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      2 months ago


      I just wanted to post real quickly about the portfolio of writing that I share with my twin brother! We have a bunch of really cool screenplays that are available for your reading pleasure. It has years of work from us that we have built and we are incredibly proud of them. I hope you will give one a read, take your time as they will be there a while! 

      Also if you didn't know we stream as a duo, so check out our channel on twitch to watch us be goofy idiots a few times a week! We are friendly so feel free to join us for some gaming and IRL shenanigans. We are aiming to do a podcast called Critical Twins once a week to talk about upcoming films and our current favorites each month! We would love to hear what other things you are watching, as cinema inspires us all in different ways. Thanks again for your time RT fam! 

      Screenwriting and Content Portfolio 

      Twitch Channel - ImLividTV

    • Beyond-ish

      6 months ago


      A new season begins. Fall to be exact. We are rapidly approaching the denouement of this year. So if you use the dramatic structure, you could say we might be in the falling action. I think that the turning point of the story is will happen first though.

       My fate is going to change. Something amazing awaits. Not just for me, but for all of you. 

      We all have goals we want to accomplish. Some are simple and others not so much. Life is filled with so many little things that will try to stray you from that vision you have. It will be so easy to lose it, but I know that if you focus on it, it will come true. 

      I have been imagining a career for myself since I finished college. That was almost four years ago now. That vision has not happened. 


      This year has been a focus of creativity every single day. So far I have done it, just like I promised myself. The help of my twin brother has allowed me to do so many inspiring things. We have written screenplays, created a twitch channel/community, filmed a short film teaser and traveled all the way to London for a company I hope I can work with someday. 

      The journey has only just begun for me. It has only just begun for you.

      I grew up with people not believing in me or my dreams. I promised to never do that to other people. So let's accomplish great things together because...

      I believe in you.

    • Post RTX London and Beyond

      7 months ago


      Dear RT Family,

      So this year started off quite differently than others. I was told by one of my friends to start a twitch channel with my twin brother, Rob, because he said we had "a voice." A unique one. This was daunting to us that he felt that way. We were just two guys from a small town in Massachusetts. 

      Anyways, it took a few days, but we launched it under the name "ImLividTV" (most people just call us "Livid" though). I think the "livid" part just comes from Rob's rage to honest. Don't tell him I said that. 

      We have met people from all over the world. From the UK to Norway and all the way to Japan. We thought that would be our focus this year outside of filmmaking, but things got even crazier. In a good way. I promise! 

      It was thanks to an announcement that Rooster Teeth was getting a new RT Games Community Manager that I was lucky enough to meet Cricket. She is amazing, kind and so supportive. There aren't enough words to describe her. 

      We started chatting and watching her stream some cool games on her twitch channel. And then, she inspired us to venture out to RTX London and meet her in person there. 

      So here's the thing I have never been out of the country before so this was a crazy thing for me. Plus I'm not the biggest fan of flying, but I couldn't find a reason not to go. I have been a part of the RT Community for quite sometime and yet, I haven't really met anyone who was a part of it in person. 

      We ended up booking our flights and began our journey to London. We landed and found out that Cricket was not going to be able to make the event. I was definitely sad to hear that, but I know that we will definitely meet someday (Plus she is probably crazy busy with the upcoming release of Bendy and the Ink Machine next month). 

      She was kind enough to let us know that Jackie, the RT Community Manager would be there. We were able to meet her on our first day and it was great to chat with someone who, also never been out of the country before. 

      I'm so thankful that Cricket was able to be a voice that pushed us in a direction that we needed to go. The trip to RTX London even allowed us to meet some of the Livid Family who lived in the UK. It was so incredible meeting people who have been so supportive of our shenanigans on twitch. I consider myself so lucky to have all of these people in my life. They are the reason I keep working toward being a writer, an actor, a content creator, and most of all, just being a friend.

      We caught the "A Million Pounds Although...," "RT Animation," "RTUK Community," and both "Kinda Funny" Panels during RTX London. We met so many amazing people who were just as passionate as we were. One of the Kinda Funny Best Friends, MC Fixer was someone who I had only met on twitter and he was even more amazing in person. I hope that I am lucky enough to collaborate with him on content in the future. 

      The friendship he has with Greg Miller is amazing and you can tell the impact that community has had on him. It's these stories that show us why we love being creative and pursing the future we know is possible. They push us to never give up on what you are meant to do.

