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    • This kid is going to get murdered...

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      ...by the end of the week

      Kid challenges 4chan to a war:


      No, he's not a troll, he actually proceeds to spam their boards, thus "weakening their defenses" lmao

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    • Modern Warfare 2 Campaign incomplete???

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      So over thanksgiving, I decided to complete the campaign. I collected all the intel items (credit goes to Jack, Geoff, and the rest of the lovely Achievement Hunter gang), finished all of the missions on Veteran (except for No Russian which I did on hardened because I was too lazy to go redo it and was told it didnt even matter).

      I thought that that would be enough to give it a 100% completion, but instead it says 99.4%....99.4! What could I possibly be missing to make up for the remaining .6%? Google has not helped so I decided to go straight to the source to try and find out.

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    • Who has a PS3?

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      So I'm wondering...who in the RT community owns a PS3? But more than that, I want to know your PlayStation Network ID's, so post them here.

      Mine is spiderk132

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    • Minesweeper: The Movie

      10 years ago


      Possibly the most epic and 1337est trailer ever


    • You will..

      10 years ago


      puke out your intestines from laughing so hard when you watch this video


    • Looking back...

      10 years ago


      I remember, one day, in a time that seemed so long ago from today. I was watching a video. What was the visual content of this video? You will find out later, but the audio content contained this song:


      Now, I think you should listen to this song because it is actually not that bad. Personally I would like to admit that I am not really a sum41 fan, I had at most 2 of their songs, the 2nd one has been deleted from my collection.

      Well, now that you've heard the song, I will tell you what the video content of this video was (I have no idea where this actual video went on youtube, if I did I would've linked that instead of the official music video). The original visual content of that video I saw was...A COMPILATION OF MOMENTS IN RED VS BLUE!!! Simply put, the very first time I watched Red vs Blue.

      And as I enjoyed this stunning symphony of audio plus video, there was a curiousity that sparked within me. This curiousity was shortly afterwards explored, and with great enthusiasm, followed. Episode after episode, I relentlessly clicked on the next, and the next, and still the next episode until there were no more episodes. That was when I signed on here and discovered all things RvB and had a chance to witness the rest of the RvB series and machinima directing history in-the-making. And the rest is history.

      Later tonight, I was listening to this song and had this song come up, and with it the flashback of the good ol' days, and that one faithful video. As I was listening to it, I realized that I had come full circle in my life of Red vs Blue and it feels surreal. At the same time, it feels shocking how one video changed my life, and the way I looked at things, forever. It was in short amazing, and that's why I had to share my story on here...as a diehard fan of RvB it was a necessity to chronicle my origin of worship.

      To the guy who originally made that compilation video, if you ever read this: I salute you.

    • IMPORTANT (if you have myspace and...

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      This is NOT spam...

      for people who use myspace and care about their free will...

      I have just gotten a message from myspace administration that something my profile has been deleted.

      This widget is my projectplaylist. com playlist, which is the little thing on my prof that let me choose a bunch of songs and play them right on the page, it looks somethign like tihs...


      Why was this removed you ask? It's because apparently I was violating copyrighted materials.


      We SHOULDN'T, I repeat...SHOULDN'T be whiplashed simply because we have posted music that we enjoy and want to share. Myspace needs to understand that there are certain rights given to everyone who has access to the world wide web, certain UNALIENABLE rights. This is a violation of the freedoms that were given to us and this is unacceptable.
      By banning playlist. com and with it, its ability to share and show music that we enjoy. Would you accept this? Would you want to do anything? Well, you can, you can help me end this stupidity and insanity on myspace's part, which I will tell you at the end.

      playlist. com is nothing but a source to listen and enjoy music...by banning playlist. com you might as well be banning youtube and youtube embeddings from your site which is basically what you are doing, stripping a free resource where people with free will can enjoy what they do and what they are interested in...

      you think that this is outrageous, and there is absolutely NO reason that you shouldn't then HELP DO YOUR PART! Please support this article and join my cause to end myspace's stupidity.


      1) Tell ALL your friends who use myspace, have them tell all their friends, spread the word, spread awareness of this violation of our freedoms, knowledge is the most valuable weapon in every battle, LET THIS INFORMATION FLOW, WE CAN'T GIVE UP OUR FREEDOMS, FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT!

      2) Repost this bulletin, help spread knowledge and awareness

      3) sign the petition below, and show myspace that their users arent stupid, that we aren't willing to give up our god-given freedom without a fight!!!!

      petition: www.petitiononline.com/plstrits/petition.html


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    • Red vs Blue is officially past...

      10 years ago


      The level of deitic (that is the adjective form of 'deity').

      How, you ask?

      Well, just the other day, I asked if my friend has seen the Series Finale of Reconstruction. He has not....and so, I urged him to watch the episodes to truly appreciate it, but he kept wanting me to tell him and spoil it for him. Now being a friend and fellow Red vs Blue fan, I understand this urge to discover the story ASAP, and I am sure that he himself considered the repercussions...

      So, I told him the outcome of Ch. 19 - He stares blankly at me for about 2 seconds before I witness his mouth orgasming (yes kids, his mouth came...)

      So what do we make of this? Is it, weird? ...strange? ...possibly even disgusting?

      It is none of the above, it is not weird, or strange, or disgusting. In reality...

      It was supernatural phenomena.

      Yes, that's right, supernatural phenomena, caused only by a force so powerful, it would absolutely have to surpass the power of a deity, hence the reason why Red vs Blue, as of November 2nd, 2008 officially possesses a power greater to that of a god.

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    • v_Sylar_v

      10 years ago

      Just letting You know the sylar group hasa admin now

    • ToniXD

      10 years ago

      I do have online! But sadly it's not hooked up at the moment; I hope to have it running again soon. I play all kinds of games. But I really enjoy Left 4 Dead; it's my favorite game right now. But I also enjoy Halo and COD.

    • ToniXD

      10 years ago

      Oh I apologize if I'd confused you.

      I was just saying how my PS3 is actually my younger brother's, but he never plays it, so I took it from his room to play it once and I've been addicted ever since.

    • spiderk132

      10 years ago

      oh ok thanks

      (for the record, I typed out an entire fancy letter prior to finding out you only got messages from friends, and I saved it to a .txt file and it was all ready for you :P)

    • geoff FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      10 years ago

      what's up? There's a thread for technical problems in the forums that you should post your issues in.

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