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    • Lollipop Chainsaw Review

      6 years ago


      Not since Bayonetta has a game been so insane and over the top as Lollipop Chainsaw. With it’s comic book style visuals and the self reference preference, this game from Suda51 knows it’s ridiculous and it’s proud of itself for it.


      You play as Juliet Starling, a cheerleader from San Romero High. That name alone should give you an idea of what type of game it is. It is a tribute to the schlocky B Movies and it embraces it. Sex, violence, and gore. It’s all here. For a game that tries to sell on its sex appeal, they do hold it back enough for it not to get gratuitous. If you want to play the game where Juliet wears a white bikini, you have to earn it first. They do show off Juliet as a sex symbol some times, but they do it within reason. Juliet’s boyfriend, Nick get decapitated early on in the game and Juliet figured out a way for him to still be alive without a body. This way they can show a lot of ass shots of Juliet without being overdone and useless. While it may seem they did that only to have those shots, Nick the Head does have some game play advantages. At any point in the game, you can do a Nick Slot. It opens up a mini game on which you have to pick a good icon for a bonus. It plays like a slot machine. If you get a good one, the reward can be worth the risk. My favorite is what I call the Nick Tornado. Juliet will spin Nick’s head around causing the zombies to get dazed and by doing so making them easier to kill. This is great for multiple kills for extra bonuses.


      If you happen to kill enough zombies, you can enter Sparkle Hunting mode. Here you are faster and stronger than the normal attacks. Having this mode on will speed up Juliet’s attacks and make the game more fun. Juliet, despite her small stature, isn’t that fast. She can dish out the weaker combos quick, but when it comes to her main weapon The chainsaw, it isn’t as fast as you would hope. This, in a way, is a good thing. This adds SOME strategy instead of bashing the attack button. Just don’t expect any Bayonetta or Ninja Gaiden complexities. Unlike those two games, Lollipop Chainsaw is kind of easy. I’ve beaten this game on Normal and only died at the most 9 times. The difficulty does “Rack Up” towards the end, but only because of the rest of the game. It does have its annoying enemies, that requires some skill, but it will always end the same. It is Hack and Slash in its most simplistic. If you do happen to die, it is likely because of the camera. The camera, for the most part, is fine but sometimes it doesn’t do what you want it to. The boss battles seem to have the worst of it. Battling some of the bosses reminded me of the Ratchet and Clank series, but without the good camera. There are six bosses in all, but the last one is a bit lazy compared to the more original bosses before it. This cause the last stage to peter out towards the end.

      Even Nick questions the Logic behind this.


      Lollipop Chainsaw isn’t really one for story. A student gets his hands on a book and cause a rift between time and space to open up. The only way to fix it and bring almost everything back to normal is for Juliet to defeat five bosses. It’s a complete throwaway story, but it is the characters that makes it interesting. Juliet isn’t going to make a huge impact like Nathan Drake or Ryu Hayabusa did, but she is good enough on her own. her family is just as crazy as she is. She has a young sister, an older sister, and her dad. If they ever made a Lollipop Chainsaw 2, playing as The Starlings would be a great addition. The other character is Nick. Besides the minor game play mechanics from before, he’s basically the voice of reason. He questions pretty much everything that happens, and shouts out one liners when Juliet isn’t. The voice acting from the cast is solid enough, but the actor playing Nick can be a hit or miss. One sentence he can say something in the most monotone voice ever, and the next not. The true star of this game is the music. It can range from Pop, Heavy Metal, Psychedelic Rock, to even Dubstep. For the first time the music doesn’t sound overbearing like with most games released today. Even the licensed music gets in full effect. When ever you enter Sparkling Hunter mode that one song “Micky” comes on. You’ll be hearing the first part a lot as it always repeats itself. This does have the best use of “You Spin Me Right Round (Like a Record)” in one of the stages.

      The funnest part of the game


      The writing has the right amount of cheese to make sure its not serious with itself. Lollipop Chainsaw has the best line of the year, so far. I was actually laughing at some of the things that happened in the game. Not taking it self seriously has done wonders to this game. One of the coolest things about Lollipop Chainsaw is the ton of unlockables you can collect. There are Skins, music, moves, art and even upgrades. There is always something to collect. To break up the pace they have several mini games that relates to that stage. Some are fun, while some are lackluster. This caused the most deaths for me. The over all game play isn’t the best, but it’s not that bad either. The frame rate is solid enough, but you do have to sit through a lot of loading screens. Unless you want to unlock everything, the length will be the most disappointing. It proably took me about 6 to 7 hours to beat. The game can be weekend rental and you’ll have a decent time. If you plan on playing this, at least you’ll get something slightly amusing, but it won’t hold you over for very long aster that first playthrough. Nothing about this game is bad, but it’s not very good either. Just play it for the insanity that this game has to offer.[img]

    • Battlefield 3 Single Player Late Review

      7 years ago


      After I beat a game I reflect everything that I did on the game; Was it good? Was it bad? Was it worth remembering, and going back to? Unfortunately, Battlefield 3's answer is no. From a technical standpoint, it's great. The characters go past Uncanny Valley and into something more real. From a gameplay standpoint, it's greatly lacking.


