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    • Back to the Music- "Find My Way Back Home"

      2 years ago


      SO. I just got home from dress rehearsals of my community theatre's production of Irving Berlin's White Christmas and I am EXHAUSTED. The next two weeks are going to be insanely busy so unfortunately I won't really be able to sit down and make any covers happen any time soon  weary 

      GOOD NEWS THOUGH! I found some old covers from the last few years and I'll be posting them here on a weekly basis. Here's a video I made for my Guitar III final. It's a cover of Priscilla Ahn's cover of "Find My Way Back Home". If you've never heard of her before please do yourself a favor and look her up right now. Her voice is the most gorgeously soothing voice of all time and she's utter perfection. Anyways. Hope you enjoy!  smile

    • Back to the Music- "Everything Stays"

      2 years ago


      I'm trying to become more dedicated to doing covers so I'll start off by posting a gorgeous song written by Rebecca Sugar for the mini series 'Stakes'. It's an Adventure Time spin-off centered around my personal favorite character, Marceline. Just me and my slightly pitchy uke. Hope you enjoy!

    • An unnecessarily long thank you letter to Fan Service (feat. too much exposition)

      2 years ago


      I was enamored with cartoons when I was growing up. One of my very first memories of moving when I was 5 is begging my dad to set up the cable box so I could watch Pokemon on WB Kids. I watched Digimon and Anamaniacs every morning before school and Sailor Moon and Pokemon when I got back. I spent a lot of time glued to my TV watching Cartoon Network (jury's still out on whether that hindered or helped my childhood development). One night I stayed up a little too late and discovered Toonami where I saw my first bits of anime- until Mom showed up in the doorway and evil-eyed me right back into my bed. 

      Flash-forward to 6th grade when I was a part of an unofficial anime fan club- by unofficial I mean we were too lazy and unorganized to ever have meetings or do anything remotely club-like (with the exception of that time we tried to make sailor uniforms happen... HA). We did, however, exchange mangas and had lunch discussions over which Fruit's Basket character each of us was like and whether Kagome/Inuyasha was endgame or not. Unfortunately, anime and I had a falling out in 7th grade when I decided that I was going to be an emo kid. In my head, anime was decidedly un-emo. I instead spent my time writing Harry Potter fanfic to MCR to pass the time. 

      Flash-flash-forward to 9th grade where one of my friend's re-introduced me to anime via that Blockbuster service where they sent dvds in the mail (RIP BB). We watched every Ghibli film possible, Chrono Crusade and Daa Daa Daa (for your sake, please don't ever watch it. it has the single-most inane plot of any anime I have seen to date.) BUT the one anime that really stuck with me was Wolf's Rain. If you can get past the insanely 90's Bryan Adam's sounding intro song, I can almost guarantee you won't regret watching it. The scenery is stunning, the storyline is heartbreaking and poignant, and the end credit song will have you in tears- and that's the end of my advertisement for Wolf's Rain. 

      Where was I?

      Oh right. 

      So essentially my watching of anime only occurred when I had people I could discuss it with. I can't imagine watching Game of Thrones would be as entertaining if you took away the ability to share your horror, despair, and conspiracy theories with other enthusiasts. Unfortunately, I eventually ended up in a situation where none of my friends watched anime. I lost interest. In a way I almost felt as if people would judge me if I tried to discuss it.

      It wasn't until the start up of Fan Service Season 2 that I dipped my toe back in. I didn't watch S1 because I was afraid I would be too out of touch and not be able to catch up, but I eventually decided to give it a shot. It has quickly become one of my favorite RT productions. I can't thank you enough for giving me that push to get back in again. I had always wanted to watch Bebop for whatever reason (Spike) and I'm almost halfway through right now and LOVE it. I also started watching Yuri!!! and do I even have to say anymore? As soon as I'm done with Bebop I'm starting Wolf's Rain again because I love/hate myself. 

      Extremely long story short-

      To everyone involved in making Fan Service: Thank you for that gift. I really appreciate it. Keep on doing the things  heartpulse

    • ~bb's first journal~

      2 years ago


      I think it's pretty funny that I've been a member of the RT community for about 8 years and never once thought to try and get involved and meet other RT'ers! None of my other friends watch RT content and they've grown a bit tired of me trying to send them youtube links to all my favorite lets plays  weary SO HEY I figured I might as well make some friends I can ACTUALLY talk to about all the hilarious shit RT comes up with! If I sent you a random friend request it's because I was browsing the popular content page and thought you looked like a cool person to be friends with. I think I quit after looking at 3 pages because I'm lazy but I'll get back to making friends eventually (I think?)

      ANYWAYS~ hope you all had a wonderful tuesday and can't wait to finally be active on the site.

      catch ya babes l8r

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    • Alice5167 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      Hi! I just received your lovely holiday card the other day. The Disney version of Cheshire Cat is my favorite! It was definitely worth the wait, I love it! Hope your family stuff gets better, and have a great New Year. <3  

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