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      12 years ago


      I like that number. it smells like raspberries.

      im drinking hot chocolate with biscuts while checking my updates on here and myspace. oh, and i havent slept for 62 hours. D:

    • Bored.

      12 years ago


      entertain me. seriously. english is boring. and allison is trying to work so ive got no one to talk to. ennnnnnteeeeeeeeeeeeeertttttttttttttaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin meeeeeeee

    • Little Miss Sunshine

      12 years ago


      Beautiful. Sad, Sweet. FUCKING hilarious. i havent actually cried in a film for a LONG time, but this film made me cry, not cause of something sad, (though there are some sad bits) just cause its... well its fucking beautiful. go buy the dvd, go cry. you'll love to.

    • To guitar king

      12 years ago


      Blood diamond sucked. figure it out.

      I also watched the prestige last night. that was fucking wild as well. anyone else seen these two movies and want to comment?

    • Ar-ee-es-pee-ee-see-tee

      12 years ago


      I just suddenly gained a lot of respect for Leo DiCaprio

    • Pirates 3 trailer

      12 years ago


      *creams* G-rush sailing a ship with cannons firing and storms raging laughing maniacly. fucking A!

      see, and this is why sony licks balls. too much hyping, not enough deliverance.

    • Quizy wordy thingy. plus girl news.

      12 years ago


      Stolen from Foolsfolly who stole it from RaginAsian that stole this from Jedipoet who stole this from Behind the Actor's Studio which stole it from Bernard Pivot.

      What is your favorite word?

      What is your least favorite word? Sober.

      What turns you on [creatively, spiritually or emotionally]? huh? no physically there... hmm... drama. performing.

      What turns you off? crooked teeth.

      What is your favorite curse word? Fuck. i use it so much.

      What sound or noise do you love? Laughter,

      What sound or noise do you hate?
      Laugh Track.

      What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Singer. :D

      What profession would you not like to do? Dancer.

      If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? "Hey dude, whats the happy-haps?"

      Sex sex sex sex boobies sex sex sex ass sex sex sex i love sex sex you love sex sex WE ALL LOVE SEEXXXXXXXXXXXYYYYSEXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX!

      So im happy.. shoot me.

      and no i didnt fuck girl b. but she said she loved me, and we had a rather pasionate kiss, like movie style. it was rad.

    • You should all download

      12 years ago


      Thanks for your time - Gotye

      The first person to tell me what its about AND 2 instruments used in it gets... 30 mods. :D

      i have an abundance of mods at the moment, so lil' contests like these will happen alot.

    • Poetry.

      12 years ago


      Please read, a friend of mine and i wrote this. so please enjoy.

      im the girl that doesnt get invited out coz shes too loud and destructive
      im the girl that has a passion for photography, but no one understands it
      im the girl that writes her heart out, just to get rejected because of the messege
      im the girl that hasnt found where she belongs yet but knows its not here

      Im the boy who self destructs to get away
      Im the boy who understands people, and is hated for it.
      Im the boy who tries to help, but all ways fucks it up.
      Im the boy who wants to kill it all away.

      we are the ones that are outcasted by those who only look skin deep
      we are the ones that have too much to offer others, but no one takes
      we are the ones that would run and hide and no one would look
      we are the ones that look for comfort in others but are pushed into the coldness of the night

      We are the ones who fall cant get up
      We are the ones who shoot themselves and are forgotten 2 weeks later
      We are the ones who get into drugs just to feel alive.
      We are the ones with no one but ourselves

      And we're fighting back.

    • I have guinness.

      12 years ago


      And your jealous. i now have 12 cans of guinness. me and my dad split a 24 can case. bought it for 50 bucks! yeah!!

      who doesnt love saint pattys day?

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