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    • 3 years ago

    • RoosterTeeth IP-camera?

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      First of all, i'm not american or even english. Please excuse me for not always using the correct words for stuff. (or if you can't, please shout at me with lowercase letters so i don't feel too bad. :) )

      So I was watching the podcast on youtube (yeah i know, could have watched it here sooner but..) and i though "They should really have a webcam/IPcamera set up outside the RT headquarters (or in the entrance area?)"

      From what I have seen, your current headquarters have crappy internet access, but how about your new office? Any possibility of a "live" webcam feed from Roosterteeth? (of course not so it is intrusive.) smiley1.gif

      Anyone who think this could be nice? Or is this just a dumb idea?

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    • Why the RT fascination with DS?

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      Not trying to start a flamewar here.. just curious..
      What's the deal with so many RoosterTeeth employees having this weird fascination with Nintento DS?
      Is there something i've missed? After all it's just a portable gameplatform, isn't it?
      I see Gus and Bernie and Barb and Michael and whoever facepingtiming or whatever it's called.. but do they use it for something else? Can you use it as a personal organizer? Or is it just games and this facetimeping thing?

      As i said.. not trying to start a flamewar.. I just don't get it, and that makes me curious..

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