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    • Rooster Teeth, what am I doing wrong?

      1 year ago


      OK, I know someone from RT reads through these things, so I'm just going to do my little rant here.

      I have a YouTube channel.  I make AMV's, cracks, and I've been trying to do some live reactions.  I'm not very good, but I have some really loyal subs that support me a ton.  Through my process of doing reactions, I have consistently followed RT's policy of waiting one week from site upload to upload reactions on YouTube (in other words, once the episode is on Youtube, you can react to it on Youtube).

      This is how I have uploaded every single reaction to RWBY4, the first few months of RVB15, Camp Camp and Chibi Season 2.  Everything was going great.  And then my videos started getting blocked worldwide.  Starting with Camp Camp Season 2 Episode 6 and Red vs. Blue Season 15 Episode 17, I have been unable to upload any reactions without them being blocked for copyright reasons.

      One problem, that's bullshit.

      First, I'm uploading within the policy set by RT.  Second, I still see other reactors uploading their videos to the same and more recent episodes.  So I'm left with wondering if RT changed their reaction policy and I missed it, or is RT blocking my reactions because they don't want me reacting to their content anymore?  I guess my videos are just too low quality to be worthy of their blessing.

      If someone in the know is reading this, please educate me.  I want to know what's going on.  If RT wants me to stop reacting, then I will.  I have that much respect for the company.  But right now it feels like they are using copyright blocks to pick and choose which reactors are allowed, and that's kind of shitty.

    • I wonder if RT monitors journals...

      3 years ago


      WARNING: I am about to write a personal opinion. I don't have all the information needed to properly construct this opinion, but I probably never will. I am not writing this to divide or attack anyone. I just need to get these thoughts out of my head. And if someone from RT reads this, all the better.

      Ready? Here we go...

      Shane did not properly handle the changes made to RWBY.

      RT did not properly handle Shane's concerns.

      Everyone had grievances with everyone, no one dealt with them correctly, and now we are left with a disgruntled employee and a company that is no doubt confused and frustrated by someone they called a friend.

      This was a shit storm. Everybody lost.

      At the end of the day, I will continue to be a sponsor, I will continue to watch RWBY, and I will continue to encourage and support Shane in any way I can.

      I care too much about all of you to be angry with any of you.

    • Don't be like me.

      3 years ago


      Don't be childish. Don't get emotional. Don't get frustrated. Don't lash out in anger. Don't fire all your missiles and ask questions later.

      Act in kindness. Act in understanding. Act in humility. Act on what you know for sure. Believe that there is a minimum of two sides to EVERY SINGLE STORY, and the Truth is quite often somewhere in the middle.

      Don't be like me.

      And that is all I have to say about that.

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