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    • GORQ'S QUEST is here...but what is it??

      1 year ago

      toddwo32 Creative Producer

      Hey hey! 

      If you're following all this PILOT MONTH stuff, you might be wondering, "What the fudge is GORQ'S QUEST?" 

      The short answer is that it's a comedy game show featuring a crew of riffing RT'ers co-hosted by a rotating Rooster Teeth personality and an imprisoned supercomputer robot from 1983 who can only become free once he learns more. His name is GORQ, which is short for GENERATOR OF RANDOM QUESTIONS, and he's kind of hard to work with. That was probably more like the medium-long answer. 

      This show is something I started to put together a few months back. I wanted to make a show that was more comedy-based where there was lots of riffing. So we did some test shoots with some of the folks around here for a show called UNEDUCATED GUEST. Those test episodes were pretty good, but everyone on the crew really liked this one weird segment I wrote where we took a break from answering funny questions and had the cast chat with GORQ (who at the time was simply the word "GORQ" on a screen), who spoke to us from inside a computer. I thought everyone was going to hate that part, frankly, because it was more than a little weird.   

      Brian Behm, who is like a do-it-all creative at RT, was sort of watching from the sidelines and told me that if I wanted, he could build a robot body for GORQ and allow him to be a real thing that could interact with the others. He basically asked me, "Do you want a robot?" And if you know anything about me, you would know that I would never say no to that question. Who doesn't want a robot? So he made version one of GORQ the robot, and I came up with a backstory for GORQ, and GORQ'S QUEST was born. 

      I really hope you like the show. My goal was to create something new and maybe a little weird that's really fun to watch, and there's a freakin' robot in it! I can already see a million ways to make it more fun and funny, and I'm super excited to see what people in the RT community have to say about it. Please watch it with an open mind, and don't judge GORQ too harshly – he's had a hard life thus far. 

      Join GORQ'S QUEST on Tuesday May 15th at 11am CT, only on FIRST!   

    • Who I Am

      1 year ago

      toddwo32 Creative Producer

      Hey! I pop up in Rooster Teeth videos here and there but I haven't properly and officially introduced myself to the community here. And since this is the Year of Community at RT, there's no time like the present. 

      My name is Todd Womack, and I've been working in entertainment for about two decades. Most recently, I spent five years as a writer/performer/director at Barely Political, one of the early big YouTube channels, now called The Key of Awesome. My job there was to make viral videos. In that time, we made hundreds of fake commercialssketches and music videos, and I'm proud to say that I had a major part in bringing in over 2 billion views there. Around a hundred million of those views feature me playing the performer Pitbull in parodies of his "songs." While I had fun doing that character, I never wanted to be known as a Pitbull impersonator, so don't bring it up. But that's what Josh Flanagan calls me. 

      One of my favorite things I made there was a series of fake commercials for a fictitious product called New Zealand Style Deck Sealant. That series of 3 videos is up to about 10 million views total. It's a type of comedy I like to call Dumbclever, in that it's a dumb concept that's been executed well. And I just learned that every Aussie knows this video, and I have like a million free drinks waiting for me there. If you're ever at RT headquarters I still keep the original can of Deck Sealant on my desk. 

      One fact I think is interesting about that whole experience is that our YouTube channel was owned by a company called Next New Networks, that in 2011 was bought by YouTube, which is of course a subsidiary of Google. So we were doing all these comedy videos while being guinea pigs for YouTube itself, testing out new elements, making corporate videos, and feasting on the free gourmet food there. So my job before this one was actually at Google. My parents were finally okay with me going into comedy. At some point Google released Barely into the wild and it was time for me to leave New York, where I had lived for 11 years. I moved back to my college town of Austin, got married, and started working at Rooster Teeth as a producer in the broadcast department after working on a TV show with Joel Heyman and Brandon Farmahini made by RT for Verzon's Go90 as a writer/producer. 

      Before that I spent about 12 years as a standup and sketch comedian in New York and L.A., traveling the U.S.A. and the U.K. making jokes. I still do some standup and weird character pieces around Austin, and at the moment I'm working on some new shows here at Rooster Teeth. You can see me every once in a while on the RT Podcast and On The Spot. Drop me a line if you want I'm a friendly dude :)  

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