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      Alright. I'm gonna be active here. It's gonna happen. Just got to believe. Now how exactly do I start....

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    • Results Reporting

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      Please report the results of your games here

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    • Gameday

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      5/2/09 Gameplay is over. thegreatbox is the winner! Congrats to him and thanks to all!
      The thread for gameday.

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    • Register here!

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      UPDATE 2 (5/2/09): The tournament has ended
      UPDATE: The bracket has been filled, then expanded, then filled again. Now we are really full. You can still add your name to this list but you will only play if someone drops out.
      Register here.
      To register you just have to post here with your gamertag. Only register here.

      To clarify:

      1) You must be an RT member (duh)

      2) You must have a gold gamertag (obviously)

      3) Be sure to post your gamertag.

      4) Once you register, your RT name will be added to the bracket.

      5) If you can't make it to the tournament, please tell me so that someone can take your spot.

      6) The first 16 players are guaranteed a spot. 4 more can join in order to serve as a back up in case of a no-show in the original 16.

      7) Games will be played this Saturday. 5/02/09 starting at noon EDT

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    • General Disscussion

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      4/2/09: The tournament has ended. Thanks to all of you for participating
      4/28/09 UPDATE: The bracket is practically full! Below is the player list for the first round of games. If your name is in green, you have the special honor of being the host of your game. If you don't think you should be host for some reason you should message one of the other people in your game and ask them, then post here so we know. Host obvoiusly will set up the game and invite the players listed. The first round is going to be played on The Pit, standard slayer, 25 points to win, and no time limit. Full rules can be found in the rules thread.

      Round 1:

      Game A
      RT Account________________Gamertag
      TheDon35----------------------------Fat Wise Dragon
      kibbles47 ----------------------------kibbles47
      BetterWinter -------------------------BetterWinter
      wellsx13x-----------------------------Hidd3n Predator

      Game B
      firefox9999---------------------------Peter S789
      NinjaTachyon-----------------------CG Tachyon

      Game C
      oOMURPHOo-----------------------Rising Mind eh
      thegreatbox--------------------------the great box

      Game D
      Zak_Attack---------------------------ITz SSilent

      Game E
      wavebird--------------------------------Nuclear Taco 42

      Game F
      YuckyKoolAid-----------------------Yuckykool aid

      Game G
      Uae0022----------------------------Uae Gamer
      RockNReload----------------------IC RockNReload
      hozco --------------------------------gusghus
      strohs--------------------------------Mario Allstar

      Game H
      ScopeD--------------------------ScopeD Inn

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    • Rules and things

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      1) In the first round there will be four games with four players each. The top two players from each game will move on to the next round. There will only be two people in the finals.

      2) Games will be played Saturday, 5/2/09

      2) If there is a tie, the person with the better K/D ratio moves on.

      3) You must be a member of the site. All games are being played on free maps, so if you are a cheapskate you can still play.

      4) All games will be played on the default Bungie made variant currently used in Lone Wolves.

      5) Don't be a jerk. This is for fun. You win nothing but bragging rights.

      6) A reporting thread will be set up before the tournament begins. There post a link to the game report on Ideally the winner will do this. The next games will take place shortly after the last round ends.

      7) As Burnie said in the general rules, the games will be set up by the person at the top of the bracket. They will invite the other competitors to it, and then the game will begin.

      8) None of the games will have time limits. Otherwise Standard slayer, normal shields, start with assault rife.

      9) (New) For the sake of everybody being on an even playing field, play with a Spartan character model.

      Further Explanation:
      Round of 32:
      - 8 games
      - 4 players each
      - top 2 players move on
      - Score to 25
      - played on The Pit

      Round of 16:
      - 4 games
      - 4 players each
      - top 2 players move on
      - Score to 25
      - played on Construct

      - 2 games
      - 4 players each
      - top 2 players move on
      - Score to 25
      - Played on Foundry

      - 1 game
      - 4 players
      - top 2 players move on
      - Score to 25
      - Played on Cold Storage

      - 1 game
      - 2 players
      - Score to 25
      - Played on Guardian

      More Reading:
      The general rules for tournaments are below. They obviously apply.

      General Rules for Tournaments

      1. These tournaments are for fun and have no value of any kind. There will be no prizes for winners unless otherwise explicitly stated. Prizes are not allowed for member created tournaments. There will be an extremely low tolerance for whining.

      2. Tournaments fall into two categories: Individual and Teams. All players must have a profile with a valid gamertag in their profile. All teams must additionally create a Group. It's not hard. People make dumb ones all the time.

      3. Each tournament has its own forum should have four threads in the forum: Rules, General Discussion, Applications & Reporting. Rules will have a copy of the General Rules (you're reading it) in the first post and additional Specific Rules as created by the Tournament Organizer. Applications are for requesting to participate in the tournament and Reporting is for informing the Organizer of wins. Being able to use a forum properly is the lowest common denominator of intelligence. If you screw that up, don't expect anyone to want you in their tourney.

      4. Unless otherwise stated all tournaments are to take place in one day, with continuous play. This could mean several hours dedicated to playing videogames. Poor you. A tournament of 32 will have at most five matches for the winner, with some waiting for your next opponent. Keep that in mind. A Halo 3 tournament could take 1.5 hours and a Civilization tournament could take several years. Pack a lunch.

      5. The person who is higher in the bracket is the person who sets up the match. They make the lobby and send an invite to their opponent. We recommend that each tournament also make a "gameday" thread for people to communicate with each other. You can use Xbox Live or email if you want, but we have no way to verify those messages in the case of a dispute.

      6. In all games, you must limit the party size in the lobby. You should never have a party that non-competing friends or random could join. Check with your specific game for instructions on how to limit party size.

      7. After the match, the winner should report the win to the Results thread and the Organizer will update the bracket. Each Organizer may have different methods for reporting Results. This should be listed in the Results thread.

      8. These General Rules will be updated frequently. There will be a place for you to check for the latest rules soon.

      9. We plan on instituting a rating system for both players and organizers soon. People who are rude, whiny, absent or generally disorganized will be rated lower and excluded from future tournaments. So behave yourself, you filthy animal.

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    • backinblak

      9 years ago

      thx :) smiley1.gif

    • backinblak

      9 years ago

      were you with me when i was playing with jack on halo 3 day when i had the zombie(green) hearts?
      it was,"for every 1 person with the zombie heart, bungie takes one dollar away from the Hati fund"
      it had a short mention in the podcast

    • louiskid502l

      10 years ago

      thax for the tournament (even though i got destroyed) hope to c another free for all soon

    • SirMelchior

      10 years ago

      gotcha, i'm hosting now.

    • Raggnorok

      10 years ago

      I won/t be able to take part in the FF tomorrow. Work got in the way. I have to bow out. I've already told Burnie.

    • I_AM_L

      11 years ago

      Hi you new to the site?

      if you need any help just ask or visit the First Stop forum it should be very helpful

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