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    • KennyK

      14 years ago

      I need a Grilled Cheese now, more than ever... thanks for the offer. smiley1.gif

    • FieryPhoenix

      14 years ago

      This is my new mom!! :D YAYS!!! Yum yum food! ^_^

    • eggo

      14 years ago

      I would just like to say that you have a beautiful family!! ^_^

    • ArcticFox6i

      14 years ago

      Chobits is awesome, and so is Texas! you seem cool, +1 mod point for you

    • TheSwmnCello

      14 years ago

      Haha, sorry, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm pretty good friends with Yin and Yang - we chat all the time. Whether or not I'm a freak depends on which one you ask though. =P

    • Archetype

      14 years ago

      Watch out for some of the insanely stupid people? I think she was talking about me.

    • Yang

      14 years ago

      Yay!!! You're on!! OMG! I'm so happy!! ^_^ Now Owen will never know what were talking about! *LOL*

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