      Battlefield 3 is the definition of mediocre. All the buttons you have used in past first person shooters can be used here. You aim and you shoot. Nothing changes. In the game you either follow someone, or there will be an indicator telling you where to go. There is no freedom in this game. If you stray to far you will die. It's either do this, or risk taking a bullet to the head. While the areas do feel big, where you will go is not. Because you are following something 90% at the time, you can't go out and explore different vantage points and ways to flank. The game lets you flank whenever it tells you to. The game will also tell you to do something that will guarantee an instant death.

      Push To Win

      The game does allow breaks between the shooting. In one mission you can drive a tank. The controls of the tank is like every other game out there; awkward. Because they tell you where to go and who to shoot, this section of the game is more boring than it should be. If the section was more exciting, I would not have mind the awkward controls. In another section, you are a co-pilot of a jet. While you don't get to fly the jet, it does leave with something exciting. You can shoot down other enemy jets. I was never a good flyer in games, so this was gladly welcome. This is the only truly exciting part of the game and it does not last long.

      During all the shooting you will do, and you will do a lot of it, there are one too many quick time events. I'm not one to complain about quick time events. When done properly, it can be very exciting. Battlefield 3 is the exact opposite of that. When you get into a quick time event you and another enemy will start hand to hand combat. Instead of pushing a button to trigger the next move, you just push one button and lean back as you watch the scripted fight plays out. This game could have benefited from having a mini brawler game. Push X for punch, Push Circle for kick. Nothing fancy, just something better than this. It happens way to frequent for it to be surprising.


      The Graphics in this game is insane. The attention to detail should not be ignored. From the faces, water, fire, and environment, all looks amazing. Once I found out Glenn Morshower was in the game, I noticed his character talked the same why he does. It's very startling and awesome. The guns feel real and they each has a unique look to them. However, if you played past military themed games before, you will already know which one is your favorite.

      Can you see them?

      The lighting is just as detailed. When light is facing you, it does as it does in real life. Gets annoying and blinds your vision. While having flashlights on you make sense, not so much with lasers. The lasers gets right in front of your eye. No matter where the enemy is point and where they are at, it's always following you. This section of the game was stupid and I was shaking my head in disgust.

      The audio is also another thing worth noting. The voice acting does a good job on showing some emotion, it's not the best we've ever heard, but it works. The explosions, the firing of the weapons, the yelling for orders. Everything is in top form. I was afraid that my headphones was going to blow out. While the sound of the weapons is amazing, it still sounds like a pea shooter. When firing a gun, I expect it to make loud cracking sounds. While it does sound weak, the guns is powerful. It takes a couple of good shots to take someone down.


      At least it looks good

      Make no mistake, this game is surprisingly difficult. I'm not used to Battlefield games, but the ones that I have played was just a difficult. While I can see someone blowing past this with ease, with cheap deaths in the short amount of time I had the game I reluctantly switch the difficulty. I manage to beat the first few missions on normal and that took a good 40 minutes. On easy, it took no less than 20. Easy is too easy. Normal is too hard. If I had the game longer, I would have beaten the game on normal, but I was in a timetable. This is where the game separates itself from other military themed games. You are a badass in the game because the game didn't make you one. The game can be beaten in 6 hours. It's not that long of a game, but because the way the game is, it feels like it's long just to be long by giving out cheap deaths when ever you mess up. Whether by your moves, or where you went.


      This is wasted potential. You play as a marine named Blackburn. He is sent in of questions of treason. The entire game feels one massive flashback into how you got the way you are. This would have been interesting, but they started to add more characters for you to play as and the story is not in order. I love nonlinear storytelling. I blame Quentin Tarantino for this, but at least his storytelling is focused. Here, it's all over the place. Nothing really make sense. All it is, is an excuse to throw many missions under one game. They tried to be shocking the way Call Of Duty is, but where Call Of Duty succeeds, Battlefield 3 fails. There is one mission where you are a french solider and you start killing cops towards the end of the mission. It's all pointless. Then you see a character get executed. Again, pointless. This is all this story is, pointless. This story would have been better if it was told in a linear line. Not all games need to be nonlinear.


      Battlefield 3 takes everything you like about Uncharted, Rainbow Six, and Call Of Duty an

    • Easter Eggs and Unlockables.

