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      so hyped - got my achievement hunter shirts & shot glasses :D

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      A Game and Movie review Journal, maybe even a comic recommendation journal as well?
      So let me start by some comic's you must read.

      dc comics


      All Star Batman #1-9
      Batman & Son
      Batman & Robin (Reborn)
      Batman Arkham Asylum
      Batman B&W vol 1
      Batman B&W vol 2
      Batman B&W vol 3
      Batman Dark Victory
      Batman Haunted Knight
      Batman Hush vol 1
      Batman Hush vol 2
      Batman Hush Returns
      Batman The Killing Joke
      Batman The Long Halloween
      Batman Vs. Two-Face
      Batman Year One
      The Dark Knight Returns
      The Dark Knight Strikes Again
      Catwoman When In Rome
      Harley Quinn Preludes & Knock-Knock Jokes
      Gotham City Sirens
      Batman: Hush


      All Star Superman #1-11
      Superman For All Seasons
      Superman Kryptonite
      Superman: Last Son

      Green Arrow

      Green Arrow Year One #1-6
      Green Arrow vol 1-7
      Green Arrow #60-75
      Green Arrow & Black Canary #1-18
      Black Canary #1-4
      Connor Hawke Dragon's Blood #1-6

      Green Lantern

      Green Lantern Rebirth #1-6
      Green Lantern #1-28
      Ion #1-12
      Sinestro Corps War
      Tales of the Sinestro Corps

      Justice League + Teen Titans

      The Brave & The Bold #28-30
      Mystery in Space #75
      Justice League of America #1-16
      JLA Tower of Babel
      JLA The New Frontier
      Justice #1-12
      Kingdom Come
      Teen Titans Year One #1-6
      Teen Titans vol 1-5
      Titans #1-9


      World War III
      Countdown to Final Crisis #51-1
      Countdown to Final Crisis The Search for Ray Palmer
      Infinite Crisis
      The Flash The Fastest Man Alive #1-13
      Green Lantern/Green Arrow vol 1
      Green Lantern/Green Arrow vol 2
      Martian Manhunter #1-8
      Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil

      vertigo + misc

      Y: The Last Man


      Lucifer vol 1
      Lucifer vol 2
      Lucifer vol 3
      Lucifer vol 4
      Lucifer vol 5
      Lucifer vol 6

      Swamp Thing

      Saga of the Swamp Thing vol 1
      Saga of the Swamp Thing vol 2
      Saga of the Swamp Thing vol 3
      Saga of the Swamp Thing vol 4
      Saga of the Swamp Thing vol 5


      Sandman vol 1
      Sandman vol 2
      Sandman vol 3
      Sandman vol 4
      Sandman Endless Night

      Frank Miller's...

      Sin City vol 1-7

      Alan Moore's...

      The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vol 1
      V for Vendetta

      Grant Morrison's...

      Animal Man vol 1
      Animal Man vol 2


      30 Days of Night
      30 Days of Night Dark Days
      30 Days of Night Return to Barrow
      Star Trek Alien Spotlight
      Star Trek Countdown
      Supernatural Origins #1-6
      Supernatural Rising Son #1-4



      Cable and Deadpool #1-10
      Deadpool vol 1
      The X-Men #1-3
      Wolverine Logan
      Wolverine Origin
      Wolverine Origins vol 2
      Wolverine Origins vol 3
      Wolverine Origins vol 4
      Wolverine Origins vol 5
      Wolverine Prodigal Son vol 1
      Wolverine Tales of Weapon X


      Fallen Son Death of Captain America
      Iron Man Demon In A Bottle
      Hulk The End
      Iron Man vol 1
      Iron Man vol 2

      Marvel Knights

      Daredevil The Man Without Fear
      Daredevil Yellow
      Inhumans #1-5
      Inhumans The Great Refuge
      Inhumans vol 2
      Spider-Man Blue
      Spider-Man Fairy Tales


      The Ultimates vol 1
      The Ultimates vol 2
      The Ultimates 2 vol 1
      The Ultimates 2 vol 2
      The Ultimates 3 #1-2
      Ultimate Origins #1-3
      Ultimate Fantastic Four vol 1-6
      Ultimate X-Men vol 1-13

      Dark Horse
      BPRD: Volume 1 - Volume 6


      Kev comics
      The Authority


      Marvel 1602
      Marvel 1602 Fantastick Four
      Marvel Zombies
      Marvel Zombies 2

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