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    • trilli4n


      5 years ago

      i'm 22.

      and my boyfriend is not a jerk, i love him.

      and my best friend rules, i love her.

      and i got a promotion.

      and i'm in my last semester of school.

      and i'm going to miss Timothy.

      the end.

    • trilli4n


      5 years ago


    • trilli4n

      Uh oh...

      5 years ago

      I am Nicole.

      I have the ingenuity and creativity akin to that of an (adorably) mad scientist.

      I am a nocturnal creature. I may or may not have retractable fangs and hiss on occasion. And bite.

      I am secretly Hit Girl.

      I am also secretly Juno.

      I am pretty much without a doubt the most insanely wonderful and amazing girlfriend in the entire galaxy.

      Every time I see a puppy I squeal. And whenever I squeal an angel gets its wings. And a clown gets hit by a bus.

      I can eat more steak than any five of you combined. This is because I have a separate stomach reserved only for that.

      My presence grants +10 to all stats.

      I have the flat out most amazing and sexy and wonderful and sexy and sexy and sexy boyfriend and he's all mine and he can beat up your boyfriend just by staring at him and he certainly never hijacks my account when I forget to log out. Period, the end.


    • trilli4n


      5 years ago

      i haven't posted on here in forever, i know.
      a lot has gone on and rvb just isn't the place for it anymore.
      doesn't mean that i don't love you guys. and i do still read your journals!

      i just came here today to pay respects to the website that introduced me to my wonderful, amazing boyfriend. because as of today, we have been together for a year. <3

      thanks, rvb!

    • trilli4n


      5 years ago

      it was quite a november, right?

      i recently got back from a week long trip to Florida to visit my family. it had been at least 6 months since i had seen some of them and near a year for others. it was really enjoyable.

      i brought the boyfriend along to meet the family. this went really well! even yesterday when i was on the phone with my mom, my grandma (in the background) told me that she misses Trevor. yep, just Trevor. haha. everyone in my family was really impressed and felt like he'd been around for awhile, very comfortable. it makes me very happy. :)

      the first two days of my vacation were spent in Orlando, Fl because we had one free (and three discounted) tickets to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure.

      we got into Orlando around noon, drove to our hotel (the Hard Rock) and took a much needed nap. we got all cleaned up (this being me, Trevor, my mom, and my stepdad Glen) and went out to party in CityWalk. first, we went to the Hard Rock restaurant. and here's where one of the coolest things happened.

      my stepdad told one of the people there that is was a special day because it had been awhile since i'd visited. and i guess if you tell the people of the largest Hard Rock in the world that it's a special day... they show you really cool things. after dinner, this guy came to our table and took us on a VIP sort of adventure through their most prized collection of rock memorabilia. it was all Beatles.

      the first hallway had a wall made out of the original Cavern Club bricks. then there were miscellaneous guitars/posters/photographs that were fairly awesome. but the best part is that they had an entire VIP room dedicated to John Lennon. it was made to look like his home in NY. and it contained the couch that he sat on where he wrote every single song of his. fucking fantastic! it also included a lot of original artwork, records, and a piano where every single key was signed by a musician. (like Billy Joel and Elton John)

      that night i went to a karaoke place with my parents, got tipsy, and then went on stage and sung "Just a Girl" by No Doubt. wonderful.

      the next day we went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. (one day, two parks.) everything went awesome there for the most part. we got through the lines rather quickly because our hotel room keys acted like fast passes. unfortunately, we went on a few water rides near the end. bleh.

      on Wednesday we made the 3 hour trek back home. my stepbrothers were there so we spent the day lounging around. Thanksgiving went rather well. lots of food, lots of Left 4 Dead 2. the rest of the weekend went smoothly. i can't honestly remember a whole lot right now. we did some shopping, hung around the house, watched a lot of movies, and i took a shitload of photos for my Advanced Color Final. around 375.

      which brings me to now. i am working on finals. (slowly but surely.) unfortunately i have about two weeks left. soo, i have to kick my ass. we'll see how it goes!

      wish me luck.

