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    • Not starting out to be a good weekend

      14 years ago



      So friday was the PAX and I of course couldnt make it due to various reasons. for those of you living in a cave, Gus, Burnie, Geoff, Jason, Kathleen, and Matt were all going to be in attendance and sneek-peeking the next season, and from what gus said, some other RvB goodness.

      But thats alright. I consoled myself with trashing people on counterstrike (ok I was getting trashed but this is my blog, damnit).

      I was working today at the paintball field I ref at and in the middle of a intense fire fight I get a call from my Dad. Being in the middle of a fire fight is not the place to answer a call so I let it go to answer and called him back later.
      Now let us all remember.....

      News from home is rarely good

      Evidently my Grandfather is diagnosed with mallignant colon cancer, and its already spread. I know he's had a long a good life, and he's evidently taking things well, but damn this hurts. This guy has always been someone who could make you smile, and had an irreverent look on the world that would make you scratch your head and have to laugh cause what he said, while silly, was still true.

      The doctors give him 9 to 12 months


    • I wish she was my golf partner

      14 years ago


      I think the guys will be with me on this one

    • Just for the few keeping tabs on me...

      14 years ago


      Lifes fairly stable these days

      Being a home owner has got me fairly busy. I only just recently got back to doing some counter-strike action. Lets just say my skillz are somewhat lacking but I'm getting warmed up again.
      Gen and I have been gardening our butts off, changing out the weed population in our lawn for actual grass. Thats the easy part tho. we've also been working on our small vegtable patch. It's mostly over-grown now with 2 tomato plants, though we've also got 5 corn plants and a few peppers. Those oughta be tasty. smiley0.gif

      I'd like to thank the Russian Navy for keeping me in business...
      The only insanity I've had to deal with as of late happened last weekend in national news.
      If you recall the russkies got themselves another sub stuck underwater, and decided to call for help. The command I work at is in charge of the 2 super scorpio units that the US Navy owns. While the units themeselves are located in Cali, their parent command is my office in Bangor, so we were on full alert as of early friday morning when I came in to work. We actually got to see the updates rolling in just ahead of the news releases which is kind of a cool experience.

      Theres something funny in the Air Forces water.
      Click Me!



    • Good bye Scotty :(

      14 years ago


      "I cannae give't any more cap'n!!!"
      I was just watching CNN, and unfortunatly its true, the heart of the Enterprise is gone.
      Jimmy Doohan god rest your soul.

    • The War of the Boxes continues

      14 years ago


      So it's been about 2 or so weeks since Gen and I have moved in to our new house.
      Unfortunatly as with all moves, the unpacking takes geometricly longer time than it took to pack. On a posative spin to this, I can walk about my house in the dark with out total fear of stubbing my my bare foot, but there are moments.....

      Gen had her final day of working at the Starbucks by our old abode, and starts her at her new one tomorrow. Trust me when I say "this is a good thing".

      Oh yeah and I finally have my net connection back now, but it currently requires me running a lan cable from the upstairs to the basement. Screw that noise, I'm going wireless!!

    • Sigh. Time to update the masses.

      14 years ago


      Thank You ToolPackinMa playing to my sense of guilt.
      So it has been quite some time since my last entry, but life has an interesting way of keepin ya busy.
      I have been attending school, commuting 60 miles daily to work, and my wife and I have put our condo on the market just recently as well as buying our new home over in Bremerton (for you MXPX fans please recall the song 'Moving to Bremerton'). In other words, I've been a bit busy. Wwll that and a bit lazy too, but mostly busy.

      The new house has an upstairs sitting room to which Gen has said she refuses to allow to have any TV's in. "Why is this a good thing?" and "Why do we care?" I hear you ask. Lemme tell ya why. The 2 down stairs bedrooms are going to have the ajoining wall knocked out and ALL the T.V.s will be set up down there for my gaming LAN. Can anyone say HALO party?

      Anyway, we've been going nuts cleaning and constantly having the condo ready for show. This has paid off, because not a week has gone by since it went on the market and we've got 2 offers for more than we're asking. Those of you who have sold know that doesn't mean jack till the check hits the bank, but it's better than no offers,eh?

      And now for something completly odd...
      In my constant rounds on various sites I visit I've com accros this little jem of a website, the happy tree firends. Everything truly twisted with the world joyously represented in these happy little toons. Enjoy them, just don't eat anything b4 ya watch em, k?
      You were warned.....

    • Cool links

      14 years ago


      For those of you who are fans of dance music and DJ mixes,
      check out this station. They have a streaming broadcast and very few commercials because they're non-profit.

      And for the just plain wierd,Watch the guy in red, I swear this guy has no bones!

      We now return you to your regularly scheduled boredom.

    • blah blah blahdy blahblah

      14 years ago


      Wednesday and I'm stuck behind a desk.
      It's gorgeous out and my motorcycle is calling me.
      Pity me...

      Back into the fray
      So I was able to get some game time in last night. I've got to say it's been good fun getting there with folks who aren't blithering idiots.

      BTW crushed , I was laughing my ass off last night with that Beaver Creek sword match. To here you ranting "this is my house!" as someone plants a blade in your back has certain comical value.
      Good game tho.

    • I'mmmmmmmmmm Baaaaaaack

      14 years ago


      Da Ceremony
      So as of January 25th 4Pm Pacific time, Gen and I were officially Mr. and Mrs. We had a short service at the Seattle courthouse with her best friend Margy, and my good friends Chris and Bev in attendance. Margy took the pictures folks so as soon as I get them from her, you'll see them. Afterwards we went, had a little snacky action, went home, I changed out of my dress uniform( yeah they look sharp, but its all wool so it itches a little) and went and had dinner.

      Da Honeymoon
      They day after, gen, the puppy, and I piled in to the Grand Cherokee and headed for Sun Valley, Idaho. Her mother lent it to us so that we could go celebrate Gen's B-day on the 29th of Jan, not knowing that it was doubling as the honeymoon as well. The condo is at the base of the ski run and is pretty much what you'd like for a little mountain get away.
      Heated tile floors and jacuzzi tub for 2 included.
      The pup had to spend part of the time in her little kennel box but we made that up to her with walks in to town. Sun Valley is a dog town, so she was showered with plenty of affection, and she got to play in the snow too.

      All in all it was a great time, but of course we had to come home to reallity eventually.

    • Tomorrow's the day

      14 years ago


      So tomorrow I get married. NOW I'm a little nervous.
      But I guess its only natural...

      After that we're off to Sun Valley, Idaho. The original plan was to do some skiing, but with the puppy along, we'll probably keep it to sledding.

      I'll post pic's when I get back.
      See ya in a week

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      A Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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      A little late but I just got home. ;)

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      You're cool.......Here's proof

      *Hands you a COOKIE*

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      I like you. :)

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