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      Before the many, there came the few, before the common, there came the rare. A group that we rely on for the very basis of our existence was once seen as a useless material.

      The bell rang, Alec Gundam looked up from his book as the person walked in, escaping the bitter mantle cold. The silver eyed boy stood.

      “Welcome,” he said, a smile stretched across his face. The man nodded and looked around the lobby.

      “Do you already have a room or--?” The redhead started, the man shook his head.

      “Are there any openings?” he asked. The boy nodded and spun around to the shelf behind him.

      “Room 53, left hall, 250 lein a night.” Alec said, spinning around again with the key in his hand. The man nodded in thanks and gave the boy a small bundle of bills. Then he took the key and left.

      The boy sighed and picked up his book again. Opening to the part he was at, he continued reading.

      Dust, the most valuable substance in our world today, was found in a basic iron mine in the then kingdom of Lebark (modern day Vale). The substance was very interesting to the miners because they provided a soft glow in the dark. But that was far from their only purpose.

      “Here you go kid.” the man said. Lyndsy Archide looked up from her book. She was in the bakery of downtown Vale. On the counter was a apple pie, steaming from the oven’s heat. The smell of apples filled the air as the blonde haired girl breathed deeply.

      “Sorry it took so long.” the man said. Lyndsy shook her head as she stood.

      “Well worth the wait.”She said, handing the man a bag of valors.

      “Would you like me to box it up for you?” the man said. Lyndsy nodded and sat down as the man picked the pie back up. She picked up her book and opened it as her blue eyes scanned through the pages at a rapid pace.

      The first person to take notice of the dust’s potential was the last emperor of Lebark. The man was given a necklace made out of red dust for his birthday. Later when putting it in his chambers, he slipped and fell, dropping the gift. When it hit the floor, it exploded into a small fire.

      And with that the true power of the “useless substance” was found.

      Isaac looked up as a shadow covered his light. It was a large cloud, moving swiftly against the Vaccuan skies. The white haired boy looked around his campsite, his small tent and fire sat unmoved, though covered in sand. He looked at the map next to him and the devices on the makeshift table. He had better keep moving.

      Standing, the blue shirted boy picked up his mapping tools, packing up his tent and extinguishing his fire he continued into the wild desert. Holding the book in one hand as he held his bag in his other and his collapsed tent on his back. Soon, the substance was used for everything from heat to major war weapons, the other kingdoms began to get jealous of Lebark, why are they the only ones who got this technology. It was clear that soon, the kingdom would have to defend its precious substance.

      “Nicole!” A voice called. The brown haired girl looked up from her book. Her partner was searching for her.

      “Nicole Lambert, where are you? They need us in the dressing room!” Thomas was yelling. The girl’s green eyes lit up with joy as she swung down from the rafters of the mistrailan theater.

      “Hello, Thomas,” the faunus said. The boy spun around, shocked to see his partner behind him.

      “There you are, come on, we have to get ready.” Nicole nodded, and followed him to the dressing room.

      Parting ways, the two went into the separate rooms. Nicole's costume assistant stood, anxiously looking at the door. When she saw her, she ran right over.

      “We lost a lot of time! Quickly, put on your costume,” she said, handing the girl the ursa’s top half.

      Pulling on the clawed boots, the girl was shoved into her shirt by her assistant. Grabbing the mask, she put it on, obscuring her vision, like it always did.

      “There, good, great, get out there. We’ll help attach the parts as soon as that turtle of a boy gets dressed,” the assistant said. The girl smiled and sat down on a hard wooden bench and opened her book again.

                  War was avoided when the nearby kingdom of Debroah (modern day mistral) also discovered dust within its mines, the kingdoms stopped thinking about war and began making weapons and other amenities with their new precious substance

      A grimm stood on a cliff overlooking a meadow of emerald green grass. It had a dress shaped body and a mushroom shaped head. Its limbs were four large black tentacles that ended in golden stingers and its face was that of a human's. Though the upper half looked like it was wearing a mask.