      p.s. when i came home on Tuesday afternoon my apartment was decorated like a winter wonderland! it smelled like cookies, and there were lights and reindeers and snow and snowflakes and EVERYTHING AWESOME EVER. i love my biffl.<3

    • trilli4n


      5 years ago

      been awhile.

      as you may have read through my bestie's journal, we have both been infected by the swine flu.

      that's right. i made fun of h1n1 and it heard me and took revenge. monday night, last week, i thought i was going to bed with a harmless sore throat. i woke up and went to work and hardly made it through the day without feeling awful-tastic. went home tuesday night to find out that Amanda had been having the same exact symptoms. we didn't know what was wrong with us but we knew it was the same thing. so, we shared a thermometer and a couch and called off work for the next day.

      fast forward to the next morning where Amanda wakes me up with the words "so, i have swine flu."
      i went to the doctor. they ignored my request for an h1n1 test and told me i just had congestion. (even after i told them about my fever and my close quarters with a swine flu patient.)
      i was not happy. went to another doctor the next day. yep, swine flu.

      Amanda and i spent the rest of the weekend being ill, eating soup and other takeouts, and watching Battlestar Galactica. Amanda introduced it to me (although i've ALWAYS wanted to see it). and we are currently a few episodes into the 2.5 season. i am in love with it. it ranks up right next to LOST for my favorite TV show of all time.

      i have yet to go to work again. i think i am going to try tomorrow. although, i get very tired very easily. but i am not contagious. just "recovering".

      school has been a bit of a pain in the ass to catch up with though. my teachers are not very sympathetic with my diagnosis. not sure why. :/

      but in awesome, wonderful, amazing news: Trevor is moving to Chicago. very soon. in like... days. he got an apartment last week and is now in the process of getting packed up and figuring out how to get here.
      it's... still not real to me. it feels so far away still. but i am excited. and it will be very real once i see his cute face again soon.

      and only a week after that, i get to travel back home for a week in Florida. yaaaay. it'll be nice.
      although all of this is leaving me very poor. :(

      alright. update over.

    • trilli4n

      class review.

      6 years ago

      a lot has happened since my 21st.
      i spent a weekend in Vegas with my best friend, my boyfriend, and her boyfriend.
      it was a lot fun although very overwhelming. (my first time there.)

      i ended up convincing my grandpa to sign on a loan... after MUCH frustration and stress.
      so i began school last tuesday. here is what i think of my new classes.

      U.S. History from 1887: i have a friend in this class so it already gets bonus points for a familiar face. the teacher is a middle aged man with a strange chuckle. he is slightly entertaining so hopefully he uses that to keep me interested in what he is saying. i am not a huge fan of U.S. history but it was an open class and i only need one more history class after this one to finish my pre reqs.

      Art of the 60s: i had this teacher last semester for my 20th Century Art Theory and Criticism class. he is a fantastic teacher. he is extremely intelligent and sometimes pretentious and he is a working artist. he was also around for the 60s... so bonus! i enjoy Art History greatly (hence why i now have a minor in it) so it could turn out to be a very good class. unfortunately, it is also full of pretentious Art History snobs. ick.

      View Camera: this camera is huge and is a pain in the ass to setup/use. (it is 30 lbs and i get to carry it home every other week. ow.) but i've had the teacher and it should be a breeze of a class. he is a very eccentric old man. the view camera also produces some of the most wonderful photographs i have ever seen. i am excited to learn about the camera and start shooting. the camera produces photographs with immense detail, and you can use it for a lot of weird distortion techniques. but i am scared because it is large, heavy, costs a lot of money, and i have been out of photo classes for over a year... so i am rusty compared to the others. also, my partner (we have to share one view camera between two people) is Jabba the Hut.

      Advanced Color Photography: i greatly enjoy color photography. like... a lot. so i am very excited to start taking more color photographs. the teacher reminds me of a teacher i had a year ago that i really liked at first but then resented by the end of the year. hopefully this pans out better. i will shoot mostly digital, seeing as how film and do not get along very well anymore. i already have some ideas on a project that could pan out into a few finals.

