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      If you would have a 500 point army what would you have in it.

      i would have a terminator captin, 1 venerable dreadnought with plasma canon and 2 tactical squads of 6 troops with 1x heavy bolter and 1x flamer per squad, (i think thats 500p)

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    • Half life 2

      14 years ago


      I got half life 2 a while ago but i couldent yous it because my computer sucked.
      So after 3 months of searching and buying the parts for it, i then built it and set it up in 7-9 weeks.
      when it was ready i started playing half life 2 and im addicted toit and cant stop playing (got to love the buzzsaw blade ;P ).
      its absoultly awsome and i can not wait to download the mod Boarder Patrol.

    • dawn of war expansion

      14 years ago


      for those of you that love warhammer as well as halo, then i have some news for you guys.

      the is an expansion for dawn of war call winter assult and it adds the imperial guard as the new fith race and im told that the tyrannids will be the sixth race but that is unconfirmed.

      now i leave you with pictures of the imperial guard superweapon, the baneblade tank
      it has 3 twin linked heavey bolters, 2 lascanons 1 demolisher canon and one main battle canon(i think)


      a model of the baneblade with computer animation added

      enjoy :)

    • Comp update

      14 years ago


      on friday, i get my computer back from the shop and repairs

      i also have my annoying cossins running around so i cant watch annoy programs i like because there mother does not approve them, and i may be getting xbox live one day soon after christmas so mechassult players and halo 2 playerfor me,so look out. LOL :)

      tell me stuff and can any one send RvB ep 31-38 on quicktime to me at (i have 250mb storage(and got it for free(i dont no how or why thow))). plz

      talk too me, im very loonly

    • whats happening lately

      14 years ago


      hay, seeing as my computer is still in shop, ive been bearly able to see whats happening, so can you guys tell me whats happening lately in the site?

      tjaks alot, tris

    • Computer still

      14 years ago


      its still in the shop and it aint going to be fixed anytime soon. DAMMIT!

      on a good note, school is almost over with speech night left and my cousins are coming out (6 & 8 years old) DAMMIT!!!! NO MORE COURSING GAMES AND ONLINE PLAYERS!!!!

      but yea, lifes good, still got foxtel digital, Xbox, and PS2

      see ya soon people

    • Update with my computer

      14 years ago


      there has been an update on the status of my computer

      it is officaily fucked. At 1830 on the 27/11/04 (australias way) my dad and i have come to the conclusion that either my mother board or my 80Gb harddrive is screwed, we have to take it in to the repair shop.


    • My Computer

      14 years ago


      My computer is being an absolute bitch.
      It can not play games anymore and i dont no how to fix it. And worst of all my dad hates me now because of this problem.
      i've had my hard drive formated before and he was in a foul mood for a whole week.
      So to return the faver to them, I hate my computer and my dad.
      how do you fix a computer that refuses to want to be fixed and with out being reformated.

      isn't life a bitch and microsoft a whore

      i have a pc and i defrag and do antivirus and update like once every 72 hrs and my system and my dad is really stressed because hes missed a job in sydney, my graphic accelerator is crashing on my machine.

    • HALO 2

      14 years ago


      Ohh! my god halo 2 rocks.
      no game in the world can beat its hold on players and the storyline is brilliant, i cannot wait to get HALO 3 because that because the HALO Series is the best bunch of games in the universe is the cools.

      When HALO 3 comes out i will be so getting it.

    • Me Want HALO 2

      14 years ago


      HALO 2 is out to day in australia and im so going to get it. No game in the world has been more anticepated for and most watched since halo 2.
      it is going to be an awsome game and i play it when i get home and forget about the real world.

      today i get HALO 2

      and i am also obbsessed with battleship and warhammer 40k
      and i am also an australian so im 10hrs ahead of greenwich

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