      7 years ago


      Remember playing an old game and then you see something that didn't have anything to do with the game? Remember that rush you felt when you found something, and telling your friends the next day? Those days are now gone. With the Internet you can find out about an Easter Egg before you even get the game. While some games still keep that tradition, it's no longer a mystery if you will find them or not. If there is a game that as an Easter Egg then there is a very good chance that the Easter Eggs are found within a week.


      Fat Drake was for both Single and Mulitplayer

      One of the things that is greatly missed in this generation of games is unlockables. Few games have this feature in their games. It's always fun to see that when beating a game there is a reason to go back to. It helps that if the game is amazing, and you were going to play it again anyway, the unlockables would have given you extra reasons. Unlockables can range from; Videos, Art, and gameplay tweaks. One of the best games of this generation, at least to me, is the first two Uncharted games. One of the reasons is because the amount of tweaks the game gives you. You would need to get them by either money or treasures. It all depends which game you play. Uncharted 3 is missing this feature. They do have unlockables, but you can only unlock them by playing the game, but it's only videos. With the rise of DLC, Unlockables are becoming a thing of the past. I want to unlock them, not buy them.


      Another awesome thing games have is Easter Eggs. Easter Eggs are hidden surprises that rewards players by going that extra time into looking around the environment. On of the biggest surprises in 2009 was X-Men Origins: Wolverine Uncaged Edition. Not only was it one of the very few good movie/game tie end. That in itself is a bit of a paradox seeing that the movie was terrible, but the game was great. I really didn't know much about the game one of the reasons I wanted to play it was because of the M rating. This is a very shallow reason to play a game, and I don't recommend anyone doing it. The other reason was because it's Wolverine. We finally get to see the grim reality with those blades he has.

      Hope he doesn't forget to push the button

      It didn't have a lot of Easter Eggs, but the one that I didn't know made me geek out. It happens early in the game where you are outside. I found this door and broke it to get past it. Then there it was The Hatch from Lost. I love Lost. It is one of my most favorite TV shows of all time, so seeing that made me geek out into excitement. Then the light came on and an achievement was unlocked called "Found." The coolest thing about this is that they didn't put it there no reason. Two of the actors in the film was in the series. Other Lost game related Easter Eggs include; Just Cause 2, Modern Warfare 3, Half Life 2: Episode 2, World At War, and World of Warcraft. Another of my favorite shows of all time is Breaking Bad and RAGE had a Easter Egg that relates to the series.


      Halo has a ton of Easter Eggs that relates to the fans of the game. One of the best ones is from Halo 3. In the game you will come across a couple of soldiers talking about passwords. Depending on the difficulty, you will hear members of Rooster Teeth. The creators of Red Vs Blue. Even in the last Halo game they've added a really cool Easter Egg where they thanked the community for being fans of the games. It's a shame that so few games has Easter Eggs now. It gives you a reason to go back and play a game and look at the nooks and crannies the game has.


      Sometimes, Easter Eggs are triggered by doing something in the game. Metal Gear Solid has a whole plethora of Easter Eggs ready to be unlocked. In Metal Gear Solid 4, there is this one where after you die, you can call up Rose and she will tell you about a nightmare she had where Snake was killed. She even goes into detail of how you died. It's a nice twist and puts the whole thing into a weird, if non canon, look over the whole series. In Metal Gear Solid 3, if you saved at a certain point, when you come back you can play this short game where you are a vampire hunter. The small mini game was fun and wished there was a game like that. Another Easter Egg is the Metal Gear Solid series has is hidden codec calls. It's all staggering that Kojima has put this much effort on something most will probably never listen. Even Super Mario Brothers Brawl used Codec Calls for Snake.

      Stating the obvious since 1987

      Easter Eggs and Unlockables are some of gamings greatest treats. They can make you play a game to find them, or keep you playing to make the game you want it to be. It can make a difficult part much more fun, or make the game better than ever before. I'm sure there are games out there that has Easter Eggs, but it comes to the point where you don't know which one does or which one does not.

    • What makes Survival Horror Work?

      7 years ago



      Not going to lie, this was pretty scary the first time

      Survival Horror is becoming hard to find. While the recent Resident Evil 6 trailer does show promise of Survival Horror to be back, at least for Leon's Storyline, The Survival Horror is becoming a niche genre while Action Horror is on the rise. This Action Horror first came about with Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 4 had all the makings of a survival horror, but with it's light RPG element and the amount of Ammo that is given it turned into an action game. Don't get me wrong, there are moments of Resident Evil 4 that is scary and it makes me nervous, but when looking over the entire game there's probably a good 10 to 15 percent of it that is actually horror. In Resident Evil 5, that survival horror is stripped away for a more action focus. While Resident Evil 5 isn't as good as Resident Evil 4, it's still worth playing. What makes survival horror work though? Is it the atmosphere, the unknown, the music, or the design of the games. There are a ton of things that can make survival horror scary. This goes beyond the camera and controls of the past Resident Evil games. It's not the controls and camera that makes a game scary. It's something else. Something unknown and dark. A little warning though, I'm going to talk a lot about the original Silent Hill as an example to most of these.


