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    • Glaxton

      13 years ago


      Also, I have created a website with tutorials on it... (click on the image)


      You may also MSG me with any questions.
      If you don't know how to send private messages, there is a tutorial on the website smiley11.gif

    • Dwarf_Ninjas

      13 years ago

      Welcome to redvsblue, new comer. If there is anything you need help. feel free to ask me. Dont forget to watch me and any user that helps you out. Not to mention it's fun to see what they do.

      Hope you have fun on the site, also go to chatterbox if you would like an easy way to make some good freinds

      And if you are confused on how rvb works, go here to the 1st stop forum. It will walk you through the basics.

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