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    • random production things & inspiration from rooster teeth!!

      1 year ago

      stefanni_mah Host of the RT Community

      so it's been awhile, but being able to produce and create media is such an amazing thing!

      being a radio/podcast host and producer will always be the thing i want to persue in the future! *cough* please take me @ my dream university *cough*

      and being able to direct, produce, and work cameras on TV shows is also so flipping cool! 

      But in the end, just being able to tell a story and being able to make someones day a bit better will always be the best feeling to me!

      so when I watch rooster teeth, everything I watch makes me want to create more!

      live action skits make me want to write more scripts, and be funny. achievement hunter makes me want to game even more, and try to make game play videos. Listening to all the amazing podcasts remind me that I need to start my podcast up, and actively do something that I hope to make my future. Watching things like On The Spot remind me to get back into doing improv and to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself.

      This amazing company has been fueling my creativity so much, I didn't realize I've been "dry" for so long.

      Rooster Teeth will always continue to make my life better, one laugh and idea at a time!

      So I guess this is a weird thank you to every single person who makes my day better with all of their hard work and creativity. My life would be very dull without the incredible things you do!

      Much love,

      Steph xx

    • Birthday version of On The Spot

      1 year ago

      stefanni_mah Host of the RT Community

      Ok... So I really like some of the games played on On The Spot, but how would I be able to adapt them for a birthday get together?? 

      Like I think that everything should run smoothly, but is there anything I could change to make it better?

      I will try to film and post it!

      Will keep you all updated!

    • turning friends towards rooster teeth

      1 year ago

      stefanni_mah Host of the RT Community

      So I have a friend who is incredibly open minded and will watch anything that I recommend, so today, after having raved about RT for ages, I put on an AH video and made her watch it.

      Let's just say that she had a very hard time watching Flinchless Alfredy Doo in class and not laughing :')

      I can now proudly say, she is hooked and my job is complete!


      she is very hooked now!!  I'm so excited to have a friend I can bond with over how amazing RT/AH are frick. Our plan is to start watching the YDYD series together cause why not???

    • Hoping For a More Diverse Future

      1 year ago

      stefanni_mah Host of the RT Community

      Rooster Teeth has always been so cool and amazing to me, but something that always makes me happiest is the diversity the company has.

      There are so many people from different cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, oh gosh it's so amazing.

      But something that's been on my mind is that even with how diverse it is, it can still be even more diverse.

      In an episode of On the Spot, Mariel and Alfredo joke that they're the diversity hires, and this got me thinking.

      Modern media such as TV and movies, still has so little diverse casting.

      As a Bi Chinese woman who hopes to work in the entertainment industry, it really puts me down that even with the increasing amounts of diverse actors, we still don't equally represent everyone.

      There are still white actors who are portraying characters of colour.

      We really need to increase the different kinds of actors we have in the industry.

      I grew up not being able to look up to any actors who were like me, so I strongly believe we need to change this and give future generations people they can look up to and connect with.

      So with the recent release of Black Panther and how amazing and impactful it was for the black community, I really hope that the upcoming Mulan live action film will be the same for the Asian community.

      Much love,
      Steph xx

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