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    • PLEASE DON'T MOD JOURNAL!!!! See why =

      14 years ago


      I have decided to do some custom icons for anyone who wants them, for a price *wink*.

      Here are the ones I have done in the past.

      My own:




      Ok, so now on to you guys. You want a custom icon like these people? Fill out this form and PM me what you want. DO NOT ASK FOR AN ICON IN MY JOURNAL

      Name: User name. (note, if your user name is too long for the icon then I will have to shorten it)
      Color: Armor color and border is the same. You can only chose from these colors:
      White (Premade)
      Black (Premade)
      Red (Premade)
      Gold (Premade)
      Cyan (Premade)
      Cobalt (Premade)
      Blue (Premade)
      Purple (Premade)
      Pink (Premade)
      Crimson/Maroon (Premade)
      Brown (Premade)
      (Premade= don't cost extra mod)

      Rank: There is a set of premade ranks you can chose from. If you wish for me to make you a different rank, it will cost extra.
      Choose your own (costs you an extra mod point)

      Pricing: These things don't come free unless I know you really well. REALLY well.
      For example:
      Name: Trinity
      Color: Black
      Rank: Sniper
      Price: 2 mod points

      Name: Greenade
      Color: Green (color not already made)
      Rank: Gunner
      Price: 3 mod points

      Name: TeaLeaf
      Color: Sage (color not already made)
      Rank: Angel (insignia and text not already made)
      Price: 4 mod points

      Get it? Simple enough. To pay for your icon, you will need to Mod this journal only. After you have payed then will you recieve your icon. Also, I will PM you when the job is done and will have the payment labeled anyway.

      Icons Waiting: 21
      Icons Completed: 14

      Edit 2: Still doing them. Yup. But I have stopped listing people. Now I only list numbers!

    • Awesome

      14 years ago


      Today was a good day. Why? Because I got a full nights rest (I went home and went to sleep in my big bed with no noise aka snoring). I went to Stat finally and when I got there I knew the material we were going over. I even helped out our teacher at one point. (He told us there was a short cut to typing infinity on our calcs and couldn't remember it. I reminded him that it was 1(e)99, which is quicker than typing out 99999). Then I got that mess at carrick straightened out. The Hall Director is a really nice guy and said that yeah, that RA is actually a dick anyway. Lol. I swear, all HDs are cool. Carricks is cool, my dorm halls director is cool (i actually met her when i didn't leave quickly enough for a fire drill. I couldn't hear it as I had headphones on studying and the light is over my bed where you can't see it going off).

      Then I went to psychology. Right when i got back they were disscussing sex, arousal, the good stuff. Funny. I was also informed that I wont have classes on Friday and that there is no class for bio tomorrow as we have to attend a lecture for extra credit. No biggy.

      I have to make up an exam tomorrow between 9-10 for stat over ch. 3-4 bleh. Not looking forward to it.

    • New

      14 years ago


      Here is the update on my life people and why I can't be here as often.

      I am very miserable with my life right now. I feel like a failure in a lot of areas because everything is getting harder to control and I am slowly loosing my grip on caring anymore. I will get over this. I have to. This just seems to be the week from hell for me. Everything is going wrong. I apparently failed english once again because not that I wasn't doing the work. But because my attendance has been very poor due to the fact that I have been sick for quite a while (found out it was a bacterial infection). I have missed three days of class because of this. I also had to miss two days of class at the beginning of the semester because of the fact that I had to go away to Washington DC to march in the presedential Inauguration. Not my fault, as it was apart of our last grade semester. So I am going to go and talk to doctor Sousa (my band director and head of the music department) and see if he can deal with this cunt of a grad student teacher. You fuck with the UT band students, you get the bull by the horns bitch!

      I have to study really hard to get caught up on EVERYTHING. If I can pull Ds and Ace my final exams I will hopefully be fine and then see what I want to do with my life. My major was Marine Biology, but I have decided to drop that and go the path as what I should be. An artist. I will hopefully major in Graphic Design or Interior Decorating, as I am very good at both.