      Air Screamer? I like Flying Polyp better

      I'm currently playing the original Silent Hill and it's got me thinking. Sure, being alone in the middle of the Unknown is scary. Not seeing what's ahead of you and you can either run or fight. But what makes it truly terrifying is the lack of anything at all. You go to a room with your weapon drawn at all times. Whither it's a gun or a pipe. Once you stand there and there is no static you let your guard down. Normally this is when a monster comes up and attacks you. Instead, for Silent Hill you are given a radio early in the game. When ever enemies are near the radio would static. This makes encounters much more suspenseful. In Resident Evil, been awhile since I've played it so I could be wrong, you hear something and you know exactly where that zombie or monster is at. What makes the dogs jumping through the window such a great scare in the first Resident Evil is the suddenness of the attack. You walk in a hall and then crash. Dogs are all up on you trying to bite your face off. In Silent Hill you know there is something out there. You are not sure where or when they will attack. The way I do it is I just stand there ready to attack as whatever is about to attack me come at me. My arsenal so far includes a pipe, knife, and a gun. My main weapon is a pipe. It never damages and break. I tend to keep that with me at all times. If you think about it, it can be a great strategy or it kills the horror aspect. While I do tend to attack my attackers I don't attack everything I see. It just depends of the enemies. If I'm dealing with the small kids I just stand back and beat them with a pipe. When dealing with the dogs and the pink flying things, I'm just going to call them Flying Polyp for now on, I run away. We meet these things outside, for the time being, anyway so it's easy to out run them. Though it could be a bit difficult with the Flying Polyp seeing that you don't know which way they are coming or going and how many they are.


      The wind really makes this creepy

      Atmosphere is everything for a horror. If there is no sense of loss and despair when it comes to the atmosphere, then it fails as a horror game. Sure, the game could be good but for an entire different reasons than the developers wanted to convey. In Alan Wake it makes great use of atmosphere. It's trees, wind, and that ambiance makes it feel like Alan Wake is a survival horror. I love Alan Wake, I've probably mention it a few times before, however, I just don't consider it as a survival horror. Action Horror is more like it. It's got a lot of action, and it's got a bit of horror when walking alone in the dark in the woods. The unknown part is the lake itself. What gives this lake that kind of power? Why is it Thomas Zane can write something about Alan's past? And what is the dark presence? While Alan Wake have it's great atmosphere, Silent Hill does something even better. No matter where you are at, you can only see a little in front of you. You can see behind or not that much of the side. It's well known that this was because of the limitations of the Original Playstation's hardware, so what Team Silent did at Konami was to make the limitation greatest strength. It turned Silent Hill in to a lost snowy town. When you are in the dark the flashlight shows less than what is shown during the day at Silent Hill. It makes light feel more safe and the dark more ominous and terrifying. You can't see much during these sections of the game where you are walking around outside. You see even less than that when you are in a building, in my case a school.


      RIP Stan Winston :(

      Horror does not only do for survival or action horror. Horror comes from other types of games. In Fallout 3 you can enter these vaults. Inside the vaults is experiments that went awry. These sections can be scary. It's dark, you don't know what's going on, and your next step could be your last. It leaves you wide eyed and clinching the controller wanting to get out. It may no be as scary to other people, but for me it works. That dead unknown silence. Max Payne is a straight up action

    • Resident Evil 4 HD PS3 Review

      7 years ago


      Released in 2005 for the Gamecube Resident Evil 4 was met with critical acclaim. Not only did it refreshed a series that was on the verge of death, it also changed gaming forever. You can't play a third person game without the camera being over the shoulder. Even in the earliest builds of the game, which had a ton of revisions including one that help create the Devil May Cry series, it had the over the shoulder aiming.


      You play as Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 2. After the destruction of Raccoon City and the end of Umbrella, Leon now works for the government and his first task was to rescue the presidents daughter, Ashley Gram. If this game was made today it would be a six hours to get to story point A to Story Point B. Instead it drags the story into a snails pace and that is one of the greatest strengths. The variety here is amazing. Where you go and what you do is not the same as you did an hour before. Yes, you are just shooting infected townsfolk around, but you rarely backtrack. The story is strong and the characters are memorable if cliche. Instead of the Zombies and T-Virus you come across an ancient parasite called the Las Plagas. Where Zombies was dumb and slow moving, the infected can now be smart and fast. They will give everything they have to kill you. Fire, Pitchforks, Dynamite, crossbows, chainsaws, and a few more. They will surround on you and will, in every opportunity arrives, slice your head off in a graphic matter. Along with the main story of Leon protecting Ashley there are a few more storylines. Most notably from a Woman in Red working for Albert Wesker.

