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    • The wonders of VR (Journal Journey #3)

      11 months ago


      Monday, September 24, 2018

      It has been a couple of days since I have written a journal. Mostly because I was in Virginia this past week visiting family, and Saturday and Sunday I spent finalizing my visit, saying goodbyes, and heading back to Greensboro. One of the last things I was able to do however was go to Best Buy with my dad. My dad, like me, loves technology. This makes Best Buy a kind of place where we can go and bond over the wonders of technology. Our main mission in Best Buy Saturday was to find him a new laptop. He has been using the same standard run of the mill HP laptop for about 5 years now. He mainly just plays World of Tanks and World of Warships, so the graphics demands aren't out of this world, but recently he was noticing the ol' laptop wasn't able to keep up as well anymore. So, it was off to Best Buy to look for a new one. While in Best Buy, we looked at a lot of other stuff other than just laptops. We looked at the new SUPER ULTRA SPECTACULARLY AWESOME HD TVs, and the new iPhones, but the thing that really caught our attention was the VR Headsets.

      I've been super interested in VR, and I wanted to get one when they first came out. The super high price point was always kind of a turn off to me though, and so I set the dream of me getting one to the side, thinking that until a Vive or Oculus 2.0 came out there was no way I'd ever be able to afford one at the prices they started at ($600-800 US). I went to go pick up the Oculus on display and look at it and as if by magic, an Oculus employee came from around the corner and asked if I would like to try it out. Now, being interested in VR, I had seen a bunch of gameplay videos on VR (Especially loved VR the Champions (side note inside a side note: bring that series back please)) and so I knew the general experience, but I was not ready for actually trying one on.

      So, I signed a release saying that Oculus was not responsible if I fainted in the middle of Best Buy, or smacked my head into a display stand, and I got to have my first go at VR. The sales associate asked which games I normally play, to which I responded shooters (been playing a lot of Rainbow 6 Siege lately) to which she responded I should try Robo Recall. I agreed and then was given a short lesson in how to put the headset on. Once I was inside, I felt like I was just watching a normal 3D movie, nothing too serious. I stood in a tiny elevator as it was going up. Then, the elevator doors opened, my depth perception kicked in, and I was gone. My brain fully believed that I was now in an open office, and that this virtual world was now home. I continued to play the demo for what must have been 10 or 15 minutes. I didn't want to take off the headset, but I'm sure I looked crazy sitting in the middle of Best Buy with a huge smile on my face. I took off the headset to hear a surprising bit of news from the employee: The Rift, plus the Touch controllers, and 4 games was only $400.

      To the right of the display, one lone box containing all the goodies the employee had just described, and sure enough the price tag read $400. Needless to say I jumped on it. I had around $500 extra in my budget due to confusion with my rent in my apartment complex, so I figured this was the best way to spend it. I got back to my dad's place that Saturday night at around 8pm, and knowing that I had to leave at 7am the next morning to drive back to NC, I played VR until 2am. Of course, the first thing I did when I got back to my apartment was set it all up, so I could hop back in. It's an experience like no other, and everyone should try it out. I know I'm making sure all my friends get a chance to try it out. It's just impossible to put into words.

      TL;DR: Sales associate did her job spectacularly by showing my a whole new dimension that is better than our own. I am now the owner of an Oculus Rift thanks to her. Try one out for yourself. There's no way to describe how awesome it feels.

    • My Recent Clothing Revelation (Journal Journey #2)

      11 months ago


      Friday September 21, 2018

      Yesterday's post was a little (and by a little I really mean 'very') long. Such is the life when you are explaining your whole backstory. I thought I would take it a little easier today and write about an experience in fashion that I had today that will forever change the way I shop for clothes.

      I'll start off by saying I've just recently semi-figured out how to dress myself. Prior to my deployment, clothes were another thing I just had to do every day. In the summer you'd catch me in shorts and whatever tee was on the top of my dresser. The winter would have me wearing one of my three pairs of jeans, whatever tee was on the top of my dresser, and one of my 3 hoodies. For all intents and purposes, I was the most unfashionable cartoon character. Once I deployed however, I was lucky enough that we were able to escape base often enough to go into the city of Doha, Qatar (There's a link there to a picture of the city). In order for me to feel good going out with the guys in my unit, I knew it was time to step up my dressing game. Throughout the rest of the deployment, I learned some tricks and got a few outfits to step up my clothing game.

      This journal entry stems from a revelation I made today while shopping for clothes. Why was I shopping so hard for clothes today you might ask? At the end of next week I have a function that is essentially going to act as a get together for my unit, 30 days after we have returned to the states together. I see this almost as my final exam to prove to myself that I have passed the class that is learning to dress myself in a way that is pleasing to the outside world. Now, of course I'm pleasing me first, that's a given. I just want to find the perfect middle of that ven-diagram between what I like and what the world likes. I need to show up with an outfit that makes both me and my battle buddies say, "Damn Matias! You're looking good!"

