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      14 years ago


      I made a wallpaper of the red team for a contest. I dont care if I win, it was fun to draw these guys ^_^. Enjoy if you want it!



      14 years ago


      Congrats RT (aka Cockbites that rock my world) on making it to 2 years and growing! May the next year bring you guys even more success!


      On a side note. My pens tablet is fucked up. The writing part wont work (the point looks to be jammed back to far, like someone pushed it too hard...) but the eraser works. Last night I went swimming with Same again. I swam for 3 hours and practiced diving. Still got it too! ^_^

      So before I left I was showing Sam some of my artwork done via tablet. When we left to go to the pool, the pen was working and I had turned off my monitor. When I got back, my monitor was on and my pen was fucked. I don't know who did it but I am VERY pissed. This thing is fucking brand new! Cockbites. So hopefully Thomas (if he will be nice today), will give me a ride to OfficeMax so I can talk to the guys there about it. (And so far the convo isnt going well. I just broke a plastic cup (the nice kind) on my wall I am so mad). Well, he is being a fucktard and being rude. Thomas is the biggest dick.

      I am going to be here regardless guys. because you cant count on some people.

      Here is some advice from a girl who has known too much heartache:
      You go out on a line for people, but you mean nothing to them. Life is such a wonderful thing *sarcasm*. Chose your friends wisely people, because some people are not worth your time or energy you put into them.

    • HB

      14 years ago


      Ok, so one member of the HB cast has found his way onto RvB (actually, he signed up a long time ago, now recently got back on). hehe. Turfduck is my boy Ducky (aka Thor, aka the maroon guy). Shower him with love, worship him as though he were a god. He is my main source of inspiration for HB. I wub you Duck!

    • woot

      14 years ago


      Today was a LONG day. Woooo... i am exhausted.

      Wen't to the dentist for the first time in almost half a year. Since I moved up to TN this summer, I had not had a new dentist yet. Now I have one. He is a funny guy, not bad at dentistry either. So all is good. In fact great for my teeth. My new dentist said I had perfect teeth. "They are really dense, hard as rocks." and "Did you have braces or did the big dentist in the sky grant you these". Lol. Yeah, I have unusually straight teeth, never had braces. Which rocks for me.

      Just got back from swimming with Sam. He just IMs me wanting to know whats up and says something like "man, I would go swimming but there is a chill in the air". I said I would go regardless because I am "crazy" like that.. So he convinces me to go swimming. Man, it felt so fucking GOOD to swim. I am so fucking out of shape! Haha! Nature is a bitch. I may go swimming with him again tomorrow. Hell, this might turn out to be an everyday thing. *shrug*

      Also, I am getting back to work on the MSN icons. Please dont PM wanting to know if I have yours done. I will PM you. Trust me, I will.


      14 years ago


      Finally, the moment you have all been waiting for.... the entire cast of Halo Bastards!

      Black: Trinity (Me)
      Pink: Valkyrie (Liz)
      Blue: (Kyle)
      Crimson/Maroon: Thor (Duck)
      Cobalt: RadioActive (Mike)
      Green: Triad (Matt)
      Sage: Hawk (Jason)
      Gold: Sol (Thomas)


      I do have to live with these guys everyday. so gimme a break!

    • Happy Easter

      14 years ago


      So yeah, yesterday was a good birthday. For my b-day I got to redecorate my room completely (will post pics later) and I got some new nice clothes (got a white jacket, a white layered shirt, pink capris, khahki capris and a white collared shirt without sleves). I also got the last 2 Halo books. Will read them when I have time.

      For dinner I got to eat a Meditteranean pasta (has tomatoes, shrimp, basel, white wine and pasta noodles) and then some b-day cake. My family has a long running tradition of only getting icecream cakes cause they are so GOOD. And apparently I had another present. The whole time I was looking at it I was hoping and praying for a tablet. Guess what. I GOT A FUCKING TABLET!!!!! I AM SOOOOOO FUCKING HAPPY!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! *SPAZ*

      It is a Wacom Graphire3 4X5 with pen and mouse and comes with some different software for photoshop and painter. Yay! Now my work time is going to be cut well in half! EEEEEE!!!! *squeals as she does a happy dance*

      Soon I have to leave to go back to my dorm to drop some stuff off. Then I am coming back home to have Easter dinner with my parents. Artichokes (we were supposed to have those yesterday but mom had a brain fart and completely forgot them! I love artichokes. They rock hard core).

      So Happy Easter guys!


      14 years ago


      Yup, that's right. I am now 19 and fucking happy about it. :P two more years till I drink to my hearts content. And Smashed_187, don't rub it in my face that you can drink anytime you want. In fact, anyone from outside the US, don't talk to me if you guys have been drinking since you were 16 or 13 or whenever.

