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    • Incident: re alts from empire guilds

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      So earlier this evening I invited a new member into the guild, I explained the whole thing on he/she would not be able to talk in guild chat and a specific officer commented that he/she would switch to their main to change the rank of the new member. Upon being changed from Sober rank the new member commented that he/she was a member of the Drunk Tank guild (the empire guild). The officer than decided to demote the member BACK to sober rank and went on about choosing allegiances.

      I proceeded to go off at this point. I was ashamed that any new member to the Drunk Alliance would be treated in such a way, especially when there are a number of members who have characters in both the Drunk Alliance AND The Drunk Tanks (or the Drunk Holding Tanks). The new member did not say anything to warrant this demotion (his one comment was along the lines of "hey, nice to meet you I am *name* in the DTs". There was no bashing or anything said that was offensive.

      Now I am choosing to leave names out of this but I think this needs to be discussed, in public (not whispers) and let everyone have there say or the officers can come and give an official position on the matter (maybe even have a primer for existing officers to go by on acceptable and unacceptable behaviour).


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    • Looking for clarification re: Sober

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      So can someone please explain to me why the sober rank is not allowed to talk in guild chat? I mean maybe I could understand if there was enough officers and such in place so that no new guild member had to wait more than a couple of hours to get promoted to a guild rank that can talk in guild chat but there are a few that I have seen that have been at sober for a few days now.

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    • one year -part 2

      7 years ago


      The guesses will be around $80,000+ to ICBC. Add another $60-70,000 to the insurance holder for our place and his lawyer was around $30,000.......well needless to say this is going to hurt him financially. Add to that, no more being able to go to the states (or pretty much anywhere because almost all flights out of canada land in the US at some point. Oh and he is a Carpenter so work is going to be tough for him because he will have to get a ride from someone else for at least 3 months and won't be bondable (again fucks him over in his job)

      I know I sound vindictive but it is obvious from his driving record that the accident didn't make him think twice about drinking and driving so maybe these financial hardships that he is about to face *will* make him decide to not get behind the wheel next time he has been drinking. He just seemed to feel *he* was the victim in all this and refused to take responsibility for his actions. I mean his immediate response was to point the finger at a made up friend which is something I would expect from my 3yr old nephew.

      But it's done (unless we get called to be witness in the civil trials) and I was finally able to do something about my issues with "victim services" (the RCMP officer who we delt with through all this was shocked when I explained everything on that matter and promised me that he would make sure that it doesn't happen to anyone else).

    • One year

      7 years ago


      So week before last was the court date for the truck into our home incident from june '09.

      It started at about 11am on the 19th when I got called up to the witness chair (I was the first witness of trial). I was so nervous that I was just shaking like crazy (even had the judge make a joke to try and get me to calm down). The crown prosecutor (Lianne) was really nice (nicer than anyone else who has handled the case from that office that we have encountered) and the cross examination wasn't nearly as bad as I expected it to be. It was about an hour and then I was allowed to take a seat in the courtroom.

      Then it was Aarons chance and the defence attorney got hung up on the fact that Aaron used "they" in his statement. It is something he does on occasion to refer to the singular as opposed to the plural like most people use it. It eventually took the judge stepping in because no matter how many times Aaron explained that fact, the defense lawyer kept trying to put words in Aarons mouth.

      That took us to about 1pm and I was just such a wreck that we decided to just go home as opposed to staying the rest of the day.

      The next morning though we both woke up and decided that we wanted to be there for the rest of the trial. It was interesting to be able to hear the bits of the case that we weren't allowed to really know about before. Stuff like the blood evidence (they took a blood sample from the driver at the hospital to test for alcohol impairment) and it being thrown out of court (the RCMP officer had to hold the phone for the driver so he could talk to legal aid). Also how the driver no longer was saying it was his long lost buddy "Troy" driving as opposed to him.

      Ends up that the driver told the ambulance attendant that he had "12 beers" and started at that point saying it was "Troy" who was driving. His attorney kept trying to prove that there wasn't enough evidence that he was the driver and even if there was enough evidence that there wasn't enough evidence to prove he was drunk. The driver got on the stand at the end of the day and just said that he didn't remember anything around the accident, and that he didn't even know a Troy.

