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    • welll...

      1 year ago

      stefanni_mah Host of the RT Community

      so yesterday I replied to Michael's tweet about them releasing a part of "A Way Out" till they're done, saying that I was going to walk out of class to watch it.

      But little did I know is that he would reply saying I should bust out of class in a laundry cart. Well challenge accepted Mr. Jones!

      So today Part 2 came out, and so I did this... 

      but instead of a laundry cart, I used a laundry basket. I am super stealthy!

    • Well I'm become a little older today

      1 year ago

      stefanni_mah Host of the RT Community

      sooo today is my 18th birthday woohoo! And I've been reflecting a bit cause turning 18 is supposed to be a pretty big thing.

      So here are 18 things I've learned that are pretty decent things to know!

      (Even if you know these things already, they're a pretty good reminder!)

      1. Even if you don't always see eye to eye, always respect your parents. They brought you into this world and they can sure as hell take you out of it too

      2. Appreciate your friends. They're all pretty good people, so try to be as supportive and encouraging as you can cause they'll have your back too

      3.  Be nicer to your sibling (s)! In the future,  you'll need them a lot more than you do now! They're family, and that's what matters

      4. Don't mix milk with anything citrus. The milk will curdle and give you stomach aches and bad poops

      5. Take care of yourself! If you don't take care of the machine you live in, it will break down! Take breaks, drink water, and get lots of rest!

      6. It's not always fun to stay at the YMCA. Trust me

      7. Accept constructive criticism with open arms. Most people who provide good criticism want to see you improve at whatever you're doing! Don't think that their criticism is a judgement on you! They're just trying to help!

      8. Be open minded. Going into things with an open mind, will let you enjoy whatever you're doing a lot more! And if it's with people, you might discover something new about yourself, and the other person will appreciate not being judged

      9. Get your goddamn flu shot. The pick of a needle is a lot less painful than what will happen when you get the flu. Save yourself the pain and discomfort, just get the shot.

      10. Not everyone will like you, and that's fine! You might not be their cup of tea, and you should be cool with that! Don't take it personally!

      11. If you are struggling with anything, seek help. If it's homework, and personal issues, finding help will always be the best thing to do, instead of keeping it to yourself and trying to deal with it alone. People want to help, you just need to go find that help.

      12. Be yourself! This is very cliche, but being who you truly are is the best person you can be! You will find people who will like you for you! And it's a lot less draining  than being fake!

      13. Treat yourself occasionally! Whether it's watching a tv show you like, or getting a cookie, treat yourself sometimes! Life is hard, and we all deserve nice things!

      14. Nothing lasts forever. Friendships and relationships will end, and bad times will come for all of us, but remember that it won't last forever. Power through it,  keep your head on your shoulders,  and stay strong! You can do it!

      15. Embrace change. Change is really scary, but instead of running from it, embrace it with open arms. Accepting change will make the process much easier in the future.

      16. You're past mistakes don't define who you are. We've all messed up in our lives, but don't let those things hold you back. Use those things as learning experiences and push forward!

      17. Laughing will always make you feel better! Feeling sad? Watch a funny video and laugh! You will always feel better! 

      18. You are incredible and you are loved. There is someone out there who loves you even if you don't feel loved. You're an amazing person, so don't let the hard times get you down. I love you ♡

      Steph xx

    • script writing

      1 year ago

      stefanni_mah Host of the RT Community

      so I should be working on my script for my creative writing class right now, but here I am, writing a journal post about it.

      I always knew it was hard and a lot of work to write a script for a tv show, but now that I'm doing it, DAMN! 

      I don't know how the writers at RT do it, but lots of kudos and love to you guys cause it's really hard, and it drains you a tonnnn!

      Gotta go back to my script! 

      Much love,

      Steph xx

      Update (April 6): Well I finished... I feel incredibly drained... and this isn't even the real script yet gosh... someone send energy my way cause I have none

    • today was an iconic day

      1 year ago

      stefanni_mah Host of the RT Community

      so this is a little update on my friend who i got hooked on AH!

      Well I was talking to her in class today and I asked casually, "hey how far have you gotten into the AH videos?"

      She laughs and says she really likes them, but then asked, "hey... are trevor and alfredo twins or something??"

      *Cue me bursting out in laughter*

      Ahhh the twins have striked again!

    • happy 15th birthday rooster teeth!

      1 year ago

      stefanni_mah Host of the RT Community

      I can vividly remember discovering rooster teeth when I was 15. Another youtuber I watched was always talking about this show called red vs blue, so I said what the hell, and checked it out.