      So today, I'm at a mall in Virginia Beach (I'm currently visiting family) looking for clothes. I stroll into the shops that have now become commonplace to me as places I should be going to look for clothes: H&M, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Pac Sun, Holister. Basically anywhere that sold men's clothes, I visited. It was in this last store I laid my eyes on my new favorite item of clothing, chinos! Yes, I know, chinos have been around forever. For some reason though I have always overlooked them. Chalk it up to me recently becoming fashion forward or what-have-you, but this was the first time I gave them a serious once over. Holister was having a BOGOHO (Buy one, get one half off) sale on their chinos, and so I figured what the hell.

      I took a pair of Olive chinos and tried them on, and I was sold. They have the best of every single world all wrapped up into one. The stretch and movability of joggers, plus the dressiness of slacks. After trying on the other stuff I had grabbed, I ran back to the chino display and grabbed a standard beige pair. I completed my purchase and I am now the proud owner of two pairs of the most comfortable pants on Earth.

      Needless to say, the olive chinos are going to be a part of my outfit for the unit reunion, the only thing that still needs to be found out is what will go well with them. I have some ideas for a light colored tee with some canvas kicks (Vans, because I'm a sucker for Vans.) I thought I would also pose this question to the few lucky people who stumble across my journal! Here's the closest picture I could find to what my specific chinos look like. What do you guys think would work well with them?

      TL;DR: Just found out how awesome chinos are today. Bought a pair of olive chinos to wear to a casual going out next weekend. What do you think would go well with them? (picture provided in the last link)

    • Starting Journals! (Journal Journey #1)

      11 months ago


      Thursday, September 20, 2018

      Greetings whoever stumbles upon my page! I have made the decision that I am going to start keeping journals here on the RT site. "For what reason?", you might ask. My simple reply is "I don't know." It seems like it could be fun, and it gives me an excuse to type more. (I really enjoy typing on keyboards. Something about it is just very relaxing!) Who knows what my journals will end up becoming, but I will try to add in a little signature MightyMatias charm to them (whatever the hell that means)

      I guess I will start off this Journal Journey (what a good name that is right there) by explaining a little bit about myself. It all started one dark and stormy winter evening...except it was August....around 2 pm...on a sunny day. Regardless, I was born August 17, 1997 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. One of the last babies to be born at the hospital I was delivered at. I guess once they delivered the perfect baby it was time to pack it up, right? Anyways, I lived a normal childhood until I was 10 at which point I moved to the super duper, teeny tiny town of Randleman, North Carolina.

      I spent my middle-school years as an outcast (not as cool as the band, btw), as I was a new socially awkward kid in a strange land. Once I hit high school though, I joined marching band (trumpet for life) and the Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (more commonly known as JROTC) and found my circle. I blossomed into a semi-social butterfly who was able to make friends as long as there was a common interest! My high-school years were fun, but not crazy as my parents had a strange-hold on me until I got a car my senior year. My senior year though, I made a couple of huge decisions that still follow me to this day; I joined the National Guard, and applied for college. (Should I have used a colon there, or is a semi colon alright? My English classes in high-school were a joke).

      My decision to join the Military was based mostly off of the idea that I wasn't going to college without them. My family never had much money, and so when it was time for me to start looking into higher education, there was no cushion full of $100 bills for me to fall back on. The National Guard seemed like the perfect way for me to be able to go to a physical college, and work for those benefits at the same time. "What college were you accepted into?" I hear you shouting at your computer (which, it is a little weird that you are shouting at your computer in your room right now, but you do you), and I will tell you that I applied to, and was accepted into, one university: The University of North Carolina at Greensboro! (Check the use of the colon there. I'm really going in on those. Hope I don't have them confused.) I might be able to go into this choice more in a future journal, but long and short I loved the college, and so I knew it was right for me. So after high school I packed everything, and went off to Basic Training, and then to Advanced Individual Training to official get my start in the military (and boy are there some stories there), and then in the Spring of 2016, I started college. However, I was only able to get three semesters in before I was called up for active military service.

      And that leads us right up to where we are pretty well. September of 2018. I have just returned from a nine month deployment to Qatar, and I am living in Greensboro, awaiting the Spring 2019 semester so that I can start back into college. Who knows where my life will take me, but I want to jot it down along the way. If anyone has made it this far, congrats! You know a lot about me now! Seriously though, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my first ever journal! I'm always open to feedback or suggestions. I think these journals have a comment section, so leave one!

      TL;DR: VA->NC. Awkward middle-schooler, not as awkward high-schooler. Joined National Guard right out of school to pay for otherwise crippling debt from being accepted to college. Went through basic Army stuff. Did 3 semesters of college, then got deployed. I'm back.

      Missing from TL;DR: Comedy and award-winning, grammatically correct colon vs semi-colon usage.

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