      This summer I am not going to be doing summer school as planned. I was originally going to take Chemistry and a foreign language, but fuck. Don't need chemistry to use a computer or sew a cover for a sofa. I need to go talk to my advisor and see what I need to do. The nice thing is that I don't have to get a new advisor, as Arts and Sciences are in the same area. Nice because I finally found a good advisor that has helped me in the past. So hopefully we will see. I want to leave UT and go to a smaller college. Can't do anything until I get this semester out of the way. Fuck.

      Tonight when i got back from home to my dorm, a Pic name Kristen IMed me out of the blue. It was kinda funny, seeing as how I hadn't talked to her in well over two months. All of my band friends are telling me to not quit band next year. Granted, I did work really hard to get in, granted I bleed for the band and cried for it. Fuck, I twisted my ankle flanking TOO HARD and that kids, is a true band member. I had to fight other people to get back onto the field when I had to be taken out for medical problems with my ankle. But damnit, I got back in and I kept my fucking spot. I wont give them an answer until I have figured out what I want with my life and what I am going to do about everything.

      This Spring Break (which will be a week from Monday) I am not going to Florida like everyone else. I am not going off on some vacation. No damnit. I am staying home, and I am getting $1000 to redecorate my room for my mom. (Yeah guys, she trusts me with a $1000 to redo a room). I will also be helping her redo her bedroom (just give advice and such). My mom is a GREAT decorator and I seem to have developed her tastes and such. She even asks for my advice when she decorates and goes with my instincts.

      Anyway, if you want to know what I will be doing and such, I suggest getting all the info from My Online Journal. Warning it is new and I just started to write in it today.

      Ps, I am pissed off at North Carrick (a hall in the Presedential Court area that is just for guys). I was watching movies with a friend when i fell asleep. Visitation hours ends at 2 am, it was 3:45 when I left. I got stopped on the way out and now I have to go see the hall director and explain that I 1. Fell asleep in the room, and 2. Was not drunk because I fell asleep. I have to see the HD Monday. Fuck it all.

    • Gone

      14 years ago


      I will occasionally check the site now and then. For episodes and checking up on friends.

      I am going to be gone for awhile. I need to patch a few things up in my life here on this end. I wont be doing any HB, RedvsBlue, or DeviantART stuff for awhile. I am walking a fine line right now. I need to fix my lfie. So long guys...

    • Up But Not Really

      14 years ago


      Mood: frustrated.jpg
      Missing, Evanescence

      Frozen apple sauce is so fucking awesome. i ate it by accident too. my roomate had the fridge coolness turned up WAY TOO HIGH. But I wont complain.

      A dream come true has happened today. I get to internship at Dreamworks with the animators. I am so happy!!!

      Getting better. Can walk without falling, can eat solid foods, but hurts throat.

      Watched Robin Williams Live on Broadway. Beststand up EVER. "This will not be you normal night of theater... this will be Shakespear with a strap on!" Woot. Still, it makes me look twice hearing Robin Williams cuss. Too used to the family films. But man, he does cuss like a sailor.

      Here is a sketch of Trinity I did whilst being sick in bed.
      I am slowly coming up with a background on her. I also decided that all the cast members are going to be called by their emblem names. (Trust me, less argument from my side of the computer).

      Ah well, have to go, Chicken noodle soup calls

    • Ughhh

      14 years ago


      Mood: dead.jpg
      Sound of my fan and the water from my saltwater tank.

      I went to the doctor today and got some tests done. They swabbed my throat and nose, looking for signs of strep, tonsilitis, or mono. Then they took a blood test.

      The back of my throat has white spots, common in strep (aka acute tonsilitis).

      The testing, oddly enough, was negative for all three symptoms. The will monitor the tests for the next couple of days to be sure, strep is prone to show up (as my doc told me).

      My blood test, however, was bad. It showed I have a 90+% increase in white blood cells (which means a bad bacterial infection) and an increase in something else. Apparently the bacteria I have, if it gets into the lungs, can cause pneumonia.