      Website Publishing 1: i get to make webpages yaaaaaaay. UGH. the teacher is very nice and i am not the dumbest one in class. i remember doing a lot of HTML back in 8th grade for a "research" class i had, so a lot of that is resurfacing and i catch on quick. it should be the least painful class i take. also, i get to make webpages yaaaaaay. expect some sort of photography portfolio website by the end of the semester.

      school should be alright. i'm just excited to go back. i can't imagine spending ALL my time at Berry Chill. i would kill myself.

      on that note, Berry Chill is the same as always and i feel very indifferent towards it right now. i don't know how to describe it. everyday i am there just feels like the last day i was there. nothing new to expect, nothing to work towards... just work. i know i am lucky in those feelings.

      on other things... my best friend is awesome as always. our apartment gets more rockin' everyday.
      Fall is on its way.<3
      and so is my boy! only 10 days till i see his cute face. i can't get enough of him. he is the most wonderful and i love him very much. <3

      alright. expect another journal in... what.. maybe a month? hahaha, suckas!<3

    • trilli4n


      6 years ago

      so... today is my birthday!

      i am officially 21 years old.
      woop woop!

      i have had a fantastic weekend.
      i stuffed myself full of steak on Friday night.
      on Saturday, Amanda pampered me all day with a manicure, pedicure, and eyebrow wax.
      they we dyed our hair, bought some make up, and dressed up real nice to go out and celebrate my 21st!

      my bosses are Chicago socialites so they invited me and whoever else to come out to a club called The Underground to celebrate. it's one of the most popular clubs in Chicago, so that felt pretty cool to walk right in. :) no standing in line or anything!

      unfortunately, we got there around 11:20... 40 minutes before it was officially my 21st. they let us in and then... kicked us right back out again. we had to wait till midnight to even get in. oh well. it was a blast.

      my first legal shot was bought my my boss, Ben. ahh tequila... i hate you. then we had bottle service at our table and when the waitress came over to make us some drinks, she asked who the birthday girl was and then gave me a free shot of... something. tasted like alcoholic apple juice? haha. amanda and i had a few drinks... someone bought me another shot. more tequila, ew. and we just danced around all night getting smashed.

      we had to get our boss to get us a cab because we could barely talk... much less stand at that point.
      unfortunately... once we got out of the cab... Amanda realized she had lost her phone. :(
      21st birthdays are cursed with unfortunate happenings.

      today we just woke up, tried eating, slept some more, ate some more, watched a movie, and just generally relaxed. which is what i would call a great birthday.

      and next weekend is Vegas! so we must rest up for that. :)

      my best friend is the best best friend in the universe and none of this would have been possible without her. <3 i love her.

      and my boyfriend has been amazing to me too. calling at midnight to have him and his friends sing me happy birthday... sending me birthday e-mails and uber cutesy messages all day. i love him too. <3

      alright! off to more recovery.
      if anyone wants to buy me a drink now that i am 21. go right ahead. ;)

    • trilli4n

      beep boop.

      6 years ago

      i have been very productive this evening.
      now that Alex has left.. :(
      Amanda and i have to start cleaning our own apartment again, haha.

      i have been having many financial woes recently.
      stooping low and asking for money. fortunately, i have never asked for money from anyone besides Amanda before, so it's not a regular thing and does not make me feel nearly as bad.
      looks like i am scraping by though. i should be okay and just living very cheaply for the next two months.
      no problem.
      it's all been worth it...

      as stressful as money can be, and as hard as it is to not have much money... i don't regret anything i have spent money on this summer. this summer has been great. i've seen my boy twice, i got to treat Amanda to her birthday festivities, and my boy to his... i've had great fun living it up here in Chicago with my bestest.
      i honestly wouldn't take back a lot of what i've spent all my money on.
      and school starts soon enough.. meaning cutting back on a lot of things. so i should be able to start back on track after a couple more paychecks. (and they should be damn good for what i've been workin'.)

      speaking of school... i'm fairly fucked so far.
      i've applied for many student loans but have been rejected by all of them because i can not get them alone.
      i need a cosigner.
      unfortunately, my mom (who has cosigned on my last loans) has quite a bit of money problems too, so she cannot this time around.
      no one else in my family is very reliable.
      i'm going to stretch out to my father and see if anyone on his side of the family would have good enough credit and a big enough heart to help me out.
      no cosigner = no loans = no school.
      i only have a year and half left.
      i really hope this all works out.

