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    • 4 years ago

    • CAH BS is back! Get It Quick!

      4 years ago


      Well it looks like the Cards Against Humanity guys are back at it again doing another Holiday BS event - "Ten Days Or Whatever of Kwanzaa".

      It just came online for ordering (less than 2 hours ago) and there are a total of 250K slots with currently just about 200K left and it's going fast. You know I got mine so for those who missed last year and wanted in here your chance this year-

    • Share the season

      5 years ago


      Oh I wish I could've shared this with you Summer when you were here but now the time is gone. Also your a season and therefore not real.

    • Fan Expo and the Rise of Thunder Pussy!

      5 years ago


      BEWARE Wall of text - TLDR Good times were and just look at the pics!

      So I am still alive after the craziness that was Fan Expo. Being awake from 2:00 pm Saturday then going to the Expo, then the RT Meetup and working from 4-10am at IKEA. NEXT YEAR TAKING SUNDAY OFF ON LABOUR DAY WEEKEND

      Still that was a very fun Fan Expo. It started off well enough, had Thursday off was well rested (even with the recent dental work) and was able to get to the line up early.

      On the way I met a very pretty young girl, red hair glasses, cute smile. I saw she also had a red band indicating that she had bought the 4-day pass for Fan Expo as well. When we got to a stop just before Union Station, the people emptied, them I saw her clear as day, and did something I have never had the courage to do ever - I tried to introduce myself to a girl on the subway. I pointed to my band, she smiled and we started talking about the Expo we were both going to. She seemed very lost and timid yet she asked if it would be ok to follow me to the Fan Expo. I did and we talked about the construction, the Expo, she even knew about Rooster Teeth (big plus) and where in Toronto she was from while I led her around the maze that was Union Station to Skywalk and to the line up for the Expo (which I had done so many times in past Cons). It such a nice conversation I felt I could be really nice person to get to know yet sadly the guy next to us in line had took take over the conversation, make him the centre of attention with his cosplay. I could not get a word in and so as we entered the building they went to buy the merch, I started to go the con instead feeling defeated. I regret this so much because as I left and I said I'd see her around, she thanked me for helping her...I spent the rest of the con hoping to see her again...sigh

      Anyway back to more positive things.

      When I first arrived at the Expo I had to deliver @d20love her Coke bottle with her name on which I promised her.

      I found it after trying to find my name but I found out they don't have my name on bottle in Canada (yet they do in the US and UK) but I was able to get a can printed just today.

      Also on Sat I was able to buy from her this cute derpy Mega Man button

      Over the next few days I was able to play a lot of games see some Anime screenings (not so much as in past years which makes me so sad) and was able to get a lot of free swag (see some below), which included this Master Chief shirt for being one of the first people of the day to play the Master Chief Collection and some Xbox Live cards.

      Still the best part was the Saturday meetup which started with @Nat telling me of her Expo adventures (I wish I was as carefree) and we wandered to the Elephant & Castle I had an amazing night mostly listening on my part (I'm a man of few words here) to some great stories and making new friends even with the crazy line up and signing session it became for @Barbara and @Lindsay. Wish they didn't announce it on Twitter IMHO as it became a night of fans than RT community members and friends.

      When the line disappeared and just before Lindsay went on a poutine run at Smokes with a group of people from the meetup I decided to give her my gift.

      Now let me explain, about 2 years ago I had nice Twitter conversation of then Ms. Tuggey about her wanting to join an Austin Roller derby team. I politely asked her what would her roller derby name be, and she spontaneously answered "THUNDER PUSSY". Now other people would just say "that was a nice funny conversation I just had" and that would be the end of it - not me.

      See I knew a friend who is a Roller Derby Ref in Toronto who could point me in the right direction for what I had planned for this Fresh Meat (which means Noob in Roller Derby terms) - get Lindsay an Derby helmet if she ever came to Toronto. When I heard she was coming to Toronto I got kinda scared but I told @RAGEgirl at the end of TO:UnCon to kinda test the waters. Her positive reaction convinced me (also by telling her I was committed by peer pressure), so I began work on the logo (which again with @RAGEgirl's opinion as an artist) and getting the helmet.

      Here is the final logo and the slogan:

      Which I printed on some cheap hard to put on stickers and not the expensive Vinyl stickers I originally planned:

      Here is the helmet with the sticker.

      I planned for a blue helmet (Lindsay's favourite colour) but they did not have any in a Large, which is why the cat is blue. On an aside - asking for Lindsay's head size was just so strange and creepy.

