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    • All Time High Scores

      10 years ago


      This journal will be updated every week (probably on Sunday, depending on my schedule of course) to include the cumlative high scores in the RvB Trivia - Ultimate Edition thread.

      If you are looking for how you have done recently, check the Weekly High Scores.

      All scores are reset as of 06/02/09.

      1st - Shrew - 23
      2nd - zarimar - 21
      3rd - MythBustrBob - 15
      4th - CptJack42 - 12
      5th - Crunchjaw - 9
      6th - getthesniper - 9
      7th - Ichiper - 7
      8th - afterchurch - 7
      9th - Twinky211 - 7
      10th - LightningNin - 7
    • (Bi)Weekly High Scores

      10 years ago


      This journal will be updated every week (probably on Sunday, depending on my schedule of course) to include the high scores of the past week in the RvB Trivia - Ultimate Edition thread.

      These scores are not cumlative, but the All Time High Scores are.

      All scores are reset as of 06/02/09.

      1st - Crunchjaw - 5
      2nd - CptJack42 - 4
      3rd - getthesniper - 3
      4th - Shrew - 2
      5th - zarimar - 2
      6th - Twinky211 - 2
      7th - Church4eva - 2
      8th - DmonDisaster - 2
      9th - Soul_Tiller - 1
      10th - haloman7770 - 1
    • Help!

      10 years ago


      I honestly cannot get online for more than 5/10 minutes, here and there. Anyone think they can do the weekly highscores for me, this week?

      It'll be Monday the 1st 'til Sun (Which isn't over yet, but fuck it doesn't need to be perfect just keep note of which post you stopped at and tell me)

      Don't worry about All-time, they'll just have to wait for that. I'll tell them that they'll have to wait.


    • A couple of things, today, ladies.

      10 years ago


      First of all, this journal is intentionally public.
      Secondly, this is solely for suggestion, which will later be voted on by the mods. The most popular idea will get the vote from this profile, so the players get a bit more of a say in this (Past just suggestion stuff to vote on).

      OK...Looks like I've met my quota. I lied, more than a couple of things, today, ladies.

      Player ratings
      You know how I totally love over-complicating things? Well I did it some more. Someone should seriously give me restrictions or something because this shit is ridiculous!
      But just the the Highscores being a non-essential addition to Trivia which players can ignore if they so choose, this thing is a non-essential addition to the highscore which players can ignore if they so choose. And if they choose not to ignore it they can just admire it, but they don't have to do anything! It's awesome!

      I just made them look prettier, by adding colours. The colours also mean stuff, but mainly they're just pretty.
      Right now, I'm just applying people moderator colours and giving people who started this week the "new person" colour. I'm not sure exactly how to allocate colors (Although I have an idea. I always do!), so lets hear suggestions for that. Along the lines of "Hit milestones on questions answered" or "Triv mods decide is you go up or down depending on your positive contributions to the thread" and that kind of thing.
      (Note: I totally just told you my two idea which I wasn't going to tell you until after. Poop.)

      Notifying players
      How would you guys like to be told about stuff (e.g. updated highscores).
      Watch the comments of the highscores, I'll comment every time I update.
      Watch this profile, I'll make a journal entry every time (this is example and I seriously doubt it will get past the vote. Seriously.
      A mod (It's going to be me again, isn't it! smiley8.gif ) will comment on the profiles of people who made highscores
      Same as above, plus people who were knocked off of the board
      Same as above, except everyone who played that week
      More suggestions, anyone? (Or say which of mine you like)


    • Example Highscore

      11 years ago


      I'd like to apologise in advance for the abundance of alerts you might get from this profile over the next few days. Not really sure yet. I'm only planning two journals (One after this one) but things might change. If they do...Sorry!

      OK, for the week Saturday the 6th - Friday the 13th I've taken highscores.
      I know that's a really random time to start the week, but it's just an example. Plus I made this journal half way through Friday, so it's kinda incomplete. Again...Example!!

      Place -- Username -- # of correct answers
      1st -- MrSquigles -- 7
      2nd -- sithhead -- 4
      =3rd -- Crunchjaw -- 3
      =3rd -- dragonbanez -- 3
      =3rd -- silentucker -- 3
      =4th -- CleoMouri -- 2
      =4th -- Guardia -- 2
      =4th -- PvtZeke -- 2
      =4th -- rcoackley003 -- 2
      =4th -- Shrew -- 2
      =4th -- xkingx808 -- 2
      =4th -- xxemmaxx -- 2
      People with the same amount of point are in alphabetical order.

      As you can see...We really need some kind of tie breaker. Seriously. It's meant to be Top 10 and I had to put in 12 people just to get the Top 4 in.

      Here are my suggestions, post any suggestions you have here and then there will be a poll in the other journal I have planned.
      -Above and beyond the call of duty...points... *Blink* ... ... When someone answers more explicitly than required the person who's taking the score decides whether it's worth a tie-breaker point. It doesn't effect the game at all. Never needs to be mentioned in the thread...Just whoever is counting the correct answers thinks "That was a good answer! He/she can have a tie-breaker point"
      -Late correct answers. Not the first person to say it, but got it right before a mod or the questioner confirms the answer. We should also have a 1-minute time limit or something after the correct answer, else people will just copy other answers just so they have more tie-breaker points
      -Mods received on question posts. Tell people to mod good questions.