      Lianne was like a pitbull though. At one point she painted a picture that pointed towards the driver remembering everything because he never did anything to figure out what happened in the days after the accident. I had never thought about it like that but it made sense. If the first thing I remembered was calling for a ride home from the hospital and only being told that my truck was driven into a residence I would try to piece together what had happened. A reasonable person would have talked to ppl who they remembered being around in the hours leading up to the accident and would have at least tried to find out if anyone else had been injured (or killed) in the accident.

      At the end of the day though the judge said he would be ready to give his ruling in the morning.

      Aaron and I were there first thing when the courthouse opened. We listened as the judge said that due to the testimony of the three civilian witnesses (myself, Aaron and the elderly gentleman who lived across the street at the time of the accident) that it was enough to prove that the guy was driving. Due to the testimony of the RCMP officers and the ambulance attendant that it was enough to prove that he was drunk. I almost started crying at that point.

      Then there was a small break cause they couldn't find his ICBC driving record (ICBC is insurance here in BC which is supposedly different than in the states but I couldn't begin to explain how). It was during this break that we were asked if we wanted to say anything to the judge because we didn't have our victim impact statements done because we were expecting a bit of time between the judges ruling and sentencing. I decided I did want to and Aaron decided he didn't want to.

      So I got to stand there and speak to the specifics of how the accident has affected us. How I still have panic attacks to this date, how we were unable to come back home for three months and how even now we have a sense of loss of safety in our home. It wasn't as much that I needed the judge to hear it as I needed the DRIVER to hear it. We also got to hear about how on 3 occasions BEFORE the accident he was caught drinking and driving and how since the accident he has been caught once drinking and driving.

      His drivers report was three freaking pages long and they only go back 10yrs. This guy is 35-36yrs old (same age as Aaron) and on top of the drinking and driving he had lack of due care and failure to drive with due diligence. I mean I have only known one person who got the diligence one and that was because he was caught doing donuts in an intersection one night (fucking idiot I know but it gives you an idea of what lvl of stupidity you need to be charged with that one).

      So the sentence? One year no driving and $1300 fine. I know it doesn't sound like much but the max fine for a first time offence is only $2000 and one year no driving. After 3 months he can pay to have the Breathalyzer installed in your vehicle and you have to breathe into it every 10 minutes and to be able to start your vehicle but that all runs a couple thousand dollars here. Add to that he now will most likely have to face the couple of civil suits coming his way. ICBC will guaranteed go after him for everything they had to pay out, his insurance premiums will skyrocket and his truck which they refused to repair till the outcome of the criminal case (and because he was found guilty of drinking and driving makes his insurance at the time of the accident null and void).

    • ....

      7 years ago


      So I decided to sign up for one of the game rental places here in canada (we have a total of 2 here) because when it comes to console gaming I went from the release of the playstation to the modern warfare 2 xbox360. So essentially I missed a lot of games and the one good thing those game rental places are good for is games no one plays anymore. I had intended to rent games from one of the 2 local video rental places but the locally owned one only has wii games in stock and the blockbuster *always* has every single xbox game out.

      So I decided to go for the cheaper option here in Canada. Not a good selection of games but for 10 bucks a month I can't complain. At least they are based here in BC so I should get the first assasins creed by the end of the week (it was my 4th or 5th pick in my queue but they decided to ignore the other higher rated in my queue). But at they are half the price of the other option and they do cross shipping for no extra cost (the other company charges 2 bucks a month for that service).

      Currently thinking of upping to the next plan though. Messed up my ankle so I am on crutches and if I have to be confined to the house I would rather have a constant stream of rentals to play.

      So any older releases anyone can recommend?

    • Intresting morning incident

      8 years ago


      So I have always wondered what sex my corry catfish all are (I have a panda, albino, peppered and 2 julii). This morning I found out at least one of them is female because I have a large pile of catfish eggs in the tank. I really didn't want to deal with breeding so I am going to let nature take it's course (with a betta and a molly in the same tank I suspect the eggs won't last too long) but I am glad to see that the tank is favorable to the corry catfish.

      It's our latest tank that we just finished cycling last week (and then added the catfish). I had been a bit worried about some of the readings but I guess they were just fine for the corries.

      Now to wait and see I guess.