      The sound alone gives me the creeps

      Another Variety you have is the enemies. From the lone villagers that will choke you, to a frighting monster called The Regenerators, seriously those things are frighting. Where other monsters creep you out, The Regenerators will scare you. Each stage has it's own set of things to shoot. And shooting you will. Unlike past games where ammo is scarce, this took a controversial chose to make it a Action game. While it's an action game, it still has fantastic atmosphere and the scares from games past. Unlike Resident Evil 5 where the atmosphere is gone and the action is just that, Action. This is what the game has Variety. From the characters you meet, to the granados, to the monsters, to even the weapons you have.


      The weapons are the star of the show. Each has there own handle and stats. My personal weapon of choice is the Blacktail. A handgun you get during the second stage of the game. You can upgrade your weapons from the money and treasures you find and use them at the Merchant. The Merchant will sell, buy, and upgrade your weapons. This leads to a light RPG element to series for the first time. Another thing that can be upgrade for the first time is your attache case.. It's in a grid based inventory where how much you can carry is based of how many more boxes you have left. By the end of the game you will have a case big enough to carry all your stuff like guns, ammo, health, and still have plenty to room left. Another thing unlike past games is the ammo. Ammo is high in this game, but it is possible to run out. When this happens it becomes a panic race to find ammo. The enemies can fill up a room and you will need to quick to finish everyone off as well as protecting Ashley. Ashley is smart enough to stay behind you and never really lag behind. You can tell her to stay behind or hide. Most of the game is an escort mission, but Ashley makes it easier. There will be a few times where you have to cover her, but as long as you keep your cool and makes the shots count, it's pretty easy to do and the game warns you when Ashley is in danger. The gameplay is classic Resident Evil with a new camera. You walk or run around the area. When you shoot you stand in place. You don't shoot and move at the same time and it adds to the tension. This is, and should, be a practice where every Resident Evil game should have. That is what makes it Resident Evil. It keeps Dead Space and Resident Evil apart.

      When This thing is upgraded, it can become your best friend.


      When the lengthy game is over, 15-20 hours, there still much more to do. There is The Mercenaries, where you are set in a stage and you try to kill as much as you can in a time frame. Assignment Ada, a non canonical story with Ada Wong as the playable character. Separate Way, A canonical story of Ada Wong and her doings in the events during Resident Evil 4. Along with the game modes you can start the game again with all your upgrades and pick ups from the last game. Or buy new weapons that are only available after you beat the game. Same goes for costumes as well. Playing the Ada modes will grant you a weapon and a costume also.

      There are bosses bigger and smarter than this.

      The sound is a mix bag. The voice acting can rage from pretty good to OK. The writing can also range from good to downright bad. Sometimes the sounds will sound muffled and mute and other times it can be clean and crisp. The so called "HD" is a lie. This is Capcom's way to sucking people into buying the game. It's a lazy port, but damn it the game is worth it. But, is it worth the 20 bucks they ask for this? Some would say "Yes", some would say "No". I'm split on it. I say "Yes" just the fact that you get so much for 20 bucks. 4 game modes including singleplayer with ton of replayability. And "No" just the fact that it's lazy. There is no HD upgrades whatsoever. The only thing that is new is the Leaderboards. The game didn't change, the graphics really didn't change, not even the sound is changed. It's the same game you played before. And for some inexcusable reason. I'm OK with it. It should be cheaper and I won't blame you if you didn't get

    • RAGE Review PS3

      7 years ago


      They said that the wasteland is a dangerous place. With Bandits, The Authority, Jackals, and Mutants. It's dangerous, but if you plan right and do your best to survive, it's a good way to kill a couple of days. ID Software the Legendary developer that created the First Person Shooter genre returns with a brand new game, RAGE. It starts out promising enough and by the end of it I wonder if it was worth it at the end. Not even a minute after you step out of the Ark, you are attacked by a Bandit. He pins you down and before he and his buddy kills you, a bullet pierces through his head as the body falls so does his partner. With the two bandits dead you meet the first character.


      What follows is an adventure with a near plotless narrative. You meet with people that has very little impact of the world around you. All you do is do jobs for them. It's pretty much the same either kill this or retrieve that. Even if you don't know what to do next during a mission, just keep walking and shooting. Eventually you will do or get what you need to complete the mission.

      Unlike most games of today, there are plenty of Easter Eggs.