      “A change is coming,” it whispered, voice deep and smooth. “The first among the souls are soon to be released.”

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    • G.O.L.D: unwanted heros

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      The Huntsman traveled through the forests. He knew this path, he knew what was on it. He kept an eye on the skies. Ever since he had killed that Grimm, the flying ones were out in full force.

      “Quiet today.” He muttered to himself. Suddenly he heard a Nevermore screech, followed by the scream of a small boy. The man drew his weapon and rushed forwards. Off the path.

      He came to a large clearing in the forest. The giant Nevermore was circling the top of the surrounding trees, and in the center of what appeared to be a campground, stood a faunus.

      It was a goat faunus, horns protruding from his rust red hair, his black leather jacket covered a large amount of his torso. And a dirty pair of jeans covered his legs, the boys shoes were covered by the tall grass, and his eyes were squeezed tightly shut.

      As the Nevermore descended slowly, the boy reached into his jacket with almost unperceivable motions, his right hand dipped inside. The Grimm was mere feet from him now.

      The Huntsman should be moving right now, he knew that, he should have grabbed his weapon and immobilized the creature, protected the boy. But something about the way the faunus stood, the way he moved, fascinated him. He wanted to see what the boy would do next.

      He crouched, eyes still closed. Pulling his hand out of his jacket, he revealed a well worn gun, green and silver, dented and faded. His eyes flew open as he leapt at the Nevermore, grabbing onto its wing with one hand. The boy shot with his weapon as he pulled himself up. Riding on the Nevermore’s back, he crouched down and held on as the monster bird took off into the stratosphere.    

      Squinting, the huntsman saw the two figures fighting in mid air. The smaller one, the boy, jumped off the Grimm’s back, firing shots as he circled midair to land on it again. The bird tried to shoot its feathers, but they missed as the boy swung around. Landing on the back of the creature again, he grabbed the wing and pulled it back. The grimm twisted, beginning to fall. The boy shot at the monster's head as it fell, then the shots stopped. The huntsman couldn't see what was happening, until the grimms wing exploded into black smoke.

      The boy had cut it off.

      The Nevermore fell, screeching in pain. The man could barely make out the redheaded faunus crawling towards the eyes of the monster. Seeing the danger he was in, the man took a step back as the monster landed on the floor of the clearing. The rest of the body disappeared quickly, leaving only the boy, who called out.

      “Ok,” he said, looking around, “you can come out now.”

      The huntsman panicked. Was he talking about him? Suddenly another boy came out of the clearing. This one had blonde hair and blue eyes. He wasn't a faunus, at least not that the man could see. He wore a similar outfit to the first boy. But without the jacket. He sighed as he saw the rising smoke, then spoke.

      “I don’t know why you make me hide,” he said. The first boy glared at him. “It’s for your own safety.”  The blonde haired boy sighed. “But why? I can fight a Grimm.” he argued.

      “I wasn't just talking about the monsters. Besides, you were the one that screamed like a girl.”

      “I did not,” the first boy argued. The Huntsman stepped out of the clearing, breaking the boys concentration. The second boy pulled out a bow and arrow and aimed it at the man, who held up his hands.

      “No threat here.” he said. The blonde boy didn't move.

      “Who are you?” he said. The huntsman took a step back.

      “Joseph Chars. You?” he said. The blonde boy looked at the faunus, who nodded. He put down the bow.

      “Gregory Curtis.” he said. The faunus looked at the rising smoke one more time, then spoke.

      “And I am Daniel Samuels.”

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    • create a grimm for rwby

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      it can be as powerful as you want and as detailed as you see fit, i just thought it would be fun to see how we could expand salem's army

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    • SirSailorStar asked thesonofcinder a question

      Lets play a question game! Would you rather: Be sang to or be hugged? This or That: Eggs or Bacon? This or That: Tuna or Salmon?

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    • why it makes perfect sense lionheart is evil

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      so, this might be common knowledge by now, but lionheart, headmaster of haven academy, secretly works for Salem.

