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    • Montreal Shooting

      13 years ago


      I've just heard about this today while surfing the web in between class. Apparently, some cannuck decided to be cool and kill some civilians. People cried, the gunman shot himself, people pointed fingers, etc. Pretty much what you would expect from a school shooting (except that it was a College shooting, not a high school one).

      And in an interesting twist, they managed to find his profile on . Of course, being that it's a goth/subculture based site, shoddy news services, tabloids, websites, and pretty much what covers that of yellow journalism decided that it was to blame for his behavior.

      Before writing my opinion on this, I decided to go out to CNN to see what they said. They did mention the website, and of course they had videos depicting the panic and actual shooting scene inside the school, because CNN is classy like that. What was interesting about their article and what I noticed from the blog the shooter kept ( is this: His alcohol problem.

      People assume that what is to blame might include the website (which, really, isn't the most morally deprived website in existence. If you need proof on this, visits 's /b/), but I think the website had nothing to do with it. This guy was an alcoholic, depressed, slightly mental person. He's mentioned Jack Danials enough to get Google AdSense to advertise it on the left side of his profile. And he mentioned towards the end how he likes whiskey in the morning.


      I'm not a psychiatrist, but I think that might be the case. But then again, I do hate goths, so maybe we should blame their little site.


      In other news: I got a cellphone.

    • Subliminal?

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      I came across this gem when searching the Web for Twisted Transitor (yeah, I spelled it wrong in the search) and found this link on a Christian Forum.

      I don't know about you, but putting "subliminal" messages in a song so that the only way you can hear it is by playing it backwards tends to rid the message of anything to do with subliminal. Just doesn't seem to be a good tactic if you're trying to tweak minds.

      However, I don't have a degree in Psychology, so I could be wrong. But I'm pretty sure I'm not.

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    • Don't try this at home

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      Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha! Looks like someone is out a good video card. Heh. "It wouldn't fit!" "Okay, just cut off a chunk of the board." Ha ha. Oh man.

      Anyway, my DVD-RW drive (Toshiba SD-R7352V) doesn't seem to be writing DVD-Rs as fast as it should. I have JVC DVD-R (V2.0) with a speed range of 1x to 8x. The drive is supposed to be able to right to DVD-Rs at 16x, so logically, it should be able to write from Nero at 8x.

      But it only writes at 4x.

      Can somebody help me with this? (The firmware on the drive is TU11)

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    • Paypal stole money? Oh yes!

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      thomasca has apparently gotten $20,000 taken from them from PayPal. Where the hell does that money go? An enormous slush fund? (And yes, this has actually happened with quite a few sites, all involving sums of money up into the thousands)

      I think a court case could be made out of this. If it could be, there would be no doubt in my mind PayPal will get closed in half a second.

      Though, I could be wrong. Maybe they do send it all back to the original parties. I doubt it though.

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    • My Blog

      14 years ago


      Exists here.

    • Libel suits on the Internet?

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      Can anyone here tell me generally how libel fits on internet webpages? I was taught in my newspaper class a long time ago that publications can be sued for libelous statements, including magazines, newspapers, and websites. However, I've never seen one libel lawsuit ever actually win against a website.

      (No, I wasn't offended by anything, I was just curious about this.)

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      Yay for a fellow fast food industriy bitch. I work at arby's and it sucks donkey nipples.

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      If your ever online on Halo CE, met up with me sometime.
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      im really fucking bored if you cant tell !

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      yaay for question marks!!

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