      Just when you think the story is getting somewhere, it ends. That last cutscene is all you get. What makes matters worse is that when you beat the game, you can't come back to the world to do many of the side missions. This game requires you to do all the side jobs, racing, minigames, collectibles before finishing the last mission.

      It's not all bad, this is ID software and if there is one thing they are known for, it's gameplay. The gameplay is the best part. For being a developer that's known for FPS games this should come to no surprise. However, unlike past games they did a few various things they never did before.


      First, they put in a LIGHT RPG element in the game. I use that term loosely. There is no dialogue trees Bioware style. What does pass as an RPG is the store. You go in and restock in supplies or upgrade your armor. You get money by doing quests, minigames, and looting dead bodies. The price of ammo and health packs does not change between difficulty. So if you get or sell a $1000 you can get quite a lot of ammo on most of your weapons of choice. On a normal AK for $1000 can get you 999 rounds, basically maxing out the ammo count. I still got enough to get hundreds of shells for my shotgun. Besides a gun, which you can also buy the most expensive thing is a wingstick. A wingstick is a boomerang weapon. If it survives the hit or doesn't hit anything else it will come back to you. You can kill up to five enemies before it breaks. Even if it get stuck on a body you can still use it again. It's the most dynamic weapon of the game and it's a lot of fun to use along with an AK.

      Next, is the side quests. It seems like everyone wants you do do something for them. There is also races. This is where the car combat begins. Both outside the cities and inside a race track someone wants you dead. Driving is easy enough, it's more archaic than in recent years. In a time where everyone wants to make cares feel as real as possible, Grand Theft Auto IV being the worst, it's happy to see that if someone wanted to play a game with real car physics they can play a racing game. No, this is leaning towards Twisted Metal and I'm thankful for that. You have your weapons on the car that is ready for combat. The minigun, rockets, and mine traps. What I think is the best part about the car combat is that it's all auto aimed. You don't need to worry about lining your shots. Just drive and shoot. It's immensely satisfying to drive past a car that has exploded.

      You will see plenty of this.

      Lastly, is the building of supplies. Through out the world you will find parts to make various stuff. From bandages to RC cars. If you have the parts, you can build it.


      Weapons is a lot of fun to play with. While this is not a lot of variation of the weapons. It's the ammo that makes up for it. One shotgun shell makes the enemy explode into red dust, be careful though, doing that will not result of you getting their loot. It's a lot of fun to use different ammo in situations. The best weapon is the Wingstick. The Wingstick can buy you that extra time to reload. This generation has given the rise to the rise of Iron Sights. Just push the aim button and you are good to go, I don't have a problem with it, but with this game it's actually more fun NOT to use it. Run and shoot old school style. If your enemy is in that cross hair there is a good chance that is where that bullet is going. It reminded me of the last generation of games.

      Thug number 200. Or was it 300?


      The Sound is all pretty standard. You got the decent voice acting, ambient sounds, music, sound effects. It's nothing that really stands out, but it's not terrible. Despite having decent voice work and great animation, it's does not include one thing that is important. Life. Yes, they move. Yes, they speak, but they all have that dead look. The sounds of the guns feels weaker than it should be. Shooting is fun in RAGE, but they don't have that punch that most games have like Call Of Duty. When firing your vehical weapon the sound don't register sometimes.

      The graphics can range from amazing to mediocre. When driving around you will notice that you are in a boxed canyon. It's extremely leaner of where to go. It may seem that it's big, but that is because of the scope ID gave the environment. Unless you are at The Dead City, it's disappointingly narrow. The only time you see any flat land is near the end of the game, there is also texture pop in that will happen quite often. The most amazing thing in all of this is that the framerate never drops. It hits 60 FPS and i

    • Quick Run: Cancelled Games.

      7 years ago


      That one news. That one headline that can ruin your whole day. The game that you have been waiting on has been cancelled. It's not uncommon for a game to get cancelled. There are several reasons why. It's getting too expensive, internal problems, or just as simply as "it's not good enough" As of this writing it was revealed that The Last Guardian has been cancelled, and while Sony has said it is not cancelled, it did remind me of a few games that did had the misfortune to get cancelled. Here is a few that has been cancelled.


      First announced when the PS3, it was about two cops looking for a huge mob boss across America. One cop had his daughter kidnapped, and the other wanted revenge from the killing of his partner. It was being developed by the same team that made The Getaway, SCE London Studios. The gameplay that was shown looked amazing for being an early demo. It was more of a tech demo of the PS3, but the story and what the gameplay would have looked like would have been awesome. While Sony said it has not been cancelled, it is simply 'on hold'.

      FAITH AND A .45

      Not much was known about this game when it got cancelled. All we know that it would have been a Gears Of War/Army of Two hybrid. It was about 2 outlaws in The Great Depression. I haven't seen any videos about it, but the setting would have been interesting to see.


