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    • Motor City Comic Con 2014 w/EGS

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      Want to hangout with the EGS crew at this years Motor City Comic Con? Here's your chance!!

      This years Motor City Comic Con is just around the corner and your lovely Everyday Gaming Society crew will be onsite Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Keep an eye out for Steve, Nate and Leo as they walk the convention with cameras capturing every minuet of the action.

      Below you can find the crews personal twitter accounts, along with our EGS account. They will keep you posted on all events happening throughout the convention that they will be taking part in. At the end of each night, the crew will meet at a variety of locations around the convention hall to have a more personal experience with whom decides to hangout.

      "Plan on having a great time with us and don't worry about dull moments, cause there won't be! Be prepared to laugh until your pants become soiled. Trust me, it's happened." - Steve

      Do not miss this great opportunity too have the best time of your lives! Well, at least on a comic con perspective.

      Steve's account: @steve_gaming
      Nate's account: @church0811
      Leo's account: @Leonard_Necula
      EGS account: @egsproductions

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    • WHATS GOING ON!?!?!

      5 years ago


      Yea I know, it's been a looooong time since i've uploaded the RT site on my web browser but hear is whats going on with me most recently.

      I'm now single, NBA is coming to a close so I will be on here more, my MMA training has kicked in to another level as I may take more fights this summer in Wisconsin, picked up a few other security contracts throughout the state of Michigan, been playing my electric guitar much more and have also picked up a few side shows in the surrounding area. Who knows, maybe at RTX we can get a few people together for a jam session. Time will tell!

      Besides those minor details, I will be more active on here until the summer concert season really picks up. Expect more life updates, game nights and most important of all, a chance to meet a few more RT members before RTX strolls around.

      Can't wait!

    • RTX 2014 guardian

      5 years ago


      I will have the privilege of being a guardian again at this years RTX. Can't wait to see all my friends from other states and countries!

    • Podcast needs some reviews, please

      5 years ago


      Hello friends and random people of the Internet, got a favor to ask.

      Could you go to this podcast station, in iTunes, and give a review? For each review that we get, I will be donating 2 comic books to the children's hospital. Tell your friends to rate us as well, if you could. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to do this.

    • Detroit Fanfare prep

      5 years ago


      It's almost time for this years, Detroit Fanfare Comic Con. If your around the Dearborn area October 25th-27th, make sure to stop by!

      EGS Productions will be there all weekend, conducting interviews with some of the video game and comic book industries hottest names. I will leave the suspense for who were interviewing for a later date. For now, its prep time at the office.

      As I'm loading up the backpack with all recording equipment, I have come to realize how many guests there will be at this years Fanfare. Check out the link below for all the details. Well, time to pack my suitcase with extra cloths, a few alcoholic beverages, and some energy drinks. Its going to be a great time. Follow me on twitter for updates, @steve_gaming and @egsproductions.

    • Rooster Teeth Michigan: Update 9/25/13

      5 years ago


      The event will be held at a house (2390 Virginia Park Dr) vs a rented hall for a few different reasons. We are not charging money at the door for this event because, well, the economy has put a hurt on planing of our party planning on renting a venue. Renting a venue comes with lots of ups and downs.

      Here are a few concerns I have run in with renting a venue:
      Most venues in the area charge in the ballpark of 300-1000 per hour/day and have a large rule list. Some of the rules include the following: No electricity to outlets unless they needed for more of a price, a security guard or land lord must be present during the course of the event, no kitchen to cook/made food, there is a limit on electrical appliances that can be used so that the breaker dose not get thrown, noise ordinance after 7pm and most venues close after 9pm, no dark soda/pop will stain floors, no alcoholic beverages, short amount of tables and chairs and the list goes on.

      I thought this was ludicrous for what we need so I'm opening up the doors of a house so we can have all the luxuries and virtually no limitations.

      Reasons for having Rooster Teeth Michigan at a house:
      We will not be around any main roads or public places, nice restrooms (that are not port-a-john), washer/dryer if needed, two large bars for shelter if it rains, bonfire pit, excessive amounts of tables and chairs, full kitchen to prepping/cooking foods, projector screen inside with Xbox hookups, multiple power outlets, phone charging station, large variety of table top gaming and did I mention we will have 2 acres to ourselves? It will be a fantastic time or your money back. Wait a minuet, its free event surrounding by video games. So you must attend!

      A donation jar will be put, and kept safe, at the sign in table to for next years.

      Folks, the possibilities are endless when it comes to next years event. All I'm asking is for everyone to try and make it. Even if its for an hour, please come out. For the attendees last year, this is a HUGE step in the right direction for having our own venue for next year.

    • Rooster Teeth Michigan 2013 (RTMI)

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      Come one come all to this years Rooster Teeth Michigan event on October 5th in Lapeer!

      There will be games like: RT trivia, bag toss, pin a beard on the Jack, RT inspired drinking games and more! We can even venture into the town of Lapeer for some bowling. Burgers and hotdogs will be served during the entire event along with a few other side dishes. Please bring a dish to pass to add to the festivities and yes, bacon is encouraged. Sound like a good time everyone?

      Come hangout with Rooster Teeth fans from the state of Michigan on October 5th. Event starts at 12pm and will run to 8pm. After 8pm will be a special dance party for attendees over the age of 18.

      We encourage safe driving to all attendees who participate in our RT inspired drinking games. Please bring a tent if you would like to stay the night. There is plenty of room on the grass as well for those who that feel like sleeping wherever they fall down.

      Rooster Teeth Michigan 2013
      Come one come all to this years Rooster Teeth Michigan event on October 5th in Lapeer. All ages welcome!

      RTMI 2013. BE THERE!

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    • Rooster Teeth Michigan 2013

      5 years ago


      Come one come all to this years Rooster Teeth Michigan event on October 5th in Lapeer. All ages welcome!

      Check out the Facebook page for more info!

    • To my dearest fan, Mopar

      6 years ago


      To my closest friend for the past 8 years, Mopar.

      You will be missed during all the EGS recording sessions by laying on my lap and knocking the microphone off the table when I didn't throw your ball. Your brother, Zeuse, will still continue to terrorize the production studio as we record but know this. You will not be forgotten by me or any of the EGS Production staff, crew or fans.

      So many great memories over the years I don't know where to start. How about growling at me when I looked at my computer for too long or maybe the time you chewed by halo armor before I had a chance to complete that project? Lol, such great times.

      I love you, Mopar and I miss you already. The office won't be the same without you.

      Your dad forever,


    • Internet isues

      6 years ago


      It seems when I sit down and must complete work using the Internet it goes down for a few hours. Yea, living in the "country' somewhat dose not help but throw me a freakin' bone hear ISP. I swear, they installed a hidden camera in my office to when I sit at my desk, they flip a switch just to watch me throw something across the room.

      Good thing I got a cold beer in my fridge that will soon make it to my hands and who knows, that laundry pile might get reduced in this epic down time I am facing.

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    • FalconSweet

      6 years ago

      It was a great pleasure to meet you and thanks for hosting & inviting me to podcast with you.
      heres the list of people I came up with that we recorded with

    • matthiew FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      7 years ago

      Check out the pics on the RTX Facebook page. You're in one!

    • mattcorry FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      7 years ago

      Steve, it was fantastic hanging with you yesterday.

    • Dame

      8 years ago

      Thanks! smiley1.gif my understanding, proceeds from buying the real shirt go to the charity as well.

    • MrsMJCaboose

      8 years ago

      You've definitely come to the right place then, lol :)

    • MrsMJCaboose

      8 years ago

      Hey there, Steve...nice to meet you? lol

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