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    • Not dead... yet...

      13 years ago


      Yes - very slack of me I know - The short story is I'm pissed off at my PC (and PC's in general) so I've banned myself from them until I can calm down and stop spitting at it everytime I pass the office...

      I'm still around bewtiful peeps - just not as often as usual...

      Take care y'all!!!


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    • MIA - or - How slack am I?

      13 years ago


      OMG... I've missed so much here smiley2.gifsmiley4.gif

      Okay - time to dedicate some time to this community again. Bit late for me to do so now so "watch this space" for a massive update shortly.

      Later y'all!! smiley0.gifsmiley12.gif

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    • Huh? Someone say something...? Speak up!

      13 years ago


      Headed over to Surfers to check out the parties going on... Don't expect too much from me for at least the next couple of days now though smiley4.gifsmiley0.gif Man my head still hurts... Head isn't too bad. It's the burning eyes that is the real killer...

      But I grabbed this snap I thought y'all may like. Now this is one ambulance that could announce, in the next state, that it's behind you! They were also prevented from cranking this baby to maximum ... thank God! I'm still trying to hear now smiley7.gifsmiley8.gif


      ... so ... Think the paramedics will be getting new rides anytime soon? smiley8.gif

    • Can it get any better? You betcha!

      13 years ago


      Man... just look at this view... 10min drive from home and I'm in heaven... even better is the fact that from D'bah to Kirra there are honeyz all over the place for the Quicksilver Pro and Roxy chick's as far as the eye can see... Ahh... who said paradise was anywhere but here? smiley0.gif


    • Quake 4

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      Wow. Can't believe there wasn't a thread on this?!

      Anyway - just like to say that I think Quake 4 (Q4) is awesome smiley11.gif It kicked Doom 3's butt that's for sure smiley8.gif which felt more like a warm up for Q4. Better AI, better story... just... better.

      Now with news of Quake Wars, Q4 has been some good training ground, for it's release. Nice work Id/Raven/Activision smiley0.gif

      See EA/DICE... this is how it's done smiley4.gif Sorry, couldn't resist the kick smiley1.gif

      I thought the movement physics were a bit sluggish but was good to see that it was planned for a reason. Nothing like getting a new pair of legs is there? For those that don't know... keep playing smiley8.gif All well executed with enough left over for the cosmetics and the usual Id/Raven "touches"...

      Man I'm leaving this here. I'm starting to sound like a review now smiley0.gif

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    • Joining the family.

      13 years ago


      Well I've finally done it. Joined the family smiley1.gif

      Hell why not?! RT do a lot better than some "Hollywood" production companies and have provided me more entertainment on average so far smiley8.gif Not only that but they provide a community as well. Nice work y'all smiley0.gif Some of you are a bit strange but I think you go that way if you ... don't leave the site every once in awhile ... okay ... please. Get some sunlight smiley8.gif

      In celebration of this event...

      To the Pum... errr... Rooster Mobile*!
      *Please note that this vehicle only exists in the mind of the poster. Any resemblance to vehicles living or dead (or in the shed to be "worked on") is just per bullshit luck.

    • I guess I'm pretty lucky after all...

      13 years ago


      Found this flicking through some old snaps and thought it's re-discovery was well timed.

      After having had a bit of a crap month (year?) this pic really cheered me up... more than all that chocolate did anyway :)


      Amazing what we fail to see sometimes... Me? I'm still blind as a bat when it comes to most things in life but now at least I can realise it ;)

    • "Here comes the rain again..."

      13 years ago


      Summer showers... nice if you don't work in a flood plain :S


    • Here comes another one! Duck!

      13 years ago


      Oh man! Another Valentines Day?!

      Oh well... at least there's more chocolate to go around :)

      Pictures say a thousand words. Well that and I'm too tired right now to think of anything witty to say :S


    • (Re)Discovering the enigma that is RVB

      13 years ago


      Well after hearing of REDvsBLUE years ago, then dismissing it as another net "fad" of the time, then discovering the DVDs living on my local video stores shelves, I had to think to myself that this wasn't just another clever "fad" of the time.

      Best thing I've done in a long time was to hire those DVDs :)

      Just wanted to thank all the crew at Rooster Teeth for producing something that quite literally made me laugh more than any "Hollywood production" has in an even longer time. I also want to thank the community members who have kept sprits high and the crew on their toes. Without your input and support I don't think the guys would have found as much reward in what they have accomplished.

      Gustavo Sorola and Geoff Fink - You are geniuses (geniusi?) Sirs and it is genius that is often ignored... so screw 'em and do your own thing ;)

      On a side note, since I've been so very disappointed with the release of EA Games PC edition of BattleField 2 (BF2), I have decided that its only purpose in life is provide me with entertainment through laughter.

      Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery after all... (gee.. hope that same excuse rides in court...) :)

      More journal entries to follow? Who knows, I get incredibly lazy y'know...

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