      So today I slept in real late. Happy day! I have basically finished my room but wont take pictures till I have EVERYTHING completed. I wont be able to uplode till sunday night or so.

      In other news.
      I have been working on an idea for a novel that has been sticking to the back of my mind. Being fueled by Pirates of the Caribbean and Master and Commander. The idea of my story is based in the late 1700s (really 1794) and has to do with a Captain of a British Naval ship that is out for revenge against her father's (yes I said she. the main character is a girl posing as a man) murderer, the Pirate King LeSage (who is French). I am trying to keep with history to make it as real as possible and accurate. I have the character idea for Jean done (main characters name is Jeanette but is called Jean as Jean is a males name in France). There is an interesting relationship between the Pirate King and Captain Jean. Mainly the fact that Jean's parentage is rather unique. Hehe. No details yet. I still need to figure out how I can sketch out her outfit. I have to make a complete figure of Jean which should include her in a British Captains uniform, everyday clothes (which are all male as that is what everyone thinks of her as) and such. I need to watch Master and Commander again... I know we have it around here somewhere. Bah. I have a lot to do.

    • Friends

      14 years ago


      I am going to be going through my friends list and deleting a bunch of people. There are people on my friends list that I haven't talked to once! Also, getting friend invits from 12 year-olds really... creeps me out. Especially when these kids are saying words like "fuck" and "cunt". Those words never crossed my mind when I was that age!

      So I am going to delete the people I rarely talk to. Just a space waster.

      I am going shopping tomorrow for some more stuff for my room (it is almost done yay!). Also I will be looking for a store that sells tablets (hopefully I can get one!).

      Also, I just realized that I need to get two pictures done that I have had sketched out for awhile now.
      1. Alienfirst, Kyuujutsuka and I in Halo armors anime-style
      2. A pic of my sweetie Aussie boy Smashed_187 and I in Halo armor. anime-style as well.

      I am a lazy fuck. Lol.

      (ps, if you actually do read my journals religiously (although I haven't a clue why) and don't want to be deleted from my friends list, just comment here)

      EDIT: I will be doing the clean-sweep tomorrow night. That is how long you guys have to tell me if you want to stay on my friends list)

    • Update

      14 years ago


      Just a quick update for everyone, and then I have to go back to my room. I will update the list soon enough (I am on a VERY slow internet connection and it is driving me CRAZY) for the icons. I haven't completed any icons for anyone since I left, sorry, been too busy.

      I am in the early stages of decorating my room. I have already painted three walls a sandy color and the fourth wall (called the focus wall) will be painted a steely blue. Then I am going to have boxes of the sandy color and another color (a pastel green) randomly on the focus wall. So far everything is looking good. Even though I am covered in paint. Hah.

      Been kinda lonely here lately, I miss my friends from college. My close friend Matt (and fellow fish lover) has gone off to FL for Spring Break and I have no idea when he will be back. I got an email from him Sunday night (checked it Mon. morning) and was happy to hear from him. This morning around 11 am he txt msg me. Apparently the idiot got a speeding ticket for doing 77 in a 70 and has to pay $100 for the fine. STUPID. I should have warned him about FL and the cops who have a stick up their asses about the speed limit. Man, and I thought Knoxville was BAD. Oh, the people here drive me crazy! People can't drive in K-town! They can't merge, they wont move out of the slow lane for others to merge, the are so paranoid it is scary. I am from ATL (Atlanta, GA who those who don't know the initials) and I admit we are crazy mother fuckers when it comes to driving. But hell, we can drive! I myself am really bad about not doing the speed limit, but I have yet to get a ticket and I will kepp it that way. Hah, out of all my friends I drive the fastest yet I have never gotten a ticket. It humors me to no end.

      Saturday (3/26) is my b-day, I'll be 19! I may inivite my younger cousin Cara to come visit me, or I may go to my grandmamas to visit her and my two horses. I miss Heather and Lucy May so much (I have had Heather since I was a baby, and Lucy May is Heather's baby. Heather had Lucy May about 4 years ago). Hopefully Matt will be back from FL before my b-day.

      My best friend from GA, Amanada, called me last night around midnight and said that she was going to mail my b-day present and threatened to call me at midnight on the 25th. Hah, I was actually born 11:26 am, so I warned her not to be dumb and call me when I am trying to sleep. I miss her so much...

      Well, I have to go so I can give Mom her laptop back. I need to eat and the get to the focus wall. Have a good one people!

    • GONE

      14 years ago


      Fuck yeah it is spring break and I am out of here. Sorry, I wont be at a computer for a wekk (oh how will I survive?!). I wont be able to do any icons for a wekk as well, so :P

      Have fun without me!

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