      This was going to be about a true story about one of the bloodiest battles of the Iraq War. Konami was going to publish the game, but once the controversy about the game's setting and content came out Konami backed away leaving a finished game just sit in the desks of Atomic Games.


      While Command & Conquer is primarily a RTS, EA tried to branch out the franchise with a first person shooter game with Tiberium. Major hype surrounded this game including a full blown special on GTTV and Cover art for Game Informer.


      This was the one that hurt the most for fans of the series. And I don't blame them. Capcom even had this whole thing down for the promotion including a Demo/Prequel game. Sort of like how Dead Rising: Case Zero was. I would have been a big hit for Capcom, Suddenly, without warning the game was cancelled. Even with countless petitions for the game's return, it was not to be.

      There is still hope

      Those are the ones that I could think of. Would these games be good? Would these games have sucked? Who knows. All is not lost though. The first time I've heard of Alan Wake was actually in a episode of Cinematech on G4. I saw the trailer and was blown away by it. I loved the setting and story, so I was bummed out to find that it said Cancelled on the side. It turned out that the episode was showing cancelled games. Thankfully, the game came out 4 years later and it was worth the wait. I still hold Alan Wake as one of the absolute best games of this generation. Even as my second 360 broke and traded all my 360 games, I still kept the Alan Wake Collector's Edition.

      Another game that almost got cancelled was actually a recently announced game; Metal Gear Rising. Metal Gear Rising was original called Metal Gear Solid: Rising, but internal difficulties to make the game work caused that version of the game to get cancelled. Instead of letting all that work go to waste. Kojima Productions turned to Platinum games, the developer that made Bayonetta, to make their own version of the game.

      I hope that The Last Guardian didn't get cancelled. It would have been a blow to not only the PS3, but into gaming in general. Releasing this would have been the most refreshing game to come out in a long time.

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    • Metal Gear Rising doesn't need Stealth

      7 years ago


      As a child solder he was known as Jack The Ripper. Before he was 10 he earned that nickname. He was brutal on his tactics. He spent most of his childhood in the barrel of a gun. And now as a cyborg Raiden can do what he needs to do to survive. At the Spike VGAs, this past weekend, Hideo Kojima announced that Metal Gear Rising will be developed by Platinum Games, the developer of Bayonetta, Mad World, and Vanquish. From the gameplay we've seen it seems to be a hack and slash game. It's unknown if the game will have stealth elements or not. So I'll list three reasons why it's alright for Metal Gear Rising NOT to have Stealth Elements.

      You've woken up in a dark room and you have no idea of where you are at. Then you realize that you, Raiden, is naked and defenseless. After crazy codecs and the escape from your captives you meet up with Solid Snake and he gives you back the stuff that was taken away. In the pile of stuff he also gives you Olga's sword. It becomes fast apparent that Raiden knows how to handle a sword. Towards the end of the game you fight waves of enemies besides Snake. Do you use the sword or use a gun? If you choose a gun, it becomes a shooter. Use the sword, it becomes a hack and slash. Even your final fight with Solidus is a sword fight.

      You've woken up in a dark room and you have no idea of where you are at. Then you realize that you are at a garage. You are playing as a total stranger that looks strangely like Para-Medic. This is a hidden mode on which you hack and slash your way through vampires in a city parking lot. You get two large hooks and you rip the vampires into shreds. This was in Snake Eater after the torture sequence. It doesn't last long, but it was a blast to play. In fact that sequence was to be said to be a cancelled project Konami was working on. Instead of ditching it forever, they put part of the gameplay into Snake Eater.

      At the end of Metal Gear Solid 2 Raiden is with Rose with a sword in his hand. Jump five years later and he is a cyborg dealing death to the Gekkos. It was ironic that this happened because people complained about playing as Raiden in MGS2, but now that he's a badass people wanted to play as him. He looks far more powerful than he did in MGS2. If we had the chance to play as Raiden, as the cutscenes implied, it would have been hack and slash.

      Dropping the "Solid" from this title means two things, this will be a new franchise based on the Metal Gear Universe or there won't be any stealth in this game. Dropping "Solid" is the best idea for them to do what ever they want. It shows that this won't be like the past games of seeking around. And we know this wont be canonical so we won't see how Raiden rescued Sunny from the Patriots. Dropping Solid also implies that Solid Snake is not in the game. By Metal Gear Solid 4, both Snake and Raiden has different ways to destroy gekkos and Metal Gears. Snake by weapons and hiding, Raiden by going head first with a sword. The gameplay would have been entirely different.

      It's too early to tell what the gameplay will be like. So far the trailer is just showing a little bit of the story and some of the stuff that Raiden can do.

