a really good cry. i am released from my vengence , from my control... from my weakness

      Remeber these words and never forget
      Thereis no prize at the end
      Life is what you make it
      and the Journey is the reward.

      may God help all of us find our merry ways....

      ps. to all those friend i have hurt in any way these past few days...
      I'm sorry.
      thank you for not shooting me in the face like i Deserved. :)

    • speedogrl

      all is well

      8 years ago

      hey guys, all is well . i had an awesome weekend.... lost 3 more lbs this weekend total of 10!!! yea !!!!
      so i have a predicament, i dont want to swim anymore.
      but there are some reason to stick it out
      1. my sister, be an example
      2. my dad, he loves swimming more than i do, and i know he would be majorily dissapointed
      3. my coach, same as my dad...
      4. my team, i seem to be the captain... tht wouldnt look too good, captain walking out
      5. there are only 38 more days left in season

      reasons i want to get out....
      1. half the girls team hates me and gossips like 24/7 bout me... they like making my life fun if you know what i mean.
      2. eating. swimming takes alot out of me, and if i dont eat and swim, well lots a problems...
      3. Drive. i cant remeber why i liked swimming in the first place... and thats a sad place to be.

      so yea anyways, just trying to figure out what im going to do. love you all... enjoy you're monday!


    • speedogrl

      Jan 4th 2007

      8 years ago

      kk, no, me and my mom had this really long talk last night.
      i did better today guys, ate a bunch :) no worries. sometimes i go off the deep end with things
      i take alot out on myself, this isnt the first time I've done this..and it prob won't be the last.
      Its no worse than being obeise, smoking, or drinking..... not one bit. it might actually be better.
      lov u guys,
      see you around

    • speedogrl

      Jan 3rd _not_as_hard_a<wbr />s_it_<wbr />looks....

      8 years ago

      today was : good day
      1st weigh in: 158
      todays weigh in:152

      CAL INTAKE :

      coffee ~steamer
      apple slice
      a dietdrpepper
      5 green beans

      EXC: cycled 12 miles

      and as usual lots of water!!!

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      hey if you still get on this what's up

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      nu uh! u cant prove it

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      Zim & Friends Part IX is up.
      P.S. Sorry if you are watching me or you've already read this one. I'm sending this to everyone.

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      im doin a friends cut. if you still wanna be friends comment in my journal

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      I've got a journal I want you to see please read it. Unless you don't like anime.

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      hey, great bk ground we tried at home w/the pink-blk skulls <lol-omg> lv u @t ,nataliet.

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      Yeah I don't blame you for hating to swim now..cause its gotten....old..maybe my mind will change over summer..probaably not.

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      alyssa is a freak

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      I don't think we declare majors in England. I'm just doing a 3 year Bachelor or Science degree. I'm currently halfway through the second year smiley1.gif

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