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    • whoa.

      13 years ago


      ok now you guys might think of me as "clingy" with this next post... but its the truth.
      in a mear month... i have told you about 2 diffrent girls
      Halohunni09 (gwen)
      and Trinity_star
      but im starting to get this funny attraction to ANOTHER girl...
      and this one is close enough we can actually do stuff togeather.
      I met her at PAX and thought she was really hott and i wanted to talk to her more... but i didnt.
      heres a small profile of her and what i like
      Screen name:armadillo89
      real name:Laura
      my fav. pics
      Shes really beautiful... there was a blond picture of her (i think thats her real hair color but i dont fucken know)
      another reason i think i like her:

      Favorite Video Games
      Super smash brothers, Star wars K.O.T.O.R.2, , Mortal combat, Halo2, S.S.X3, Command & Conquer red alert, kings quest, jet pack, comander keen, , resident evil 1-4, tekken 3 and 4, silent hill 1 and 2. old Sierra adventure games, TMNT 1, TMNT 2, Roller Coaster Tycoon.

      *sniff* once again... a chick with a boyfriend...
      Shes really cool though but i dont know whats going to happen from it.
      Im going to try and be less agressive then i have been in the past with girls see how that works out for me. smiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

      ALSO i dont want emotional support for this one... im just saying somthing.
      Well i hope she dosnt get like creeped out by this.
      ***EDIT*** Laura... if you just wanna be friends... thats fine... im cool with that i dont wanna seem like i am just flocking to you... This is more to say i think your really cool.

    • Paradox Squadron

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      Geeks Paradox has made their first movie, just an intro, to open up a militaristic machinima series. Go to Geeks Paradox to download the video.


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    • Modded xboxes (art wise)

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      [smiley9 smiley9.gifsmiley9.gif ]Ok im sorry you guys i know that this is a thread sumwhere but i couldnt find it... i searched and also went a few pages back... i couldlnt find the old thread so i made a new one.... if you find the old thread please link me and we can let this die! smiley9.gifsmiley9.gifsmiley9.gif
      when you post the picture of YOUR xbox please rember this is stuff that you did to your xbox not hardware wise... this is if you painted/put stickers on/took the shell off all togeather/things like that.

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    • Me... wtf

      13 years ago


      Ok this is mainly the light of the car shining againced my hair but this is also to prove im blond... (although not obviously)
      I was thinking maby doing my hair like this (i have never touched my hair with anything other then sisors and razors in my life... not even gel... well i gelled it once

    • Program Finding Help

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      Ok i see alot of people asking about what program they need for diffrent problems... i thought maby to clean up the forum.. we could all just put those questions here.
      smiley9.gifsmiley9.gif What I Need smiley9.gifsmiley9.gif
      I have a webcam (ok i lied im getting on in a week), and i have a website Geeks Paradox.
      I want a program that will capture images from my webcam... and upload them to a folder on my remote server every 1 hr or somthing like that. I also need that picture to keep the same file name.. and re-write the old one... because i want to put the image link up on my profile... so people can see me while im online!(please dont steal my idea... or at least give me credit)
      smiley9.gifsmiley9.gif My Specs smiley9.gifsmiley9.gif
      smiley11.gif Im running Windows XP *puke*
      smiley11.gif The Program MUST BE FREE... but i will look at any program 20 bucks and under.
      smiley11.gif My processor wont be a big deal... and but my memory is low... so prefrably a light program.(its free so i wasnt expecting much anyway)
      smiley11.gif NO SPYWARE/ADWARE dont even suggest it to me.. i dont care ill pay money to not deal with that shit.
      smiley11.gif It must be able to work directly with the FTP and work fine.. because i want to suggest it to my friends and let my friends do the same thing.
      smiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gif Thank you smiley12.gifsmiley12.gifsmiley12.gif

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      14 years ago



      ok by now you have had a chance not to look
      this was the bloody noes i just had a few min ago... thought maby you guys wanted to see that im human and i really do bleed

    • The Big Decission (my verdict)

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      ok for anyone who wants a follow up to my previous topic
      i got this email from my mom


      I have been thinking a lot about your dilemma whether to move with your dad to Seattle or move back in with me. As a mother I always want to do what is best for you. Sometimes I mistake what is best for you with what you this moment.

      What you WANT is to stay in this area. I realize after this weekend it has nothing to do with your dad or me. When you first mentioned you would like to live with me, my first thought was "of course you can". When you called me a fucking bitch while camping because you didn’t get YOUR way, it made me start thinking about the past.

      When it was just you, Cole and I living in the old house things were out of control. You did as you wanted, when you wanted and that was unacceptable to me. It disrupted all of our lives, including Cole’s. You still weren’t happy and had your dad take me to court to get custody.

      You live with your dad during the school year, which makes him the main disciplinarian. When you are at my home, I don’t have a lot of rules for you to follow. If you lived with me during the school year, you would have the same rules you used to have. Those weren’t acceptable for you then.

      The only reason you want to live with me is because you don’t want to move to Seattle. It is possible that I find a job teaching in another area and have to move. Would you then move back with your dad because you like that place better?

      You are too young to be calling the shots. If your dad has to relocate, then that is where you need to go. I love you, and my home will always be your home, but you need to go with your father where ever he moves too.

      I want to talk to you about this in person but I want you to have the opportunity to think about this first.

      I love you, Mom

      My dad already told me that she didnt want me... and that kinda confirms it (and for the record i said i should be fucken emmancipated not you fucken bitch)
      So I will be moving to my dads sometime within this semester of school.
      just if anyone cared for a follow up
      Thank you guys (most of you guys) for your support. If you wanna know how im doing from now on... just watch me and ill keep you posted.

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    • Thank you everyone

      14 years ago






      You guys make me feel soo happy and good about my self.
      you guys are the greatest

    • FTP HELP

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      Anyone who knows alot about ftp accounts please send me a PM (theres some stuff i just dont want to tell everyone so ill try and keep it contained to one person)

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    • Geeks Paradox-the first online democracy

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      For all you geeks!
      We have tons of stuff going on... get on the inside and find out whats going to happen... also have fun relax... and have a voice.
      If you want somthing done... SAY IT... i wont yell at you... noone will flame you. It will only make my site better!
      Thank You,
      the Geek Paradox Team

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