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    • O>O

      14 years ago


      Trinity: Oh jesus christ what is this blue fuzzy shit all over the floor?!?!?
      Dagger: That would be your carpet, dumbass.
      Trinity: Oh...Since when did we have carpet?
      Dagger: Oh before, ya know, we moved in...
      Trinity: It's nasty looking... O.o...
      Dagger: *hands Trin a vaccum* This will get rid of all the nasties.
      Trinity: You are such a cunt XD
      Dagger: Nah, I just like to eat it.
      Trinity: XD............................... -.-;;;;

      (So my room is clean! Dagger is also a guy friend of mine.)

    • Amazing

      14 years ago


      I actually managed to finish something on my Kingdom Hearts RPG site. Doing pixel sprites isn't really so bad.

      trinity.gif The character known as Trinity. I created her about a year or so ago when I first got into KH. I got the name from the trinity limit's found in the game.

      riku.gif Riku, of course. All I had to do was place him in Unknown garb and make a blindfold. (Yeah, you never get to see him like this in KH:CoM

      unknown2.gifSzerint (flame) is a new guy I just made who wields the Keyblade of Fire. 2nd Unknown in the Organization.

      unknown9.gif Mélység (abyss). One of my fav madeups that I just did. He is the 9th Unknown in the Org. and wields the Keyblade of Gravity.

      Untitled-710.gif Procella (lightning) the 10th Unknown i just created. Wields the Keyblade of Thunder. Split personality, very scary O.o...

      I was able to complete a page of all the Unknowns here. once you reach that page just put Guest in the username and password to look at it.

      My site is slowly coming back to life. yay!

    • Poker night

      14 years ago


      Yeah, aroun 4 am I went and played poker. The game lasted till 8:30 am. For awhile there I was chip leader, but as time went on I got tired and, well, lost my edge. Peter ended up beating me hard. I suck at poker once I get tired, my brain just doesn't function. Earlier I had left around 12 am to go hang with my bud Jen for awhile. Then Peter came down, we hung out and I met his friend who works at the library Starbucks. I recognize the guy, just never knew his name. JD, he's a cutie. My colorguard friend Alysa and I then played poker with them. Yeah, Alysa ows me $10 and peter owes me a pack of cigs.

      JD was a hoot, him and peter both. I don't think they like the idea of a girl besting them in the first couple rounds of poker. Hah.

      In the end, JD went out first and became the dealer instead of everyone switching up. Then I went out, then Alysa and Peter won. Poo. Next time I'll play poker with them when it isn't so early in the morning.

      Afterwards we met up with Tanner and Jen and went to eat breakfast. Pres. cafeteria has some good breakfast. *nod nod*. Then I passed out in my bed.

      Tired me........................... ugh,.

    • Gone a day...

      14 years ago


      And already reporting a jerk. Fun stuff I tell ya. I hate flamers. Honestly do.

      Lots of stuff to check, and my contacts are bugging the shit out of me. They are an old pair. Need to find a new one. I don't feel like wearing glasses. Bah. My room is such a mess right now. I need to put shit up. Here is the chaos:


      I need to get my room cleaned up. Bah.

      Been doing various stuff in photoshop. Here is a piece I am working on. My character for Naruto.

      Ok, I am off to do work on my room. Ja ne-

    • behold!

      14 years ago


      The truth!

      Just something for DA.


    • Yay!!!!!

      14 years ago


      I finally finished it and ohhhhhh he looks so good! *double glomps Copper*

      Copper: ........ TT-TT..... I don't deserve this....

      He is such a sexy beast, yes he is!! (knows she will die later ^_^)


      *lick* hehe

    • Ok...

      14 years ago


      So I am not in as much of an artist block as I thought I was. Currently working on finishing up a sketch of a character I am doing for alienfirst's angels and demons.


      Fweee!!! He so sexy, yes he is!!! *snuggles*
      Copper: me... TT-TT

      Name: Copper
      Species: Demon
      Element: Copper Metals
      Job: Lesser Council

    • Busy Busy Busy

      14 years ago


      I have been working on a layout for an old rpg of mine called Tainted Darkness, a Kingdom Hearts rpg. Been working on a new plot, etc and such. It looks great so far *proud*.

      Note: Peach tea is so awesome. I swear peaches make the best natural sugar in tea. Good stuff.

      Saturday is the UT Orange and White game. Meaning I have to wear stupid travel clothes, find my pic, and remember how to play Rocky Top. Been awhile. At least I'll get to see all of my friends.

      I have finally watched the 85th episode of Naruto. It was getting boring there for awhile, and damnit why didn't Orochimaru die?! Fucker. He annoys me to hell and back. Dumb snake. Nice to see Naruto is strong than Sasuke now. Poor Sasuke-kun. Getting his ass beat by his older brother (total hottie) Itachi. *sigh*

      Kinda been slacking in my work again. Bah. I am having a bad case of artists block lately. Maybe I'll go to the art and architecture building and look at the skulptures to get me thinking again. So long as nobody bothers me.


      14 years ago


      Here is proof that I am actually working on the comic!


      so all you noobs shut up already about it. ;p

    • Mrrr

      14 years ago


      i got all the Sims done and have posted a thread about it in the forums. Go look!

      Yeah, i figured I was gonna come back last night. DIDN'T happen. I fell asleep on the couch about 4-6, woke up in time for a meal (mmmm, so good!) and went back to bed, I asked my mom to wakt me up about 9ish to take me back to UT. Hah, didn't happen. I slept till 8 am this morning, went outside and tanned. Played with my puppy girl Shelby, and vegged for the day. Around 3ish mom and i went grocery shopping for my dorm. So now i have TONs of food! Yay!

      I am gonna eat here in a sec and hopefully go swim. IF i can get ahold of my friends. Bah. Useless people. ^__^;;;

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