      Uh...That's all I've got for now.
      Any other suggestions?


    • Short version: WE'RE BONED

      11 years ago


      Shrew here.

      To Triv Mods:

      This journal is going to be visible to all because I want other peoples opinions on this situation too, but we triv mods still will make the necessary disicions.

      To all:

      The trivia thread has a minor, and when I say minor, I mean very, very major problem on our hands. And that is the new mod point system.

      The largest problem we have is that the mod points no longer affect peoples karma levels, which was for a lot of people over the years the main draw of the thread. With this gone, it's just going to be the people who liked the trivia aspect of it more than anything else. I am afraid that this will cut our already historically low population even lower. It may be hard to continue running the thread.

      A second problem is actually a minor problem, which is that we can only mod things once. This reduces our "two mod minimum" back down to one whether we like it or not. A seemingly insignificant problem, but still there nonetheless.

      Up next, we have the negative modded posts problem. As many of you now know, if a post is modded negatively, it is hidden, the only problem is the system currently can't unhide them. Meaning anyone can neg mod the post above them if they had the right answer and hide it so that they appear to be first. This is a huge problem.

      Lastly, a plus about the new system, we no longer have to deal with the mod fairy. It's not much, I know, but, it's something.

      Now, after 70-something iterations of the trivia thread, I would hate to see it end like this. Especially since the thread has been suffering recently. And especially for Niner and I, and the others who have watched this thread grow for years now, having the thread end like this would suck.


    • Player input

      12 years ago


      This is the journal that will be used for easy communication between players and mods alike, when it comes to discussing RvB Trivia.

      If you want a change to the rules, have any questions, want to make a complaint, or anything else you could possibly want to tell the Trivia mods and/or other players then post it here.
      Also if there's anything the Triv Mods want your say in, they'll ask you here!

      I suggest watching the comments if you want to have your say when suggestions are made, or polls are posted, etc.

    • Content Blacklist

      12 years ago


      The following is a list of content which you cannot use in any RvB Trivia Questions. Use this as reference for yourself to check your question if valid or link here to prove someone else's question cannot be asked.

      Full list coming ASAP! This is ridiculously breif. I will specifically name episodes, scenes, etc. when I get around to it.
      DVD-Only Content

      Sponsor-Only Episodes

      Other Sponsor-Only Content
      Extended episodes, things you can only see in Hi-Res, etc.

      Non-Public Episodes
      Ep00 or Event videos

      Non-RvB Content
      Other RT productions

      Disallowed Public RvB Information
      Voice actors, ect.

      Other Common Mistakes

      If any Mods have some time to kill contact me, and I'll explain more which each subtitle is going to have under it. If you think any of them sound like something you could do the legwork for, that'd be great.

      All-time high scores.
      Weekly high scores.
      The Point System Explained.
      MVP List
      Extended Rules

      Trivia smiley12.gif You

    • Extended Rules

      12 years ago


      This Journal is for:
      New rules, temporarily, until a new thread is made (And they can be moved to the first post) (Under "Real Rules")
      Rules which aren't so much "rules" as a kind of "we strongly suggest that..." thing. (Under "Suggestions and Half-Rules")
      Rules which are enforced, but are too wordy or not commonly broken enough to be needed on the first post (Under "Suggestions and Half-Rules")
      Experimental Rules (So that they're easy to delete or adapt if they don't work) (Under "Real Rules", but whilst they're in affect they should be treated as such)

      This should keep the first post shorter for those who are just trying it out, but still have all the information available to regular players.

      RvB Trivia Mods, edit this journal as you see fit, but please post a comment here saying you've done so (Anyone who wants to know what edits are made, watch these comments).

      Real rules
      Currently none.

      Suggestions and Half-Rules
      smiley9.gif Make sure all your questions are written in bold!
      smiley9.gif Be specific! If you're question is vague and someone answers it correctly but not with the specific answer you were looking for, they are still right!
      Example: What smells?
      Looking for: Church's body
      One other posible answer: The alien's breath.
      Either would be awarded as the correct answer.

      All-time high scores.
      Weekly high scores.
      The Point System Explained.
      MVP List
      Content Blacklist

      Trivia smiley12.gif You

    • Weekly MVPs

      12 years ago


      The following is a list of people who have come first in a weekly highscore, and how many times.

      Place: User - # of times been MVP (Tiebreaker: Longest streak)
      1st: Grifism - 6 (With one Six-Week streak)

      All-time high scores.
      Weekly high scores.
      The Point System Explained.
      Extended Rules
      Content Blacklist

      Trivia smiley12.gif you

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    • TomTThomson

      11 years ago

      The whole new system most likely still has some kinks to work out.

    • neko_faust

      12 years ago

      Who gets on between 8pm-2am pacific time? I almost said Pacifica, and I'dve laughed because that's where I live.

    • Shrew

      12 years ago

      Yo, who's on right now?

    • syrix2

      12 years ago

      i thought second in command was tom... huh. guess i was wrong.

      well i stopped them and told them off, but it'll keep moving. always does. you gonna start a new reall one or just re-list the rules?

    • triv_mods

      12 years ago

      I know, I was about to say the same thing, Josie. BTW, we need to talk.

      ~ Shrew

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