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    • We are not a "community"...

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      were a "family... i mean sure theres some people we dont like but theres some family members i dont like either.
      but when you need help with homework... do you ever go find someone who uses that kinda skill in there job, and ask you them to maby help alittle? When you need someone to make a picture for you dont you ask one of your buddys and if they dont know they ask one of theres?
      Come on you guys (and girls) lets accept it... we are one big not so happy family

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    • "The right Click Spell Checker"

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      Ok now if anyone knows me they know i have sucky spelling i mean my god i cant spell for shit...
      but i found along time ago this spellchecker that you can download and all you have to do is right click and it would spell check any text box you want... so anywhere were you insert text it will spell check it for me. Does anyone know a program like that?
      It was on The Screen Savers long long ago

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    • Mexico video

      14 years ago


      MY ROOM VIDEO!!1!1!!one!1!!eleven!
      Click herethis is my room in mexico and me just goofing around... rember i am not a expert film maker... and this was more of an experimental video.... i am currently working on converting it to QT also (for the mac guys like my self)
      This is a really cool video... i really like it.... i mean i dont like it it sucks... but im proud of my self for making it.

      Some cool pictures
      And this one is specially for Elnea although she dosnt come around to much
    • AT THE TOP!

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      I have always thought we should be up here instead of under the basement... this is cool... now im sorry if my first post on the new site sounds noobish... but i just wanted to point it out... that we are now where we belong (lol and still have no sp checker)

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    • Make your avatar a shirt

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      ok.. who wouldnt want to show that they are a geek to the world.... as soon as i open up my store i will be selling shirts... but also... i will sell a shirt with any avatar on it... for really cheap, aound 12 bucks... I would love for all of you to pre order them (no pay just email me with the design you want and your name)
      Thank you,
      Perato & Teamcoltra

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    • R2D2 Build

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      Ok now there are tons of people who have built there own R2D2 but what i want to do is build an R2D2 that dosnt just spin around and stuff but i want to build one that will follow me and be voice activated where when i ask it a question it responds with the beeping and stuff... how much would that cost and How much skill would i need (i would want it to be just like a real R2D2... where it would be looked at as if it may be somthing they used in the movies)

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    • Building a warthog

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      Ok, My friend is building a warthog and we need some help with diffrent design features.
      like which do you think is beter for the warthog. direct drive shaft or hydrolics or electric motors?
      here are some pictures that were designed using CAD


      Thats what he has so far... maby you could help us out? We need information on anything you think would help it work out.

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    • A WebSite of the past

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      just coppy it and give it to a friend

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    • SNL video

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      Hey, in band my teacher showed me (us) a video he took off SNL i dont know what the video was called or anything but im hoping i can explain it and someone has the video on there computer. (im not selling it or anything its for my own viewing so its ok to send me the file)
      this is how it went, it had the tall guy who was in Old School, and The bad guy off of Kangaroo Jack (DONT SAY A WORD) it was about this band and he kept comming in and going... " I NEED MORE COWBELL!" and "I have a fever for some cowbell" or somthign like that... dose anyone have that video? If you do, can you email

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    • Beat the Non-Sponsors!

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      Ok Well i was wondering why the other thread wasnt getting hits anymore and realized it has been archived... so here i will start it up again!
      Some things...
      What is this about?
      We are doing the Folding @ Home project where we use our computers to try and work though diffent protines looking for "the one" that will cure cancer.
      The 2 side stories
      We have been looking for ways to try and show eachother whos better and i have found a way and how we can help people in the processes
      The other reason i did this was because my Sisters mom Died of Cancer and i dont want to lose MY partens or grand parents to it.
      To sign up and for more details and stuff click here.
      here is our score as of now. tcert.php?u=42080&pts=54380
      (and we have 402 WUs done) (work units) i rember when we were dieing to just see it reach one!
      heres the list of people in order of most work to least (but rember if you not on the list... there still better then you)
      4 _Philix _3625_21
      5 _eatpie75 _3183 _34
      6 _Hex_Shaman _2791 _29
      7 _LordTimmy _2233 _25
      8 _Cheryl _1950 _21
      9 _JamRich89 _1878 _17
      10 _just.a.myth _1685 _11
      11 _Faron _1642 _16
      12 _teamcoltra _1267 _8
      13 _Cu_zFu _1248 _14
      14 _Nick_1207 _16
      15 _five_aces _820_9
      16 _1stpumadriver _796_4
      17 _amtank _518 _3
      18 _Family_Guy _482 _2
      19 _Locutus44 _354 _3
      20 _Furhead _327 _2
      21 _Fortune _272 _3
      22 _Sevenar _123 _3
      23 _Jim _77 _1
      24 _Veritas777_66_1
      25 _Osubsm42 _47_1


      Folding fact #56
      1839 Congress invested $1,000 in the Congressional Seed Distribution Program, administered by the U.S. Patent Office, to increase the amount of free seeds mailed to anyone requesting them.


      Folding fact #55
      1827 The worldwide search for the elusive mammalian egg ended with the first observation of canine eggs.

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