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    • Spring Break!!!!

      13 years ago


      Finally my towns like the last place to get break and i am injoying it

    • Sidewindwer cronicles

      13 years ago


      okay ppl say scripts are for jounals so here is the first part of the episode that i made up about sidewindwer

      the setting is....well sidewinder and its around the time tex attacks hope you guys like it here is the characters too


      Private Nick- Hotheaded soldier (Church like)

      Private Brian- kind of like tucker except he sucks with women

      Private Jesus- a pacifist (no kidding) medic

      Commander Sam- a stiff FEMALE commander

      Tank: Shelina- sister of Sheila


      Lt. Slack- Lazy ass Lt.

      Private Phil- the character from the one scene in season 3

      Freelancer Death- a freelancer that likes…well you guess

      Private Mick- Guy in Deleted scene on Season 2 disk

      Warthog: “Puma- they heard blood gulch called it a warthog…retards

      Other Characters:
      Original Characters from Red Vs Blue, Private Mickey, Private Jimmie

      here is some of the script its at the blue base tower with the characters Nick and Brian

      Brian- Hey Mickey your guard shifts over go with patrol

      Mickey- I don’t want to

      Nick- Why?

      Mickey- I feel like something bad is gonna happen like some invisible person is gonna come and kill us all except for Church which seems weird but I don’t wanna go

      Brian- just shut up will you, You make up these things that never come true...except when you said I'd wet my pants in front of that girl but only that time so just go...

      Mickey- fine

      Nick- huhhhhhhhhhh I hate guard duty

      Brian- what the hell are you bitching about now

      Nick- Why do we always have to stay in the base and rot are asses off while they have fun scouting its so boring in here.

      Brian- Well would you rather freeze your ass off in the fucking cold weather out their or keep your ass nice and toasty while also rotting in here.

      Nick- Bu-….. Well you do have a point

      Brian- plus all they ever do is bitch about the cold and hope they get some action

      Troops- man its fucking cold, I hope we get some action

      Nick- ok I get it

      Brian- How’s the scouting going anyways?

      Nick- Well it looks like that their about to lea- (sees something wiss past his scope) wait what was that

      Brian- What???

      Nick- I thought I saw something- wait what’s Mickey screaming about?


      Nick- What the hell he just died……what the fuck everyone’s dying

      Brian- Hey were did Jimmie go

      Nick Holy crap it’s a special ops soldier…..HOLY SHIT HE RIPPED OUT JIMI’S SKULL AND IS BEATING HIM TO DEATH WITH IT

      Brian- That doesn’t seem physically possible

      Nick- That’s what he’s screaming

      Jimmie- This doesn’t seem physically possible….herug bleah…..

      Nick- Holy crap everyone is dead everyone is- wait church is still alive.

      Brian- Oh I hope that bastard dies

      Nick- Why do you hate him so much… he seems like a good guy

      Brian- Well the one time we were spying on the reds and HE had the sniper rifle so I asked him what the reds were doing and he blew up at me just for that

      Nick- wait someone’s coming hide (they hid in the right side ladder)

      (Church comes up on the other side)

      Church- well this sucks……oh well ill just go somewhere else maybe a little warmer….You know I hope that prick Brian died… he was so fucking annoying…. I guess I better blow this up so the reds don’t use it.

      (Sticks a sticky grenade on the teleporter and blows it up)

      (Nick and Brian come back)

      Brian- Oh that fucking bitch he had to blow the teleporter up now were stranded, STRANDED…WERE GONNA STARVE, STRAVE AND DIE….WERE GONNA DIE!!!!!

      Nick- Would you shut up, I’m just going to call command they can help us (buzz) hello blue command this is sidewinder outpost beta come in blue command.

    • new one

      13 years ago


      likelikesrus got it ok new one

      "Thier are no pledges between lions and men"

    • ok new contest

      13 years ago


      well no one guessed on my last one so im doin movie quotes

      "im your fathers, brothers, uncles, sisters, aunts, cousin's former roomate"

    • Contest

      13 years ago


      okay im bored so im havein a contest guess the song ill give a mod for whoever gets it right

      ill do a new song after someone gets it right and free hat you will know most of the songs so wait a few guesses before you answer

      "Can you feel this... I'm dying to feel this.... Can You feel this"

    • WTF

      13 years ago


      im not sure why but i was baned from the site later yesterday which sucked can someone tell me some of the reasons u get banned from the site

    • a machinima idea

      13 years ago


      im thought of a rvb machinma spin off a while back about what happend on sidwinder in between texs attack on the blues and when they go into the future. I want to know if anyone migt like the idea. If you want to see the script just tell me and ill send but this is just a first draft so please don't give me to much bad feedback if you don't like it

      thanks from your neighborly team killing fucktard

    • Friends

      13 years ago


      Hey i will except random friend request so go ahead and ask away.....

    • Team Killer

      13 years ago


      hi im the new team killing fucktard here so just comment me and ill be ur new friend

    • 2019 years ago

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