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      7 years ago


      I love listening to the podcast!

      I've been listening to the podcast for about a month now. That's from podcast #1 and catching up to our most recent podcast #151. And they have really helped me through this past month. Not that it's been bad by any means. It was just...with my new full time job, the time started to wear on me. But then I found the RT podcast! I got to upload amazing 1.5 hour bits of goodness, and listen to them almost non-stop from 8 AM to 5 PM every business day of the week. It got to the point where I was ALMOST excited to go to work on Monday so I would be able to listen to the podcast again. Almost. :)

      But before the podcast, I've always been a secret RvB fan. Glancing on the site every so often to see if a new episode had come out or even re watching an old season or episode. It was never serious, me and RvB though. You know how that is... (Don't worry, it has changed now. I have renewed my love for RvB and am excitedly awaiting season 10!)

      There are many different reasons why I'm here and why I visit everyday. Why I want to get involved with the wonderful community that this site has created, and of course why I decided I wanted to support the people who have spoken to me, for almost 9 hours everyday, Monday through Friday, by giving them the small donation to become a sponsor, have a little yellow star next to my name, and get so much more back! I'm ready to jump into this site (as soon as I can get a picture up) and hopefully not make too much of a fool of myself and fit in. :)

      Now... How did YOU get here??

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      7 years ago



      I've been a long time fan of everything Roosterteeth, starting with Rvb, and decided it was time to support what I like and make an account, and eventually become a sponsor. If anyone can give me advice on what to do first and where I could get involved with the Roosteteeth community, let me know!


    • 2019 years ago

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