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    • Website in the making.

      14 years ago


      Yeah, so I have finally made the website layout and have started putting it together! *grin* Unfortunantly I feel like utter shit right now cause of what happened last Sat. While creating the hats for the boys and myself, I was walking down the steps to our wooden deck which were slick with rain (and I, being stupid, wore flipflops down the stairs). I was, however, gripping the railing but i ended up falling down two flights of stairs anyway.

      Here is the damage:

      I landed hard on my hip

      Scraped the shit out of my elbow (it is smooth now, creepy feeling)

      I have a rather nasty knot in my right hand now, my back slightly hurts, and my neck is killing me. i am in so much fucking pain (the annoying, aching type really). yes, goddamnit, I fucking cried. It HURT a LOT.

      Here is the website so far for my webcomic. Nothing here, but take a look at the layout.
      Halo Bastards (I'll eventually get a host for this, but for some wierd reason their hosts are not working right now...

      On a positive note, I finally finished my surealism clown painting for a friend. I have been putting this thing off since Christmas. So this is a Thankyou / Late-Christmas / Late-Birthday / V-day present to Matt. Mainly cause he breeds clownfish and helped me start on the right path to being a Marinebiologist. Thanks Matt!


    • Happy Fucking Valenties Day Everyone....

      14 years ago


      *sigh* So it is V-day... the one holiday I can't really stand very much. mainly because I alwyas have bad shit happen to me on V-day (last year it was get really really drunk and my mom caught me, which made me feel guilty and puked out my beloved pina coladas and margaritas). No drinking for V-day for me. i may end up spending it in my room alone. I am leaving my boys alone today (Kyle has his gf to take care of, Duck is probably going to be out partying, who the hell knows what jason is gonna be doing, Matt probably has hw and so does Mike.). So lonely day for me ahead. i may as well get some homework done.

      Side note, the website layout is pretty much done, just need to place it into html and such. Blah. Never fun.

      So happy fucking V-day everyone. I hope you rot in hell... * stomps off to eat the candies her parents had given her the night before* WTF?! Thanks mom... (note: the candies are chocolate rum candies.)

    • Web Comic Time!!!

      14 years ago


      So yeah, my ideas for the web comic have gone in full swing and I have already sketched the first character out already. i am gonna give some stats on the character here and such. Blah.

      First sketch: Trinityo'sketch
      Name: Clara Lynn Trinity aka "Trinity" to most people
      Age: 18
      Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
      Eye Color: Gray-blue-green (dunno what it is, but it's my eye color)
      Info: Trinity is a freelance spartan (hence the black armor) who was once in the special opps. way back in the day. Born to a rather wealthy family who earned their way, Trinity has no patience for stupid antics or unjust cruelty (that doesn't include teasing). As her father was once in the military, Trinity was sent at a rather young age (actual age of enrollement into academy is unknown) into the military and soon found herself enrolled into the special opps. Not being one to take orders well, Trinity left the opps. to become a freelancer (recieving a tattoo of the trinity emblem, found on the armors, on her left cheek near her eye for later identification).

      Trinity switches between the red and blue team, depending on who has the greater amounts of money. Her main position is sniper.

      So yeah, the main character who is based mainly off of me. This is probably one of the only times u will see her un-chibi like without her helmet on. yay!

      So this means I have... 7 more sketches to go! AHHH! This is gonna be hell!

    • Damn!

      14 years ago


      It has been quiet a while since I last played Halo 2, and I did it tonight. I got pwned. It sucks switching between rpgs to FPS. *stabs* yeah. What's even wierder is playing PS2 for the past 4 months without holding an X-box controler. It feels wierd.

      Anyway, my gamertag will be TrinityLimit, once I get the X-box Live working, if you want to come beat my ass. But be warned, as i will be ready to stomp on yours by Saturday. At least I still have awesome sniper skills. Muwhaa. Playing against Mike wasn't so hot though. We called a formal timeout to eat around 1 am, and he sneaks up behind me and melees my ass. Bastard! Yeah dude, flaunt that Bonecracker award... you'll get ur dues soon enough. Bitch.

      Anyway, for the real update. I have decided I am gonna do a web comic based on Halo 2 w/ RvB influence. Mainly it is just me and the guys being jackasses while flaunting our Halo 2 special armor, yadda-yadda-yadda. Haha. It'll be good though. I'll have special strips featuring RvB of course that i will post here, but the reg comics will be at my site and on my deviant account for all to see. Ok, I am off to bed (ugh, fucking 4 am here, I need sleep!!!)

      Edit: Side note for everyone. I don't like getting PMs that say 'what up', or along those lines. It pisses me off, and frankly I wont usually answer you or be your friend if you do this.

      And good day to you!

    • Hurk...

      14 years ago


      I don't like feeling sick as a dog. Luckily I get to see my doc tomorrow and get some meds. Yay meds *dance followed by collapse from pain*. Ya, no fun. But what is cool is that I have a bio take home exam. No joke. Makes me happy as fucking hell. Woot! Ok, I am going to bed now cause i have stat class in the morning.

    • 2019 years ago

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