    • My unsuccessful time with Demon's Souls

      7 years ago


      Why do we grind? Do we do it becaues we get bored and need something to do, or do we do it because we want to level up our character JUST enough to make it past an area you can't get past? Over the week I bought Demon's Souls and let me tell you why Grinding can be our best friend and our worst enemy.


      I don't mind grinding sometimes. It helps you understand the game better while leveling up your low stat character. But, in the case of Demon's Souls, this game seems like grinding is the only way to progress in the game. You go forth on the journey, die, and go forth again. Simple enough. But early in the game you face a red dragon you need to some how get past. It seems simple enough. Just run after he flames the pathway. First area. OK. Not that bad. Second area. 'AH, CRAP!' He got me. This process is repeated several more times. At this time I was a Knight and I didn't have bow. I looked online to see what I need to do to get past this pesky dragon only to find out that I need to somehow kill it. The only way I found how to kill it was by bow and arrow. Ok, simple enough so I started to grind out souls. While looking for a bow. I replayed the first part of the first world way more times than I should just to get arrows. And it said I needed about 100 arrows. Problem was that I had no arrows and no bow. So I just start grinding out souls. I had no bow yet and after a few hours and dying I began to lose my patients. I thought 'screw it!' I'll start over again.


      And so I did and this time I picked a hunter on which you start with a bow and battle axe. I beat the first boss, with no deaths no less, and I thought 'Maybe there is some hope after all' But then I learned the sad truth. Even upgrading my stat and getting all the arrows I can get I STILL needed to grind souls for arrows. One arrow cost 20 souls. Problem was that the low level enemies can dish out 8 souls if you attack and kill with a parry. This means I need to defeat almost 200 enemies just to get the arrows I needed and that does not include a few high level enemies that is around the area that I need to kill. I started from the very beginning of the world. Going around the first part of the world with out dying can land me close to a 1000 souls. Oh, that's great. The problem is that I still need to repair my armor, weapon, and shield and there is half gone there.

      So when I fianlly got the arrows I needed and went to the first spot that seems reasonably enough to kill this stupid dragon. I killed the archers up there and I just stood there holding the aim button and pressing the fire button when I needed to. A good 20 minutes later I finally killed it one health point at a time. I didn't feel pride. I didn't feel accomplished. I only felt regret. Regret that I waisted all those souls just to get past that one dragon. Those 2000 souls could be used for more important things like reparing and leveling myself up. And then I thought 'what happens if there's a boss I cant get beat because I lack the tools I need? What I'm I to do, Grind? Start over again (beating the red dragon was my third time starting over). I seems this is the reason why this game is so long. It's not long because it's hard, which it is in a fair way, but because of the grinding you have to do. Replaying an area over and over again is not my idea of a good time. It does not help that enemy placements are the same and they just stand around. Come on, if you going to send me back every time I die, can't you at least let your enemies roam around for a bit? Let that turn of a corner meant something instead of 'oh, here's that area I know I'll block and kill this guy with the one-two swish with out breaking a sweat and have enough stamina to kill the guy behind me'


      But what about the good reasons of grinding? Like I said earlier, I don't mind grinding. I like it quite a bit, but I like grinding if it means something, if it's worth the investment. I like the pride I get when leveling up my character knowing that I am a better for it. I like killiing a few things here and there knowing that I will get stronger and faster. Tinkering with my stats as I build my character into a badass. I don't like, however, is grinding because the game is forcing me too.

      In Ratchet and Clank there is a surprisingly amount of grinding that game has, but it's fun. You get a weapon and as you are using it, it becomes stronger and stronger. Then in level 5 it becomes a whole new weapon with a new name and abilities. That pride I get when that happens is awesome and the reason why I like grinding. You do something long enough and you, sooner or later, feel the diffierence between this new power in your hands and what you had when you got it. Same with characters. You make a character and you start playing. Leveling up is fast and quick, but the longer you play the longer the longer the distance of leveling up is. You can be a level 20 and be excited that you are that level. And then, bam, you are 21 and that excitment is rejuvenated and you can't wait to see what you can do now. It becomes a whole new experience. Picking that new skill and testing out what you haven't used before.

      I like grind, as I've said before, but I shouldn't grind because I HAVE to. I should grind because I want to. Give me that option to grind and let me continue on the game if I don't. Let me feel pride as I level up. Not regret as I waste what could be have been awesome. I really, REALLY wanted to like Demon's Souls. It's a great game and I can see why people like it. But, if I have to spend hours grinding to get something that should be a pick up item in the first place it's just something that feels artificially lengthen just to make the game longer and harder. At least I hope that Dark Souls will fix this or at least make the enemy placements and behavior more unpredictable.

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