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    • January is over?!

      6 years ago



      anybody else feel like this month went by crazy fast? I cant believe its almost over! Ah well at least we are getting closer and closer to PaxEast and RTX

      Honestly I cant wait for either, like it's silly how excited I am for PAX and RTX. Like Im sure if you are going you understand my excitement but like pls can it just be here already?!

      Speaking of PAXEAST/RTX Ive got everything sorted out for both (Just have to buy my plane ticket for RTX) so Im even more excited because now like no matter what I'll get to go to both so yay!

      If you're going to PAX East let me know.

      Uhhhh lets see any other important updates? School has been crazy this semester, boo. I think Im getting sick, not fun, but 2013 has been pretty lovely. Erm, I think that's it.

      How was everyone else's January? Hope 2013 is going fantastic for you all smiley12.gif

    • I bought a PS3

      6 years ago


      so like if you have one and want to be friends of something let me know.

    • PAX East is sort of kinda soon.

      6 years ago


      I cant wait! It's like 72 days away! Woo!

      who else is going?
      should be a fun couple of days!

    • Obligatory 2012 post.

      6 years ago


      This is a journal about how much I enjoyed 2012, feel free to skip ir if you over these types of journals <3

      2012 was a pretty fantastic year for me. It was the first full year I lived where I live now (Which is fantastic as I hated where I was living before.). I rediscovered RT. My best friend got married, and now his wife is one of the greatest friends I could ever asked for. I got to attend NYCC and meet Ray! Halo 4 came out and I turned 21! I got to go back to maine, even if it was only for a few hours, and have good seafood again. I got to know some amazing people from this community (Jill, Monica, John, Sam, Mike, Azniac, Geoff, Liana, Jacqueline, Ash, the rest of the WWC, and tons of others!, sorry if I left you out I didn't mean to, just did a quick scroll through twitter. ) There were a lot of ups and downs but overall, thanks 2012, you were good to me.

      The fact that I get to attend Pax East, RTX, and NYCC this year makes me so excited for what this year will entail! Im so happy to have got to know all of you! smiley12.gif

      2013 shenanigans should be great.
      Hope everyone had a great new years!

      Let the countdowns being #RTX2013: 184 days.

      This Journal is kind of shit, but Im bad at these types of things. Sorry

    • Update Journal 12.19.12

      6 years ago


      I havent done an actual journal in ages. So here's on update on my life for those who care,

      smiley9.gif Schools out for Winter Break, thank fuck. I passed all my class with C's or high so, woot. It's actually the first time Ive got a C in a class, but I'm so excited I got that C. Next semester is gonna be a test, but I'll do it somehow

      smiley9.gif I was promoted at work. ( I may have made a post about this). I was promoted back to the job I use to have before I left at the beginning of the summer. So now I have the same job I use to have but I get paid more then I use to get paid.

      smiley9.gif I started playing Pokemon today. My first Pokemon was Cyndaquil and I named him Vulcan. I played for a hour with the help of Bethan (@BMBINGZ) and caught my first pokemon and then won a battle. So things went well.

      smiley9.gif I figured out that I have all the stuff to actually stream, so Im thinking I might try and set that up sometime if i ever have the time seems like it might be a fun idea.

      smiley9.gif In the next few weeks Im going to be emptying all savings and finalizing everything for my Pax East/New Hampshire trip as well as work out everything for RTX. So bye bye money. smiley2.gif

      So people who actually read this.
      Whats been going on in your life?

      special picture time:

    • Hahaha. ummm.

      6 years ago


      So I asked Jillen (trianglegod) to play cocoron and make a let's play of it.
      & then she did because she is that amazing <3

      you should check it out!


    • 6 years ago


      I like the updated update.
      well done RT, well done.


    • Round 2

      6 years ago


      So tomorrow I get to play round two of my least favorite game ever,
      "How much are my books gonna cost this semester?"

      for those of you that remember last time we played, I was just over 700.00 dollars.
      fuck my life. smiley5.gif

    • My thoughts on Bioshock being delayed, again.

      6 years ago




      It was pushed back a month to March 26th.
      *Which means I'll still be up north when it comes out, so I'll have to wait almost a whole week after that to get it :(

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