      and if it doesn't...
      then i make things work somehow. maybe take a break and build myself up enough to get my own damn loans. i don't know. it's not really what i want to do. but i do need to plan on SOMETHING if it all falls through, you know?
      plus, i do NOT want to start paying my loans back in 6 months. i would diiiiiiiieeee.

      this upcoming Sunday (the 16th) is my big 21st birthday! i am very excited.
      Amanda has some plans and my boss wants to invite me and her and a few others to a night club that Saturday night. i hope it works out... it would be fun!

      weekend after we are all going to VEGAS! i have never been and i think it is the best way Amanda and Nicole could possibly celebrate their 21st birthdays together. Amanda has an AWESOMEFANTASTICEXCITING birthday gift for me. <3

      and i get to see my boy.<3


    • trilli4n

      night owl.

      6 years ago

      it has certainly been awhile.

      after coming back from my wonderful California vacation...
      i learned about my new work schedule.
      i no longer open Ogilvie or work with Amanda.
      i work at the chaotic State St. it's mostly awful.
      i no longer have weekends. i hate most of the very incompetent people i work with...
      but it's a job. and a flexible one at that.
      sure, i haven't gotten a pay raise in over a year... but i still make a decent amount.
      sure, the position they were going to give me was taken out from under my feet... but i still... have a job.
      i make money. i get my time off to see Trev.
      but i miss Amanda. i hardly see her. :(
      and we friggin' live together.

      her sister, Alex, has been staying with us. it's been more fun than i thought it would be. i enjoy her company greatly. also, it makes me less lonely since i never see my BFFFL. :(

      i play on Berry Chill's softball team with Amanda. it's fun. i get exercise and sunshine. i even do fairly okay for never having played a game in my life.

      in my spare time... i don't do much. my work schedule has fucked up my sleep schedule. hence the 2 am rvb journal. work has left me feeling very uninspired. it's sad how much of an effect this shithole has on my life.

      i changed my major back to Photography. and i now have a minor in Art History. i have a year and half left of college and then i am fucking done. of course, this all depends on if i can get a loan for the upcoming year. i don't have a cosigner and i can't get a loan from Sallie Mae (who i have gotten all my past loans from.) this is going to be a tricky situation.

      i turn 21 in less than a month.

      i am still crazy about my wonderful (and yet sometimes dumb) boyfriend. i get to see him in 9 days and give him so many kisses. it will be our three month anniversary in less than a week too. too mushy, i know. i can't help it with him.<3

      amanda's boy comes in this thursday and it should be fun. i won't be around much because of my work schedule... but knowing that amanda is happy makes me happy.<3

      sorry for the absence.

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      5 years ago


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      5 years ago

      Our mutual friend Jengaship informs me you're celebrating a birthday today. So without any further delay:


      I would have posted this earlier, but Brand New RvB = Slow-Ass Site! Hope it was a good one!


    • GreyFox389


      5 years ago


      I DID IT!!!!


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      5 years ago

      hai wats up where have u been???? hit me up lets hang soon luv!!!!!!1

    • Cerberus_


      5 years ago

      I think that was part of the intent of the director, to make people angry with the movie.

    • cg1985


      5 years ago

      Also a lot of people argue that one of the reasons we are doing so bad financially is because all we produce is people who can tell us there is a problem (MBA's), and not people who can fix it.

      Point is, Sure, we all have to do what we have to do , I know that as well as anyone, but It's still a sad state of affairs when MOST people start college in pursuit of a degree as un-romantic as an MBA.

      Now, not saying we should all start being Lit-Majors or anything. I mean, that would also be be bad. Like fall of the roman empire bad.

    • cg1985


      5 years ago

      Nothing wrong with supporting a family and being happy doing it, but, being someone who has worked in a corporate office along with lots of other 'businessmen' they aren't happy.

      Not saying that everyone can always do what they want to do, but I the fact of the matter is that people often think that it's what they have to do.

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      6 years ago

      i love YOU

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      6 years ago

      happy birthday yo!