from CANADA!!! WOOT!!!

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    • clarence034

      14 years ago

      Everything has turned lightish-red.

      I have posted a new journal entry. You have my permission to peruse it at your leisure.

      I'm having Key Lime Pie for lunch today!!



    • lenny

      14 years ago

      hey was up fellow canadian im lenny

    • DemonSukasa

      14 years ago

      Dude, those are some nice pics... some VERY nice pics... I must go watch some normal anime now, so that I have time to wipe up my drool

    • MagusX303

      14 years ago

      dude u should totally check out its a great forum site a friend and i made and we need ppl to sign up to keep it alive!

    • cy83r574r

      14 years ago

      nope not at all... slurp!

    • CABOOSEngv1

      14 years ago

      Now, now, there is nothing wrong with a porn collection.

    • KitchenChaz

      14 years ago

      Jesus, that's a lot of porn. *blinks* I can't believe it.

    • Tex9909

      14 years ago

      what n0ethics said

    • sk8rlicious

      14 years ago

      hi there new buddy!!!

    • EvaWulf

      14 years ago

      Yummy hentai goodness, mmmmmmmmm

    • n0ethics

      14 years ago

      Heh...tis the pr0n that makes the times good ;0
      *raises glass*

    • ThePhelz

      14 years ago

      i dont mean to be a prick but do you really need to show us your anime porn collection

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