      Little did I know, it would only be the beginning of a slow downwards spiral of watching and loving rooster teeth content!

      This incredible company has changed my life so much in the past 3 years, and I could not be more thankful.

      Thank you every single person at rooster teeth for working so hard to produce/create the amazing content that you make. You all make my day so much brighter! Thank you for inspiring me to be a better, more creative and funnier person and thank you for inspiring me to make more content that could make someones day!

      Have a great day!

      Much love,


    • how does one make friends?

      1 year ago

      stefanni_mah Host of the RT Community

      Most of my life, I always thought that I was an extroverted person. But as I continued through school and finally into high school, I realized that I'm the complete opposite.

      I am such an introvert.

      Social interaction scares me to no end, I can't keep conversation flowing most of the times, I'm constantly scared that I might say something wrong and that people will hate me and I won't be able to make anymore friends cause they'll tell everyone else how much of an ass I am, ok I'm rambling too much.

      I even have a hat that says no small talk, cause I honestly hate it.

      But I really want to get over it! I want to be able to talk normally and comfortably with other people!

      Does anyone who might also be introverted or have trouble interacting with others have any advice for me?

      please send advice or help!

      Also if you wanna be friends, that would be cool! :)

      Much love,

      Steph xx

    • final cut pro vs adobe premiere pro

      in Forums > final cut pro vs adobe premiere pro | Follow this topic

      stefanni_mah Host of the RT Community

      So I was watching an AH video awhile ago, and they said on PC use premiere, but on mac use final cut. I was wondering why is that? Cause I've used premiere on mac for most of my editing and it runs just fine. 

      Since I want to begin making more content on my own at home on my PC, I'm not really sure which program to get!

      2 replies

    • coloured hair is a beautiful pain

      1 year ago

      stefanni_mah Host of the RT Community

      as someone who's had coloured hair for 4 years, and it's been a loooooong 4 years! I've been pink, dark purple, dark blue, turquoise but more green, I've jumped all over the colour spectrum!

      I knew that maintaing a vibrant not normal hair colour was going to be a lot of work, but I don't think younger me knew it was going to be this much work!

      By this point, I've given up on having nice warm showers, and instead I'm usually greeted with freezing cold water, but that's something you need to give up to keep the colour I guess!

      but what really sucks about the cold showers is where I live! Showering in cold water is totally cool (pun intended) during the summer, but the winters in Canada are absolutely brutal! It gets down to -20 celcius sometimes, so when I need to shower with cold water, I eventually exit the shower with icicles on my hair (figure of speech)

      Also the ends of my hair are always fried, dried and brittle and it's been ages since my hair has been really smooth.

      Hair dye is pretty expensive too, so that's a killer on my wallet, and I need to book off times for hair maintenance.

      But in the end, I wouldn't exchange my coloured hair for anything. It's beautiful (in my opinion), it makes me unique, and it lets me express myself in different ways!

      So if you are thinking of dyeing your hair, I would highly suggest it!

      What's something that you've always wanted to try with your hair? Leave me a comment!

      (ps. i looove lindsays hair and I honestly don't know how she changes her colour so often!! please tell me your secrets senpai!!)

      Much love,

      Steph xx

    • Very loud band rehersal and other music things

      1 year ago

      stefanni_mah Host of the RT Community

      well hello again!

      It is currently 7:40 in the evening and I'm still stuck at school on stage with my schools band.

      We're 70ish people and God it's loud I can't even hear my own thoughts...

      Rehersal goes from 6 to 8:30, so my head is pounding and I just want to go home by the end of it!

      To make it even more tiring, I have a choir rehersal before my band rehersal and that goes from 3:15-5:00!!

      I honestly only 30 minutes to eat before more playing!! It's a hard life!

      I also play the bari sax which is one of the bigger saxophones and it's really heavy, so I always have back, neck and shoulder pain after rehersals!

      Well music is a huge part of my life. I'm the vice-president of my schools music council, i play about 9 instruments and i sing.

      Music is such a beautiful form of expression and it's able to speak and convey things that words simply cannot!

      I strongly believe that everyone should have any form of music in their lives!

      So what kind of music do you guys enjoy? Do you play any instruments or which instrument do you wish you could learn?

      Much love,

      Steph xx

    • doodle prompts!!!

      1 year ago

      stefanni_mah Host of the RT Community

      hello anyone who might be reading this!!

      I've recently started a "series" on here and on the rest of my social media called stephanie doodles hahaha!

      So if you have any ideas for doodles that i can do of rooster teeth things, please let me know!!

      Try and make them original things (ex. miles trying to skydive, barbra eating a baguette etc)

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