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      2 years ago


      At this time ,all  tickets are sold out. I hope they could possibly add more tickets as a lot more can go,the excel is big enough. If not then I hope for all those who can not go that you are not upset . Have a day out with your friends , play video games , go out for a meal. Don't let this one event change your views on the weekend as a whole.

      As for all those who are going please respect one another,staff and guardians.If you are asked to move along it is due to health and safety,to prevent overcrowding, so please listen to them. They are there for you and do not have to put up with your disrespect.This applies to hotels and pubs in the area as well. Please if you are in a hotel do not fill the room with more than 3 people or what is stated on the invoice of the room, your health and safety should always come first.

      Please make sure you place your rubbish in the bins and be careful of pickpockets as London is highly known for them .Any thing that makes you uncomfortable please report it to a member of staff or an guardian as you have the right to feel safe at this event. Please also try and reframe from swearing as it is highly possible for under 18s to attend this event. Also note that the excel has to apply the UK Law ,so please no underage drinking ,no real props , i.e swords , guns ,ect. If you are unsure please ask .

      Reminder that you will need to bring your email confirmation along with valid ID to pick up your badge for the weekend/day ect. Remember to have fun at this event , no drama if possible. Carry water and meditation with you, if you need it. No worries , no stress. Enjoy the event 

      Above all respect the "celebrities" or the RT staff. Do not ask for a selfies or a signing if you are in the toilets. Do not bother them if you see they are rushing and trying to get to the next panel. If you are lucky enough you will have a code for a signing . Saying "Please" and "Thank you" will go along way. 

      Any questions please ask staff and guardians for help.


      2 years ago


      So happy that we finally get our own RTX. After a lot of waiting and hoping , we can look forward to the even this October. Hopefully I be able to carry all my cosplays :) We are currently all have the battles of the ibis. Every rooster teeth fan has seem to taken over the hotels near by. Hopefully we can bring in new fans to London , and have a really good time.

    • MCM London October/rwby screening of volume 3

      2 years ago


      MCM is around the corner and I will be doing my weiss season 4 outfit for the RT competition on saturday . 

      I am so happy that all four of the main girls of the rwby will be there. I hope that they can expeirence the true side of the UK fandom as we are one of the most hard working ones. 

      I can't wait for the new merch to come out so hopefully I be able to get some new merch and I have booked all four girls for a photo so I look forward to it.

      Rwby London screening will be this wednesday which I will also be going to as ruby :) I can't however stay as the screening finishes at 11.30PM. I look to seeing everyone :)

    • rtuk 2016

      3 years ago


      I haven't posted on here lately but I wanted to talk about the rtuk event that I went to in Leicester. At first I thought it would of been really bad and I didn't know most people in the group,however I was amazed by how well the event was run and how many games and events there were to do . Everyone was friendly and helpful and there was no issues within the event . There was so many games so there was always something to do and the Facebook page was updated often so that no one got confused on what was going on within the two days . The charity raffle was super awesome as they raised so much just from selling tickets to the event and the tshirts. Even the after parties were full of fun and I was glad to see that there was some form of control within the group even know most were drunk. I was sad to go and would only hope that the event got more funding as it would be great to get more fans and people to join the UK group.

      I want to say a big thank you to the admins and organisers of the group as without them it wouldn't of been such a great weekend.I hope maybe one day I will be just like them but until then next year I hope to see them again.

      Hopefully the next London meet up will be just as fun.

    • cosplay work

      3 years ago


      So I have been so busy working on my ruby pj cosplay and all I need now is the top .I have made even a corgi pillow *see images* and I'm so proud of it because I just didn't really know what I was doing but It turn out okay .The sleeping mask was very easy and I just plan to wear red slippers. I got the bottoms from the store and just need the top to turn up. I can use my rwby hoodie for when it gets cold .But during may it tends to be very warm here with a chance of rain but doesn't normally happen at mcm.

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