      I was just like most of you in my reaction. total disbelief. but then the more I thought about it it made more and more sense, I compiled a list of them here, but I'm sure there are lots more

      1. cinder, mercury, emerald, and neo were from haven academy.

      2. no other haven academy member questioned the strange people who were suddenly students.

      3. no workers at the vital festival questioned the above fact either.

      4. they had haven academy uniforms

      5. they fought in the vital festival.

      there are probably a lot more, but this is all I could think of.

      now, the implications of lionhearts transgression to the dark side.

      1. Ozpin was wrong about the headmasters

      2. haven might not be properly prepared for a attack

      3. Salem will have no trouble tracking ruby as she is now in mistral.

      4. Salem is now in the perfect position to surprise attack ruby

      5. the relic in haven academy is now pretty much Salem's.

      6. the next volume is going to be sooooooooo awesome

      so after compiling this list I can see that rwby is being taken to the next level. but I'm so sad that it is over for months


      so. if you are sad that rwby is out for the mid season, I write two fanfiction series with totally original characters and plot lines.

      if you want to. check it out, it would make my day.

      anyway, thanks for reading and I will see you around 

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    • Rwby conspiricy therory

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      so. Recently two things have happened. One. I was really sick and filled with pain medicine. And i was rewatching volume one to help my stories stay cannon.( gold volume one. Read it) and i noticed something. Remember the big deathstalker and nevermore vs jnpr and rwby fight in the emerald forest? In that episode. The teams end up on a fortress like structure. Abandoned and falling apart. In the center of the fortress was a tower. Now it may have been the painkillers. But the tower in the fortress looked a lot like beacon tower. During said episode. The nevermore crashed through the top cage like room of the tower. Sending peices flying and destroying it. Remind you of anything?

      If you said the fall of beacon. Where the grimm dragon destroyed vales cct. The dragon crashed headfirst into the tower sending peices flying. So. Was the dragons destruction of beacons tower predicted in volume 1 or am i crazy. Leave your thoughts in the comments. Until next time this has been the rwby conspirisy therory. Im sonofcinder and stay tuned for some more. Conspirisys

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    • New grimm ideas

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      heres a fun little idea. New grimm ideas. Include a name. A breif appearance description and list of abilities. Also rate the difficulty it would take to kill it. 1-10 one being low, ten being high.

      Ex: beadrile.

      A huge black and white bee with a large stinger and a curved stripe on his face.

      Stabs with stinger

      Shoots stinger at men.

      Antenna wrap around people. Crushing them.

      6 hard to get close to. But weak spots in his armor make him vurnable to close up attacks.

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    • we first few trailer: heros of our time

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      Small buildings dotted the icy landscape, making the new kingdom of mantle. Snow was pounding on the roof, snow was always pounding on the roof. Alec Gundam sat near the window of his father's inn looking out into the frozen land. A dust powered heater next to him, dust, the magical crystals were the key to their survival here, the mines had sprang up, the carts rolled in empty and rolled out filled with the valuable mineral. The dust was existential to the heaters that kept the kingdom from freezing, but Alec had always found that he was fine in the cold, he ran his fingers through his messy red hair. Smiling to himself as people walked by, coats gathered around them like they were moving balls of fluff, occasionally ducking inside the shops and buildings to warm up.

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    • gold volume 1 trailer: darkness within

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      Daniel stood on the cliff, the setting sun setting in front of him, his green eyes flashed as a Beowulf howled in the distance. behind him, the smoking remains of a white fang airship cast long shadows on the darkening earth.

      Daniel rubbed his head, his horns blocking his hands path through his brown red hair. with a tight lipped smile he gripped his sword and leapt off the cliff to a uncertain future

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      only a bit. the roar made me wet myself, but Nora and Ren's child designs were so adorable.

      but im glad he dropped the accent

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        I also jumped when Ren's mom died. I wasn't expecting a jump scare like that.

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      What did you think of the newest episode of RWBY? That Grimm's roar freaked me out a bit.

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