      So, I got an antibiotic shot that is supposed to get to work within 30 minutes of the shot. Problem though... I fucking HATE needles. I cry like a little baby if I get stuck with one. Worst of all, it was in my left hip. AHH the pain! It hurts even now, nearly four hours I got it. I hate needles... I hate giving blood... i hate things being stuck into my skin. *shivers*. i am such a baby... :(

      I also ate my first meal in nearly two days. Chicken Soup... hah. It was still bloody good. Lately I have been drinking nothing but clear gatorade (tastes much better than that yellow gatorade shit. Too much salt in it.. bleh. Powerade all the way!) Dad bought me... 10 cans of chicken noodle soup. That's all i can eat until I get better. Bleh...

      I am getting a bit tired... so I am heading to bed. i wont be able to get out of bed for the next four days. See everyone till then.

    • SICK

      14 years ago


      Mood: dead.jpg
      Nothing, my head hurts too much...

      I didn't get better over the night, In fact I got worse. I shouldn'y even be typing right now, but I have stuff to get on the computer and i wanted to make this final journal entry before I go to sleep. I am very hot right now... overly. My skin hurts. I feel very nauseous. Poor Thomas... he worried about me as I was puking what little food I had eaten the night day before. I started feeling nauseous around 3 am, then at 4 I couldn't hold it anymore. God I hate being sick. I am now behind in my school work cause of this episode. Suckage. I called my mom this morning at 9 am (she is in California right now on business and it was 6 am over there). She told me to call dad to get some meds, so I did. Dad brought me a lot of meds the doc had prescribed for me. Ah well.

      I am starting to feel sleepy, so I am gonna go and try and sleep some. I'll be back later tonight to do some things.... hopefully.


      14 years ago


      Mood: dead.jpg
      Small of Two Pieces, Yasunori Mitsuda

      I am sick. Bad sick. My head feels like it weighs a ton, my whole body hurts. Even the softest cotton feels like sandpaper on my skin. It's bad. I stayed in bed all day, drinking orange juice and then taking a VERY hot bath to break the fever. 104. (don't be too alarmed, as my reg temperatur is 100-101. Some people just run hot!).

      Yesterday I went shopping with my mom, and look what I bought.


      Cool hu? I am gonna be reading it tonight as Thomas is doing some studying. The book was only like 6 bucks and it is 340 pages long. I am also going to bed around 10ish as I am VERY tired. See ya guys.


      14 years ago


      Mood: pooped.jpg
      Imaginary, Evanesence

      Oh lord. I am SO dead right now. I only had probably 2 hours of sleep today... Yeah. What was I doing last night? None of your business. Mehehe. I was hanging with Thomas all night. The ironic part is that he is Church in our RvB group here at UT and I am Tex. When will the irony STOP?! Hah. I do like him though. He can be sweet. But most of the time.. He aggravates hell out of me. Yup, he is Church.

      Dunno where it will lead. It interests me to no end. When i left his room to go grab a coffee around 12 he hugged me in front of a lot of people. Heh. Not but a few minutes ago he IMs me and says he wants to see me and hang out next week. Such a sweetie. Seems things and getting better for me in the relationship department. I hope. It felt so good to fall asleep next to someone. Haven't done that since Aug. Thomas is comfy too. He did something funny last night. I have a small silver ring with a single silver rose on my left hand on my wed finger. He grabbed my hand and gave it a hard look. Then said "I swear, if you are promised to marry someone, I am going to camp outside the guys door and then shoot him when he walks out. I promise."

      LMAO. Can't say that I am promised to anyone. It was still sweet of him to say that. In his odd way. Lol.

      Cross your fingers for me guys! Lol.

      So yeah, i am very tired but blistfully happy!

      Also, I am going home AGAIN tonight. Won't be back till Sunday. I have classes to study for so NO HB. Sowwy. See yas.

    • Moo

      14 years ago


      Blah, no witty title for today.

      Mood: creative.jpg
      Save Me, Initial D

      So here is something new I am gonna announce for Halo Bastards. Yeah, it is a stupid announcement though. What do i have done now? The warning page of christs sake. Blah. Yeah. i am getting that HB cast pic done... still slowly. I have been doing other things... *makes a a face*.

      Here is the interesting warning page that will be placed before my main page. yay know...


      Have a good laugh.

      I also decided I will be placing only HB updates and pics here in my journal and only placing fanart of RvB in the fanart froum (like I should have done in the first place ;P).

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