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    • Four Things

      13 years ago


      Four Jobs I’ve Had
      1. Counselor-In-Training for a summercamp.
      2. Network administrator for same summercamp.
      3. Data-entry for same summercamp.
      4. IT assistant for another summercamp.
      (see the trend?)

      Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over
      1. Serenity
      2. Saving Private Ryan
      3. The Matrix
      4. Black Hawk Down

      Four Places I’ve Lived
      1. Massachusets, USA
      2. California, USA
      3. Colorado, USA
      4. ...the moon

      Four TV Shows I Love
      1. Firefly
      2. Battlestar Gallactica
      3. Family Guy
      4. Stargate SG-1

      Four Places I’ve Vacationed
      1. California (after moving away)
      2. England
      3. Scotland
      4. Germany

      Four of My Favorite Dishes
      1. Hamburgers
      2. Pizza
      3. Mac & Cheese
      4. Laeberkaeza (I really can't spell it)

      Four Sites I Visit Daily
      1. Here
      2. Subtraction
      3. SkillShare
      4. Google

    • Catch-22: Content vs Readers

      13 years ago


      For some time now I've been wanting to become more active on this site. Having a steady supply of excuses about being busy and not having enough time have successfully dissuaded other's attempts to get me involved here. Unfortunately its harder to trick myself with those excuses. I'll sit, refreshing my watch-list, trying to find something to cure my boredom.

      How is that being busy? Its not.

      Now, I actually do have a job and miscellaneous school activities taking up portions of my time, but far less then I've been making a show of. My schedules are quite erratic, frequently without more then a few hours notice before attending some form of meeting or activity.

      Here is where the catch-22 comes in. In my attempts to cure the relentless assault of boredom I have frequently thought about either keeping up with this journal or a weblog of some kind (txp). The main problem with this is the question of content versus readers.

      If you don't have worthwhile content, you won't generate readers. No one wants to read incoherent ramblings about life by some emo teenager on a community site*. Yet, at the same time, if you don't have any readers why generate worthwhile content? It takes effort to create something readable and relevant; effort which gets wasted if no one reads it.

      What kind of writer would I be if I didn't offer a solution?** My plan is to just start writing on a slew of topics which hold at least some of my attention. This means... well a lot of things, you'll just have to keep checking back here or watch me. Hopefully, somewhere along the line someone will find my opinions to be interesting and start reading regularly.

      * At least not people I'd want as readers.
      ** Actually, I'm really not sure if that would dictate what kind of writer I was, but it sounded good.

    • Pattern Quiz

      13 years ago



      What is the next line?

    • Busy

      13 years ago


      Sorry that I haven't been on much recently guys. Both school and work have been picking up recently and I haven't had much time for RvB.

      I'm gonna try and keep you all updated on whats happening, even though I doubt anybody who reads this will really care.

    • Rooster Teeth Code Posting

      in Forums > Rooster Teeth Code Posting | Follow this topic


      I've noticed that many people in the programming thread complain about their code formatting getting messed up when posting it here. I've seen some web-apps that take code and convert the indentation to spaces which lets you have correctly formatted code on some forums. Many even add sytax coloring.

      I've noticed some people adding indentation by making a series of white characters so they don't appear. Theoretically it would be possible to write a program that converts code indentation into the non-showing characters and maybe even add sytax coloring.

      Would it be possible to write one for use with this site?

      Would anyone be willing to help me write one?

      5 replies

    • Serenity

      13 years ago


      3 showings.
      1 night.
      Sensory overload.

    • Abhorsen Trilogy

      14 years ago


      This book series is incredible. They are the best books I have ever read. I have been through the whole trilogy once before and am re-reading them now. I read Sabriel (the first in the series) in two days and am halfway through Lirael.

      Anyone who is even remotely interested in fantasy novels should read these.

    • Almost my birthday...

      14 years ago


      Well its almost my birthday, only a few more days... ...actually its more like 20 days but hey, might as well give you all fair warning so you can get me lots of shiny presents! ^_^

      I wonder if my newest friend will comment...

    • Renaissance Festival

      14 years ago


      The place where I work payed for all its employees to go to the Colorado Renaissance Festival. It was great fun. I gots to have a pina colada too smiley0.gif

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