      The truth is, I have no idea where life is taking me, I'm just along for the ride. I am keeping my head up and looking towards the future. The goal from here is finish 2018 on the best note possible and grow more next year. 

      I'm sending you love, no matter where you are on this marble we call Earth.

      Thanks for listening to me get emotional and ramble.


      Trevor Dylan 

    • Uncharted Fan Film

      8 months ago


      I feel like I need to share some cool stuff that me and my twin brother wrote a while back, now that Nathan Fillion killed it with his fan film based on the Naughty Dog series. So back in 2012, we wrote a 177 page original spec script for an Uncharted film. It's technically canon as it takes place in between Drake's Fortune and Among Thieves. 

      We kept it a secret, but I think people should read what we created. I hope some of you will check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks a bundle. 

      Sic Parvis Magna. 

      Uncharted Spec Script

    • We did it (Step 1)

      8 months ago


      It's crazy how much has happened in the last few months. I told myself I was going to be consistent with my posts here, but with the production planning it's been difficult to find time for anything other than sleep and working my job to pay the bills. I feel like my life is like a river, it's moving down stream and for the first time I'm not hitting any debris on the way. 

      We were able to create the teaser trailer for Volly!! and I could not be more proud of the cast and crew who helped us film it. 

      The truth is that most people don't have a twin brother to collaborate on all their projects. We spend every single day being creative and working towards the same goal. My entire time at college, years of screenwriting and experience on film sets has helped me to prepare for this film. The first of many more to come. 

      I hope you will take a look at our project and help us make it a reality. At the very least, I think you will see how passionate we are as content creators. After all, this is what we were put on this planet to do. Thank you again, for being patient with me:) 

      VOLLY!! Indiegogo and Teaser

    • Always Dreaming Out Loud

      8 months ago


      Christopher Reeve once said, "So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable." 

      I once heard someone say that if you dream out loud, then it likely won't come true. I myself, find this to be not true. If you are following your heart and you are screaming to the world to hear you. Eventually someone is going to scream back. Passion is what keeps us alive. We all have a reason for what we do, what we love. I happen to be a lover of creativity in every form. I'm always trying new things. Trying to be a better writer, a better actor, a better me. I know that everyday I am closer to that person. Closer to that goal. Life is a series of events and I know that my event will happen. It's only a matter of time. Your time will come too. Just keep dreaming out loud. Be heard. Never give up. 


      Trevor Dylan Benoit

    • RWBY "And Then There Were Three" Spec Script

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      So along with my twin brother, we wrote a spec script for the series RWBY. We took a lot of fan theories, including our own, and built an episode that would be further down the line in the RWBYverse. We had an absolute blast writing it and I hope you feel the same when you read it. Thanks for being such an amazing community. I won't go on for too long, so without further ado, enjoy this original episode we made. Just for you all. 


      The Benoit Brothers

      RWBY Spec Script, "And Then There Were Three" Episode

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    • Pursuing the Year of the Rooster and Dreaming of a Dream Career

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      They say that time waits for no one. That's exactly what my mind officially decided against when the clock struck midnight to kick off 2018. My twin brother, Rob, and I are twins born in the Year of the Rooster. We were also born in the month of June, which makes us Gemini's. Life is full of these fateful ironies. It is often said that Roosters never give up, no matter how difficult something gets. Even in the face of failure, they pick themselves back up and keep on fighting. That's exactly what Rob and I do for each other, we pick each other up and we keep on fighting. We knew that if we put in our all going into 2018, we would find ourselves in the career of our dreams. We haven't stopped believing that.

      It started off with a friend introducing us to Twitch. He helped us with a gaming setup and we worked to get everything running for January 1st. We've been streaming consistently every week since then and we've gathered a wonderful little community of people from all over the world. Some of them have become our best friends and their continued support has meant the absolute world to us both. We've had the opportunity to make changes in other people's lives and they too have changed our lives for the better. We understand what it means to have a community and the responsibility that comes with it. It has been one of the greatest gifts of my life.

      As we continued to stream and manage our full time jobs at Walmart, we strived to pursue our creative passions as well. Rob and I have been writing screenplays together since high school, developing those abilities further in college. We haven't stopped writing and creating concepts that keep our imaginations running all the time. In 2018, we took one of those creative itches and decided to bring it to life. And that was our short film, "VOLLY!!"

      We began working on it around the same time as we did streaming on Twitch. We started reading Haikyuu!! and immediately began to develop a script adaptation. Once we finalized a script in the next few weeks, we brought the idea to our director, Carlo Barbieri III, who fell in love with it. He proposed that we make a teaser trailer and then fundraise the money needed for the full short film, which would clock in at around 30 minutes. So that's exactly what we did. 