    • *sigh*

      8 years ago


      Well I guess I called it a bit early with my panda catfish. I woke up this morning and went to feed my fish and he had passed away during the night. My betta could care less but my remaining panda corrie has been stressed all day since I removed his deceased companion. We were going to go buy some new panda corries but the pet store I prefer to use doesn't have any right now and don't get their next shipment for another 2 weeks (and even then it might not have any panda catfish).

      So I am stuck trying to decide if I want to chance it with the other pet store, going on my facebook aquarium groups to see if anyone is looking to part with their panda corries, waiting for a few weeks or dealing directly with a supplier in Vancouver.

      I mean Top Crops (the "other" pet store) has some great employees but they also have some lazy idiots working in the pet department as well. I also don't like the fact that the freshwater tanks are always filthy & dangerously overcrowded and more than once I have went in on different days to see the same dead fish in the same tank. I understand that sometimes the fish die but If I am still seeing the same dead fish in a tank over a 3 day period then there is something really wrong!!!

      Going on my facebook aquarium groups will most likely get me pointed towards a supplier who lives in the next town over but he just breeds what he feels like that given month and that is it. He is like a fish-of-the-month club. Also most of those guys on the local group are all saltwater fans. The supplier I know in Vancouver is a decent guy and he does have my catfish in stock but it means using Air Canada to ship and he won't offer me the "live fish guarantee" which is stupid because he has no problem shipping to Calgary and all the early-mid day flights between Van and Calgary stop here in town on the way.

      I mean I want to support Fish & Geckos because they are a smaller store and they actually take care of the fish they are trying to sell. The owners are knowledgeable and if they aren't sure they will tell you that instead of just BSing through the conversation but two weeks till they get their next shipment (and not even being able to tell me if they are going to even try and have panda corries) kind of sucks.

      Well maybe I will head over to F&G and see if they have any other bottom level fish that will do well with my panda. maybe they have some pygmies.

    • update

      8 years ago


      So while my back is still bugging me it is now at the point where regular painkillers make it able to do stuff. So I am back to my spring cleaning. I have already offered a bunch of stuff on freecycle and have about 6 garbage bags of stuff to go to the Salvation Army and I am only about half done. My panda catfish has also recovered from it's run in with fin rot. About time though because Aarons mom lands in Vancouver on thursday and she and Aarons brother will be here monday.

    • Owwwww

      8 years ago


      So I was recently in a car accident (day before yesterday). Screwed up my back and I was right in the middle of spring cleaning (done earlier this year because of upcoming company). So my place looks like crap cause there is shit everywhere (not actual shit) and I have a week till Aarons mom is in Canada. Add to this that Aaron got his latest kitchen toy (a flavorwave oven) so every time I use my big time painkillers to clean the kitchen (it's the room that gets the messiest the fastest) it looks good for about 45 minutes till he cooks something else (and refuses to clean up afterwards).

      Also my panda corries (pet fish) got sick so I have had to deal with medications. Did you know that panda corries don't have scales? Did you also know that most of the good fish medications cannot be used with scaleless fish? So thanks to the fact that we live in a small hick town, I am treating them with this herbal stuff (which has a 50/50 chance of working).

      So I am currently using multiple homemade "magic bags" and figuring out what can be faked out till my back is better.

    • Gearing help

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      One of the most confusing about wow for me is knowing where to go to get better gear. Atlas loot is always awesome when I find myself in an instance and want to know what drops from what bosses but the actual process of looking for a needed upgrade item is a bit tedious. Thanks to that I am always looking for a way to make it easier and pre-cata I used wow-heroes but I have actually found a new favourite . I've been using this the past few days to both work on my own gear and to check out the gear of others (I hate having to whisper someone with "hey where did you get that chest/neck/wrist item".

      I just thought I would share it.
      Mr Robot

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      Hey Haven't heard from you in a while and wanted to touch base with you. Things here are good just been busy with work. Hope to hear from you soon! smiley0.gif

    • faultline

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      Thanks for the birthday wishes! Yours was nicer then my younger sister who said I don't look a day over 50! lmao!! That took the smile right off my face lol!

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      Hey, thank you very much for the birthday greeting!

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      Yea, he sent me the link to the song to download it

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