      Now I had extra stickers and the eyes looked like a cat, so I added an ad hoc cat face.

      And the result is that she loved it:

      I try not to pics of me online but I'm making in exception for how happy both of us are. She was super happy about it and said it protected her during the rest of the late night adventures in Toronto.

      Today I actually realized that all the boys at AH on camera have Super Hero Alter-Egos like Ray & Gavin have X-Ray & Vav, Micheal has Mogar, and Ryan the Mad King and yet @Lindsay, the only girl in AH, does not have one (not counting RWBY)...until now. By giving her the helmet I feel like I have given Batman his cowl, looking forward to how this turns out.

      Looking so forward to WinTO

    • Fan Expo - Yes/No?

      5 years ago


      So I am sitting outside on the IKEA employee lounge patio before my 5 am (!) shift here, and have been debating whether I should go to Fan Expo this year (and if how many days). With my early morning work hours these days it is no problem finding time to go but I know I will be exhausted. I am more than likely will be going alone but really would like to meet with friends. Let's hope there is a meetup. Anyone want try and convince me to go? smiley0.gif

    • CAH Holiday BS Update: Day 2 + Reject Pack

      5 years ago


      Been busy but I finally got Day 2 and Reject Pack in the mail two weeks back and here are the results.

      Day 2 - Two turtle doves...doing it.
      And yes that is the little dime bag with 3 pieces of coal, which I can understand why the original never got past the border.

      Now if you read my last journal the CAH Holiday BS set was linked to a puzzle which got solved and those that contributed in anyway to the subreddit got the Reject pack and here is it:

      Love the ink blot card.

      Really thinking of bringing my increasing large CAH set to TO:Uncon but worried about it getting damaged or stolen now.

    • CAH Holiday BS Update: Puzzle Solved!

      5 years ago


      Ok, I have not gotten my Day 2 in the mail and have requested the CAH guys for a replacement so I am still waiting on that now.

      Now I have to spoil it for those of you who don't know what Day 2 gift was suppose to be - it was suppose to be a dime bag of 3 small pieces of coal. Now take that in for a moment. It is seasonally appropriate, and just what you would expect from CAH, but think what the people at Canada Customs must think...I have low expectation that the replacement will come and have a feeling they are making file on me...Thanks CAH.

      Anyway the real reason I am posting is that with the CAH Holiday BS was a puzzle which only got solved on Tuesday (I didn't find out since I was busy playtest <REDACTED> at Ubisoft Toronto and that game is so <REDACTED>). I had been following it on Reddit in the subreddit on it and and tried making comments during that the puzzle being solved. It turns out that even commenting trying to help out on even a failed theory nets me a CAH Reject pack, 24 cards too weird for CAH and is not sold ANYWHERE!

      Yeah, commenting on a post online has paid off!

    • CAH Holiday BS Update: Day 10

      5 years ago


      Day 10 came in last week but I thought it would be a nice way to prevent a case of the Mondays.

      Day 10 - Ten lords-a-leaping!

      No cards, but a nice reminder of the good things the CAH guys did with the Holiday BS money.

      Awww, super heart warming, and kinda makes me want to put it on my fridge smiley1.gif
      Happy Monday Everyone!

      Only Day 2 left, just hope it gets to me before the end of Jan.

    • CAH Holiday BS Update: Day 9 and 11

      5 years ago


      Day 9 and 11 arrived last week but I never had a chance or felt good enough after work to post (see last journal) but now I do and here is what I got

      Day 9 - Nine dancers dancing - now anyone recognize the dancers and the poses....take a moment - let it sink in all you single ladies and see if it "rings" a bell

      Oh 2013

      Day 11 - Eleven pipers piping

      Kids these days and their non holiday themed CAH cards, back in my day *grumble* *grumble*

      I still have Day 2 and 10 still left and it has been at least a week after Xmas so I am going to inquire about when/if I should expect the rest from the guys at CAH.

    • RTO or TOUnCon?

      5 years ago


      I know there was some kind of drama went on after RTO that got people up in arms (heard about Toku and film_geek) but I never got the sense of what actually happened.

      Then today I see Ray join this Toronto: Unconventional thing just a few hours ago. Anybody care to explain. Should I plan to go to RTO (if it is still a thing) or TOUnCon?

      IMHO TOUnCon seems like right way to go + I like that it is in August like RvBTO was (June is way too early).

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