      Rob put the full one thousand and five hundred dollar budget on his shoulders and begin to work his butt off to find the cast, crew, connections, and support needed to make the idea happen. It started with contacting the Gardner High School and getting them to agree with us shooting in the gymnasium for free. With that, Rob brought the idea to City Hall and went before the Mayor with the idea. The city fully supported the short film happening in the high school and showcasing the importance of teamwork in the community. Then he pushed to have local businesses assist in the production, not only for their incredible work, but because it would also help those businesses. He ordered the costumes through the local John's Sports Shop and catering through Cafe Edesia. After that, he worked with the MA equipment rental business Fastlights in order to attain the proper lighting and support needed to make the production look as professional as possible despite the low budget. Then, in conjunction with the director of Photography James Woodbury, he brought in two camera assistants and two gaffers that worked at a reduced rate to make the shooting a success. Finally, he worked with the director to bring in a drone that would allow for the most difficult shot possible. It was after all of this that Rob realized, he was meant to be a producer.

      In the short film, I starred as one of the two leads, Sean Hindley based upon Shoyo Hinata from Haikyuu!!. It was a dream come true to perform as a character that I admired and respected. Not only that, but I was the one that storyboarded and carefully planned every single shot that we filmed during the two days on set. Those two days on set were some of the best days on my life and instilled in me the feeling I already knew. I want to be an actor, both voice and on screen. To have had the opportunity to create something that people can watch and know that all the hard work paid off. That was what made us realize that this is our calling. We need to write, we need to act, we need to produce, we need to be ourselves. This is what 2018 has given us. This is what it continues to give us.

      We started with an idea and with a little effort and a touch of luck, we made it happen. That's all it takes, all you have to do is get up and do it. And now as we fundraise for the full short film, we continue to write and pursue the opportunities that will further push us into a career of fulfillment. 

      Last year was the Year of the Rooster. But they say that for Roosters, the real luck comes the year after. This year is our year and we're ready to show it.

      To anyone who is doubting themselves or feel as if the rejection will never stop, just know that you're not alone. Know that it won't last forever. The universe has a plan for you, you just have to do your part to set the gears in motion. Just like we did. 


      The Benoit Brothers

      VOLLY!! Fan Short Film on IndieGoGo:

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    • Volley Short Film

      1 year ago


      Good morning,

      At long last I'm happy to announce that our short film, Volley, is moving along. We will be filming the teaser for Volley a few weeks from now. 

      So humbled to have the opportunity to bring the world of "Haikyu!!" to life. The Indiegogo campaign will follow after the teaser is filmed and edited. The link will be up once it goes live and I hope you can help us tell this incredible story. Plus, I get to dye my hair and portray such a fun character who desires to be the best spiker and decoy for his teammates. 

      We are casting some characters still so if you are interested, we would love to hear from you. Thank you so much for being an amazing community. Wishing you the best during the end of January. Let's keep showing that we are owning 2018! 


      Trevor Dylan Benoit

    • An Emotional Post (Sorry all)

      1 year ago


      Good afternoon everyone! (Morning depending on where you are)

      I've been out of college for almost three years now and when people tell you that your twenties are difficult, I will say for me it is generally true. I will say that I have applied for nearly 100 jobs all around the country and not one has asked me for an interview. It's fair to say that I should feel defeated, but I don't. 

      Failure is a part of life and we as artists have to be comfortable with that failure. Success is driven by failure. Even the most successful people have experienced it at least once in their lifetime. I have even been told by my family to give up on my dreams, but my twin brother who has the same passions pushed me to keep moving. I will tell you that his support has meant the world to me.

      I promised myself this year that I would be creative every single day, no matter what. I think that is an achievable goal with the help of my brother and all the other artists around me. 

      Presently we are preparing for a short film that we are shooting in the coming months and I am honored to be the lead actor, writer, social media director, and storyboard artist on the project. It's been an amazing experience so far and I cannot wait to see what crazy stuff lies ahead. I am comfortable with being uncomfortable about the future. The unknown means there are so many possibilities. 

      I even applied to work for the company that has allowed me to host my journal on here. Rooster Teeth is easily one of the most creative communities thanks to all of you. I won't give up on working for such an incredible production company because it's my dream to be a part of this journey with my twin brother. We are collaborators and this is what we live for. 


      Trevor Dylan Benoit

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