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    • I feel a little bit like a celebrity.

      10 years ago


      I finally looked in my mod stats to see where my pos mods were coming from. I guess I assumed they were all from my friends or whatever.

      My most recent one? From the one and only Burnie. Yes, voice of Church and personal hero of mine. (Yeah and something to do with being the head of some company, a director and some other unimportant stuff like writing the show)

      It's almost as special of a feeling as meeting the man in person. I can die happy.

    • Awkward moments that kill your smile 1

      10 years ago


      I was wasting time between classes and decided my bladder needed to be emptied. I wandered to the Taylor Hall 2nd floor Men's room. For those unfamilar with Chico's English department (um... all of you?) the second floor Men's room is right across from the main English Department office. Anyway, this particular day i walked into the Men's room and watched the Chair of the English Department (the man not the piece of furniture) flush a urinal and walk out the door. I double took. I mean, this was the man who both decided if I graduated and signs my paychecks. Peeing without washing his hands. Ew.

      It got me thinking about that idolization that happens when people have a status above you. I mean, I had assumed this man to be the pinnacle of togetherness- He makes seven digits a year. The distillation has been drawn out. It happened over a week ago and I find myself lacking the ability to trust anyone. People go to shake my hand and I am reluctant. Are those hands urine free? How will I ever know?

    • Would you rather?

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      I'm sorry if there is another topic where this game is being played. If so, please delete. This is my all time favorite topic for forums though.

      One and only rule: One person posts a question containing "Would you rather.. or would you rather.. ". The next person responds and makes their own.

      I'll start it off:
      Would you rather have a permanently lose the ability to walk or lose your dominant hand?

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    • 2019 years ago

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